The Best Ear And Nose Hair Trimmer To Use

Nose and ear hair is nasty, and it only gets worse as we age. For some people, it is highly displeasing, but others do not find it to be so. The ones in the former category always find a way of getting rid of it. Fortunately, trimming the hair in your nose and/or ears is really a piece of cake if you’ve got a trimmer. In this article, we’ll talk about the best ear and nose hair trimmer and we’ll present a few products you should consider if hair starts to bug you.


What Are the Electronic Tools You Can Use?


The only electronic tool you can use to trim the unstylish hair in your ears and nose is a battery-powered trimmer. It comes in various shapes and sizes; therefore, you can rest assured you’ll find the best product for yourself.


One thing you should know about electronic trimmers is that they can have a circular or non-circular blade. If you decide to get a product that can be considered the “best ear and nose hair trimmer”, pay attention to these features:

  • It should be water-resistant
  • It should have a blade (or blades) that are not prone to getting rusty after a few uses
  • It shouldn’t jam
  • It should have a blade-guard, so you don’t injure yourself as you trim the hair
  • If possible, try to opt for a rechargeable one instead of a trimmer that works solely on batteries
  • It should have some accessories (sideburn trimmer, beard trimmer, etc. – all in one)
  •  We recommend you get some blade oil if you decide to purchase an electronic trimmer. In the long run, any blade can get a little out of shape, especially when you use the trimmer on a regular basis.


    What Are Some Manual Ways of Trimming Ear and Nose Hair?


    Before the automatic trimmer hit the market, there were several ways you could get rid of hair manually. Of course, you can still do it today. There are scissors, for instance, that have been designed for trimming nose hair.


    However, this method isn’t very efficient. First of all, you simply cannot trim the hair properly. Second of all, you could hurt yourself in the process. If you’re very careful, though, and you’re more of a “vintage” kind of guy, you can do with is.


    You can also trim unwanted hair by using a manual trimmer. This differs from the electronic one only through the fact that you use your fingers to rotate the blades. It looks like a bolt whose lower part is rotated in order to move the blades around.


    If you’ve got a lot of time on your hands, this can be a pretty nice addition to your grooming kit, but if you don’t have time or patience, we recommend you to get an automatic, electronic one.


    You can also trim hair by using wax. It can cause plenty of discomfort, so think twice before you decide to get rid of it by using this method.


    Lastly, you can use something both men and women have come to hate: the tweezers. This is, hands down, the most painful method of trimming nose and ear hair.


    Top 4 Products to Consider and Consumer Reports 


    Let’s enumerate the top 5 products and then we’ll proceed to explain briefly why we think they’ve made it to the top in the first place:


    1. Panasonic ER115 Trimmer
    2. ToiletTree Professional
    3. Schon Rechargeable Trimmer 
    4. Kedsum Portable Manual Trimmer


    1. Panasonic ER115 Trimmer

    • Cordless
    • Washable head
    • Good for nose and ear

    This Panasonic model is one of the most simplistic ear and nose hair trimmers you can find. It sells for around $15 and works with a double battery. Maintenance implies rinsing the head and that’s it. Plus, it looks really cool.


    It is also pretty high-rated, so you can’t go wrong with it. Without a doubt, it’s the best ear and nose hair trimmer you can get these days.

    2. ToiletTree Professional

    • This high-end cordless battery-operated nose trimmer with bright LED light is made of high quality steel; the light comes in handy when you need to get at those hard-to-reach and hard-to-see hairs
    • This nose trimmer operates on just 1 AA battery , which makes it an economically affordable way to take care of the daily trimming needs of your nose, brows, and ears

    Don't let the interesting name fool you. This a quality piece of kit that does it's job perfectly.This made it to our top because it’s a fantastic deal: you get a top-notch trimmer . The trimmer is battery-powered and has a brush accessory. It can be used in the shower without any risk of malfunctioning.

    The only reason this didn't take the #1 spot is because it requires an AA battery and isn't rechargeable. I hate looking for batteries and they always seem to die at the moment you need them most.

    I think that we often assume that bigger brand name items are going to perform because we trust them. Rest assured that with the thousands of customer reviews this item has received, it can handle any nose or ear forrest.



    3. Schon Rechargeable Trimmer

    • PERFECTLY TRIMS NOSE, EAR AND FACIAL HAIR COMFORTABLY - This 3 in 1 trimmer includes an easy to use hair attachment for trimming sideburns, around the ear or any other facial hair.
    • EASY CLEANING - The attractive brushed steel finish makes cleaning a breeze while looking great on your bathroom counter! Run the blades under the tap when needed to quickly clean

    If you’re not a fan of battery-powered trimmers, you’ll find this to be very handy. It sells for approximately 10 bucks and is widely regarded as the best ear and nose hair trimmer that doesn’t require batteries.


    It has 3 attachments: 1 for the nose and ear hair, one for sideburns and one that works on facial hair, including your beard.


    4. Kedsum Portable Manual Trimmer

    • Stainless steel material, sharp precision design, durable,can be used continuously for tens of thousands of times.
    • No batteries required. Take it and use it anywhere.
    • Mechanical, can be operated by one handed manual quickly and simply.
    • Safe & painless, cutting blades never come in contact with skin.

    This is the best ear and nose hair trimmer for manual use. Thanks to being made out of stainless steel, you can rest assured that this will last you. It’s really easy to use and looks positively amazing. As a gift, you get a stylish nail clipper.


    Such A Tweeze 4 Tip Tweezers Set 

    • High quality stainless steel will never rust and the chemical-free high gloss finish make this the ideal skincare and blackhead removal tool for men, women, and kids. Can also be used to remove small pieces of glass, tick, wood, craft, splinters, and tiny foreign objects from your skin.
    • 4 different tips (straight, slant, extreme slant, & pointed) ensure the exact tool for the job and we include a leather travel kit

    This is a nice addition to any man’s grooming kit. If you don’t have anything against crying a little bit and you really enjoy giving yourself hours of long lasting pain, this set will come in handy.

    Seriously. It should be a part of any good trimming kit and I personally know many people who still tweeze their nose hairs. While I'm not a masochist, I would NEVER judge anyones methods of personal grooming...

    ...even if I think this is Christian Bale levels of psycho.

    I'm just playing... you know I love you all!

    Final Thoughts


    Nose and ear hair is certainly not good-looking. Luckily, there are so many ways you can get rid of it. In this brief guide here, we’ve shown you a couple of products you should consider if the hair in your ears and nose gets out of control.


    Assess which one of these you like best (a.k.a. the best ear and nose hair trimmer for you) and you won’t have any hair problems again.

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