A thin and patchy beard is something that can be unworkable for most men, it does not matter if you are someone who grows a beard or keeps it clean. But what to do when you want to grow a beard that is dense, non-patchy, and full but your genetics gives you lemons? And no, you do not make lemonade here, you go for Minoxidil - rogaine on beard!

Indeed, genetics play a crucial role in how every man's beard growth will get its shape and pattern eventually, for some lads growing out a full non-patchy beard earlier in their lifetime is not a big deal but for some, a fully grown beard can take very long or it just doesn’t happen at all. 

However, it clearly does not mean that this male pattern baldness is not curable or you can not grow a beard that you long.

You often see these products (even surgeries) ads circulating at random, claiming to regrow lost hairs on your head or fill the patchy areas of your facial hair to have a fully grown beard. 

But currently, the most common and effective way to grow a beard and thicken your facial hair at an expeditious rate is by using minoxidil (brand name Rogaine). After the approval from FDA, it was meant to be used only on scalp hair to prompt the growth of hair and not on facial hair, but the emerging trend led us to use it on beards, and surprisingly it has given us excellent results with less to no side effects.

Used by millions of men around the globe for decades, Minoxidil (Rogaine) is a proven solution to the loss of hair and to stimulate facial hair growth and its thickness.

Fearing its high usage and the huge success of minoxidil on beard enhancement has led this formula to mixed reviews, some competitors have dragged the side effects to an edge where one would not want to use minoxidil. 

In fact, it has been proved that it enhances beard growth with minimal side effects to face, helping men grow their whiskers who once had weak and patchy facial hair before.

Let’s go by the book and tell you everything about Minoxidil. Read on.

What is Minoxidil

Primarily, it was formulated to treat patients with high blood pressure. Hair growth became a known side effect of minoxidil which after more research was approved by the FDA for the treatment of hair loss and the growth of it. Minoxidil is bought under the brands like Rogaine, Kirkland, and others, minoxidil is used to thicken and regrow lost hair on the scalp for both men and women.

It usually comes under two dosage forms: topical foam 5% and topical solution 2%;5%. However, it is not used to regrow hair from complete baldness in front of the scalp or the diminishing men's hairline, yet it has been a useful formula for hair growth throughout the years.

Types of Minoxidil

As mentioned above, the common two types of topical minoxidil are liquid and foam, to get the root details of each type would help you to distinguish which one should be ideal and easy for you to use.

Liquid Minoxidil 

Being the cheaper and common type, liquid minoxidil also brings a few drawbacks along the way. The liquid form contains propylene glycol which is effective for hair growth but can cause irritation to some sensitive skin resulting in dryness and redness.

Nevertheless, the liquid form works as effectively and is much easier to measure since it comes with a dropper, and with the help of the dropper, liquid can reach the surface of the skin easily if you have long hair. 

Foam Minoxidil

The prime reason for foam minoxidil's popularity among people is that it is easier to use and dries out much faster than its liquid version, also it is easier on sensitive skins since it does not contain propylene glycol. Someone with sensitive skin should get his hands on the foam version.

Moreover, it proves to be less messy and controllable to apply than its liquid kind.

Liquid Minoxidil vs. Foam Minoxidil, Which One is Better?

Being the classic type in the competition, liquid minoxidil is said to be more effective than its foam variant, but recent studies show the pattern and timeliness of both products are the same and they both work alike.

Both these kinds stand out in their specific category, liquid minoxidil is easily workable because of its dropper.

Foam minoxidil has the ability to dry out 5x faster than its liquid type, and it does not irritate your skin since it does not contain skin-irritating chemicals as liquid minoxidil does.

The advice here would be - to go for the classic variant (liquid one) if you are new to this beard growth journey as it is easily measurable, but if the sensation of skin dryness and irritation is a little too much for you to bear, you should try switching to foam minoxidil. 

FDA approved

In particular and as stated before, minoxidil is FDA-approved to be used on the scalp but the emerging trend of using it on facial hair came to light on Reddit when some brothers tried it to grow facial hair, and the after results were fascinating. 

In any case, no major side effects have been observed yet (we will get to the minor ones in a moment), but if you are concerned about any issues you might face afterward, you should consult your doctor first.

Being a fresh trend to fill out patchy beards there haven’t been any recent studies yet on how it works on facial hair, but it has proved to be worth a try.

