What is Amish Beard Oil?

Amish beard oils aren’t a special type of beard oil that’s made exclusive for Amish people. It was a brand from a small, single business owner in Western Pennsylvania that was honestly ingenious. Pun intended. It’s a great marketing strategy to separate their natural beard oil from the rest of the market and ultimately become a market leader.

Most people think of the Amish with stereotypical long beards and most people associate Amish lifestyle with natural ingredients and not using man-made chemicals.

I don’t claim to be an expert on Amish religion or culture, but I’d say that this is pretty true of the brand.

Honest Amish Beard oil was introduced into the market when beard oils weren’t really a thing. It was right around the time that beards started to become an in-demand lifestyle choice of their own.

I remember the common tag line of “Better than Oil

What's in Amish Beard Oil?

The base comes from Jojoba Oil which closely resembles the natural oils that you have on your skin and helps to treat the skin under your beard in addition to making your hairs very soft. Honest Amish Beard Oil has more oils than I really understand to be honest.

I think they went with the more is more approach and basically packed every single organic oil you could fit into a 2oz bottle.

Avocado Oil - I mean, I knew that eating avocados is good for you but I wasn’t aware that avocado oil was essential for improving beard health. The good fats in the Avocado Oil can help promote softer beard hair and nourish the fibers of your hair.

Pumpkin Seed Oil - I’ve discovered, after doing some research, that pumpkin seed oil has been linked to promoting hair growth. Anything that promotes hair growth is a plus when you’re trying to really maintain a healthy beard.

Almond Oil - Almond has Biotin which is the primary ingredient and supplement that you’ll find in most products to promote hair growth.

Aragan Oil - This is an oil that you find in a lot of skincare products. Argan is a great oil that comes from a nut that sort of looks like an almond commonly found in Morocco. You might be familiar with Moroccan oil. It’s most likely Argan.

Argan oil helps protect your skin from the sun, not that your face needs that with a beard fighting away those UV rays and helps with basically any skin related ailment. As a kid, my mom would give me Moroccan(Argan) oil to help with my acne and acne scarring.

Oddly enough, this oil reduces the sebum in your skin so your skin is less oily.

Kukui Oil - Full disclosure, I had to google this one because I’ve never seen the ingredient on any other beard care list. It turns out that the Kukui nut, native to Hawaii, is something that has been used for centuries to moisturize the skin and soothe dry skin. Like most nuts, it has fatty acids that serve basically a similar purpose that almond oil does albeit with a much more unique and exotic-sounding name.

Does Honest Amish Beard Oil Work?

Yes. Next question...

Seriously it does. 

With this many natural oils packed into one mixture, you’re going to get softer and more nourished beard with consistent use. It will also enhance the shine and look of your beard in addition to making your skin very soft. I’ve found that my bead dandruff completely disappears when I consistently use Honest Amish beard oil.

Where do I buy Amish Beard Oil?

How do I apply Amish Beard Oil?

I like to use the dipper and apply a few dabs directly to my beard and then massage the oil into my face and skin.

I also apply the oil to my beard brush so that as I continually brush my beard and facial hair that I get an even distribution.

You can also dab a few drops in your hand and rub it into your beard that way. 

There really is no wrong way to apply it as long as you get a few generous drops in and around your beard.

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