Why Does Your Beard Grey? Ultimate Guide And Products You Can Use

You head to the mirror to give your face a wash and you start to notice that the few rogue grey hairs in your beard have turned from a random sprinkling to an entire seasoning of salt n pepper. It’s that time in your life and your beard has starting to become mostly grey.

It’s okay, getting older isn’t that big a deal, but here are some ideas on what you can do about your grey beard.

Why does your beard turn grey?

If you look at photos of most major US president before they take office and when they leave, you’ll notice a distinct pattern. They all tend to have a lot more grey hair when they leave than when they started 4-8 years ago. This further alludes to the idea that stress equals grey hair or beards going grey.

But is that really the case?

Scientist haven’t found any links between stress and grey beards.

Once a hair follicle produces a single hair, the color is set. It never changes. If a hair starts out as a brown or black, then it’s never going to magically turn grey. That’s a misconception that the color “falls” out of your hair. Your hair follicles naturally produce less color as they age, so when your hair follicle falls out and is replaces with another one, you start to see the grey beard hairs “pop up”.

This usually starts to occur after 35, but genetics play a significant role in this and many children have grey hair follicles. 

What else can turn my beard grey?

While the vast majority of a grey beard is due to age or genetics, there are some issues that can cause your beard to grey such as:

  • Vitamin B12 deficiency
  • Vitiligo
  • Alopecia
  • Thyroid diseases
  • Benign tumors

What to do about my grey beard?

Knowing that a follicle is what makes the beard grey, it makes sense to not pluck your grey beard hairs. All you’re doing is making more work for your body to create another follicle and you’re already running out of color at this point.  

There is no need to further increase the number of follicles that your body will naturally need to create.

Products You Can Use

Just For Men Mustache & Beard, Beard Coloring for...
  • Just For Men Mustache & Beard, Light-Medium Brown (M-30) Pack of 3, is beard coloring that makes...

This is an absolutely great option to use if you have a beard that’s going too grey for your liking. This is some of the easiest stuff to use with the applicator. IT comes with a tray and a tube of color base and color developer. You simply mix the desired amount with the opposite end of the applicator and then apply it to your beard hair using the brush.

It’s a gel-like consistency that gets rid of the grey hairs in 5 minutes until the grey hairs grow back. 

Make sure you follow the instructions exactly as specified as beard dye does have chemicals that can be harmful to your skin if not followed correctly or left on too long.

Things We Like

  • Good color matching
  • Available in most drug stores
Blackbeard for Men Formula X Instant Mustache,...
  • GRAY HAIRS BEGONE: Wipe out all the gray, or leave some if you like. Color your whole beard,...

If the idea of dying your beard seems a bit too drastic for you, there is always the option of a temporary solution. This product is… I mean.. Let’s call it what t is. It’s mascara for your beard. It’s water-resistant and you can apply it to your beard hairs and it will last all day.

This is definitely a less invasive way than chemical dyes and something that you could easily use if you required it for a temporary photo event, date night or really any scenario where you don’t want to go through the entire hassle of dying your grey beard.

Things We Like

  • Easy to apply
  • Good for quick one time use
Just For Men Control GX Grey Reducing Beard Wash...
  • CGX Innovative beard color shampoo gradually reduces grey with every wash. Gently and thoroughly...

Oh yes. Just for men have thought of it all. They have a shampoo solution that basically gradually reduces your grey beard over the course of 4 weeks instead of in 5 minutes with a chemical dye. It also has the added benefit of revitalizing your hair and cleaning your beard, of course.

I think this solution works best for a gradual change over time instead of a much more drastic grey beard one day and gone the next.

Things We Like

  • Inexpensive solution
  • Gradually and more naturally removes the beard grey

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