Benefits Of Using Minoxidil

The major benefit to use minoxidil is that it enhances the hair growth on the scalp, you can also use it on your beard (we will talk more about it soon) or any areas you want hair to grow more. 

It is also safe to be used on beards or for thinning or balding of hair with minimal and minor side effects 

Using minoxidil on hair has manifested its success throughout the years, with the credible ‘before and after' results.

Side Effects of Using Minoxidil 

I would say it could only be possible in a utopian society where a product that gives off this much comes with absolutely zero side effects, you get the picture, minoxidil has some minor side effects, which in most cases are too rare to be heard. 

Let’s state some of the common side effects you could face during your beard growth journey with minoxidil. 

Skin Dryness

The most common side effect among individuals who use minoxidil is skin dryness, mostly in liquid form as it contains chemicals like propylene glycol and alcohol which leads to dry skin and irritation afterward. 

However, using a good quality beard moisturizer after every use of minoxidil would sort this one out effortlessly.

Excessive Body Hair Growth

When using minoxidil, one can also witness more hair growth on different parts of the body together with arms and legs, in the worst-case scenario you can also face unwanted hair growth on your upper cheek, but the good news is that hair is temporary and will shed off eventually.

Anyhow, it is a good sign for some to have excessive hair. It means the body is responding to minoxidil treatment, you can let the excessive hair shed on its own or you can also try waxing or shaving and get your way through.


During the early trials, you might feel like you have been exhausted a bit, you may feel weak or tired during this time. Although this includes some of the scarce cases where this happens, if fatigue is more common and you feel tired more often, you should stop using the treatment and consult your physician. 


One can also experience mild acne by the frequent use of minoxidil, especially from the liquid variant since it holds chemicals like propylene glycol and alcohol which can further trigger the acne. However, this happens in rare cases, mostly when we do not make use of a pH cleanser or a beard moisturizer along with minoxidil. 

Hair Shedding

Scalp or beard hair (where it is used) shedding can often be seen among the user. Though it could make you feel distressed, it is nothing big to be alarmed at. The hair shedding happens because when the sudden rush of blood flow flows through the hair follicles, making existing weak hair fall off and make room for new, stronger, and healthier hair.

Heart Palpitations 

Some minor irregularities of heart pumping (heart palpitations) can also be experienced when using minoxidil treatment since it was initially produced to maintain the blood pressure of patients, plus this drug works as a vasodilator that can expand blood vessels and you might experience mild changes in rhythms of the heart.

Although this side effect can be daunting, it is harmless regarding the use of minoxidil.

How Does Minoxidil Work on Facial Hair

After numerous uses and researches, it has yet not been wholly cleared that how minoxidil works this much effectively on facial hair as a result there are joint statements on its undertakings.

Minoxidil works as a vasodilator - a drug that helps open the blood vessels below the skin which leads blood flow to reach out to the hair follicles. That way, hair follicles can acquire more of the nutrients that are dominant for hair growth.

Rogaine states the ability of minoxidil to revive lost hair or stimulate its growth because more open blood vessels under the skin give the hair follicles more nourishment from the blood flow they crave for an overall thicker beard look. 

Using Rogaine on the scalp for regrowth would obviously take long as the time period to see the full results can even extend to years, but on the other hand, facial hair takes insignificant time compared to it, usually, a lesser time between six months to 24 months can get you from patchy to fuller and thicker beard.

How To Use Both Minoxidil Kinds For Beard Growth

Using minoxidil on the beard does not hold any rocket science behind it, the procedure is the same as it is on the scalp. The only difference is you are doing this to enhance your beard growth. 

Let’s go through some simple steps on how both types of minoxidil can be used on a beard.

How To Use Liquid Minoxidil on Beard

Let’s start with the liquid variant first.

Step 1. Wash your face

To begin with, wash and get your face dry before applying liquid rogaine, make sure to use a pH-balanced cleanser to avoid any irritations that minoxidil might cause when being applied. Minoxidil liquid products contain components like alcohol and propylene glycol that could irritate your skin, so using a pH cleanser should be the priority as it prevents skin from getting further dehydrated by chemicals.

Step 2. Apply the prescribed amount 

The second is to apply a certain amount recommended on the product (usually around 1 ml) on the area where you wish to enhance the growth. Rogaine liquid comes with a dropper which makes it easier to know the amount to be used with the help of meniscus.

