What are the best grow beard vitamins

If you’re like millions of men out there, you probably just want to have a thicker and more fuller beard. It makes your face look better and no one likes a patchy beard. I’ve used quite a few supplements that are topical, but if you’re the kind of guy who wants to take vitamins that will boost your hair health, this will be the guide for you.

Let’s take a look at 5 of the best beard grow vitamins on the market.

In a Rush? Here is Our Top Pick

Beard Grow XL | Facial Hair Supplement | Vegan |...
  • #1 Beard Grow Support Vitamin Formula to promote healthy facial hair growth

This is by far the most popular product that you will find in the market today and for many reasons. It has some of the most biotin per capsule that you can purchase on the market. It’s 100% vegan, if that’s your sort of thing. It’s also trusted by over 3000+ confirmed purchases and reviews on Amazon.

If that’s not enough to sway you, then I’m not sure what will. It’s 100% made in the USA which means it has to pass all the scrutiny of the FDA in order for it to be sold so you can rest assured that it’s not going to be some low grade, knockoff supplement.


  • Trusted by 1000’s of customers

  • Has 2000mcg of Biotin per serving

  • 100% Vegan & It’s Gluten Free


  • It’s rather expensive for a 30 day supply. Bulk discounts would be nice
  • Can make you grow more hair in unwanted places

What makes a good beard growth vitamin?

It’s not rocket science at this point that makes your hair and skin healthier. I mean, it is a science that is complicated, but we understand it fully. There are two primary things that are going to improve your hair health.

Biotin - This is largely a supplement that is responsible for healthy hair, healthy nails and skin health.

Vitamin A - Vitamin A helps form and maintain healthy teeth, skeletal and soft tissue, mucus membranes, and skin. It’s an important staple, or it should be, in all diets.

As long as the vitamins you are taking has these naturally occurring ingredients then you can be sure that they are going to deliver the results you’re looking for.

What about the quality of beard growth vitamins?

This is a great and valid question. There are lots of supplements on the market and unless you own a medical-grade lab, there really is not way to know that the ingredients that you’re putting in your body are top quality. We’ve all seen many horror stories of bodybuilding supplement companies that were filling their products with poor and sometimes illegal chemicals.

It’s important that you purchase from trusted brands that have a long reputation of delivering a quality product and have met strict FDA (or other governing bodies if you don’t live in America) regulations to sell their product. That is really the only way you can ensure a product is safe for consumption.

The Best Beard Growth Biotin Vitamin

Sports Research Biotin Supplement with Organic...
  • VITAMIN B7: Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, is an essential micronutrient involved in Keratin...

If you feel that you have a pretty healthy and balanced diet, but you just want to focus on the primary ingredient, then Sports Research makes a phenomenal product that I recommend. They offer capsules that have up to 10,000mcg of biotin per serving.

I’m not 100% certain if your body can even absorb more than 2000-5000mcg at a time, so it’s best to not overspend on a bottle just because it says it has a gazillion grams per serving. Sports Research is a licensed and FDA tested company that manufactures its products here in the USA.


  • Very high dose of Biotin

  • Certified Vegan, No GMO’s and stamp of Good manufacturing approval.

  • Comes from a scientifically tested brand.


  • Offering a 10,000mcg dosage is probably too much for most consumers
  • High doses of Biotin can cause some people to have reactions on their skin such as acne

Best All-Around Beard Growth Vitamin

Beard Growth Vitamins Supplement for Men - Grow...
  • Manlier, Thicker, Healthier Beard - You’ve taken the first step towards irresistibly luscious...

If you like the idea of a multivitamin combined with extra vitamin A and biotin to improve your hair growth, but you also want to get other nutrients that you are lacking in your diet, then Prime Beard from Nutra Champs is a great option. 

It’s packed full of basically every essential vitamin you can think of from Vitamin A to Zinc. (Wait, I think that was actually a multivitamin commercials slogan?) The point is, this has B1, B12, B6, E, C and many others that are going to easily fit your daily nutritional needs.

This is the beard grow vitamin for those of us who want to take less vitamins or possible combine more of the vitamins we need into one product.


  • Non GMO

    100% Vegan

    Made in the USA

    GMP certified

    All the things you’d expect of something you’re going to put in your body.

  • Has pretty much all the basics of a solid multi-vitamin with the added benefit of biotin and Vitamin A


  • The amount of biotin and Vitamin A are on the high side. I’ve heard of people having skin reactions, like acne, from having too much biotin

Best Affordable Beard Growth Vitamin

I totally understand. We’re all looking to get maximum results without breaking the bank and growing beards is not different. The Lumberman Premier Beard Growth Vitamin is exactly that. It doesn’t have all of the ingredients in the same quantities as some of the more expensive brands, but it definitely has a lot of biotin. Over 10,000mcg per serving. 

But with cost savings, comes a reduction in the overall amount of multivitamins that you’re going to get. Unfortunately, you can’t have your cake and eat it too and in order for them to provide a safe and quality product that’s made in the USA at the price they are offering, that means they have to cut back on some of the more expensive multivitamin ingredients like iron and zinc.

If you have a healthy and balanced diet and aren’t looking to really looking to have your hair growth vitamin provide a lot of nutritional value, then this is a great product for you.


  • Affordable
  • Lots of Biotin, over 10,000mcg per serving

  • Made in the USA, GMP certified, No GMO’s, Gluten Free (It’s a quality and safe product)


  • Not enough Vitamin A which is also essential for healthy hair
  • Cuts back on some of the multi-vitamin aspects that other brands offer.

Our Summary

While you can’t go wrong with any of the options listed above if you’re looking to grow a fuller beard, my money is on Beard Grow XL. Yes, it is the most expensive product on the market, but it has all the benefits of quality hair growth ingredients and all of the things you’d expect in a good multivitamin. 

If I’m going to be taking a vitamin, then I want that vitamin to have basically everything that I need for my daily intake. My money is on Beard Grow XL, but if I were really looking to save a few dollars and still get a quality product, Prime Beard by Nutra Champs would be my runner up

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