Use the dropper to suck in the liquid and apply it on the patchy areas of your beard.

Step 3. Let your skin absorb it

After applying the minoxidil on the patchy areas, you need to wait and let your skin absorb it, an appropriate amount of time to let it be on your skin is around four hours. However, applying it overnight can be more effective but be sure to wash off your face at once when you wake up.

Step 4. Wash and moisturize your face

Wash your face after these certain hours have passed, not to let the minoxidil over dry your skin. As mentioned before, Rogaine has chemicals that can dry out your skin if, over timely used. The best option for you here would be a high-quality moisturizer that would help keep your skin maintained and ready for the next use.

How To Use Foam Minoxidil On Beard

The idea is still almost the same as before.

Step 1. Wash your face

For this, you also need to get your face clean and dry before using the product. After that, be sure to use a pH cleanser to clean your face and to avoid any possibility of irritations.

Step 2. Apply the desired amount

Hold the Rogaine foam bottle upright and press to release the foam onto your hands, you need to apply it with your hands to get the most of it. Same as before: use an amount of around 1 ml.

Step 3. Let it dry

The foam variant dries five times faster than liquid minoxidil, after applying it on the patchy areas and any bald spots you need to wait and let your skin absorb it.  No hassle this time, you just have to wait for 3 to 4 hours before you wash your face.

Step 4. Wash and moisturize your face

After completely dried out, wash your face and apply a moisturizer to keep your skin shining and free of any skin dryness that could lead to redness and irritations.

How Much Minoxidil To Use on Facial Hair

Applying minoxidil twice a day is considered to be an optimal dose of it, ideally in the morning and before going to bed. Still, if using it twice daily irritates your skin and you think of it as ‘more than enough’, you should switch to once daily. Although the outcome may differ and take time, once every day also gives off adequate results.

If the irritation lasts for more than 3-4 days you should stop using minoxidil. 

How long does it take to see results from minoxidil beard?

The simple answer to that would be between six months to two years. And no, using it more than twice daily would not result in more hair growth. The growth cycle takes time, so you need to get a hold of it.

A Tip To Double Your Beard Growth With Minoxidil 

Using a derma roller is proven to benefit the skin overall, when used on the face the micro-needling process does little punctures on your skin to optimize the healing process of acne and stretch marks, and most importantly, it also helps enhance the growth of facial hair. 

Derma rolling can stimulate your beard growth and its thickness if you use it before minoxidil, as the microneedle creates tiny holes which lead to more blood flow to hair follicles and lets Rogaine work more effectively on your skin.

Make sure you get one with a needle length ranging from 0.5mm to 0.75mm for your face.

Ways To Keep Your Beard Maintained After Using Minoxidil

Using just minoxidil on your beard can be effective but the aim of the game here is to keep it maintained after every use of minoxidil so that you can get the best results possible.

Follow these instructions to keep your beard growth cycle glooming.

Get a Beard Wash or Shampoo

Your beard needs a specific shampoo made just for it. This is important to keep the dead skin flakes off of your beard which may result in beard dandruff. Also, washing your facial hair with a beard shampoo can put a stop to skin irritations. Plus - it makes your beard soft and workable. 

Use Beard Oil Regularly 

Normalizing a beard oil on your beard when you are using minoxidil is necessary, it helps keep your beard moisturized, hence, preventing any skin irritations after the usage of minoxidil. 

Keep Your Beard Trimmed

Keeping your beard trimmed at a minimal level is good for minoxidil to absorb well into your skin, you don’t have to worry about any side effects while trimming your beard as Rogaine only works by absorbing into your skin. 

Is The Beard Growth With Minoxidil Permanent?

It is said by many users that minoxidil should be your beard’s permanent partner, however, you can stop using it after you have reached an extent where you have filled out the patchy areas and have an overall thick looking beard you’ve always desired. 

As mentioned earlier, twice daily usage of minoxidil on the beard stimulates the blood flow which leads to more nutrients to hair follicles and improves hair growth eventually.

But when you stop using minoxidil midway, the previously active hair follicles go back to their prior state, and apparently after a few months a much lesser hair growth and thinning of facial hair can be seen as a result of not using minoxidil.

Long story short - You need to keep using minoxidil until you have gained your full beard, which triggers hair follicles and they stay active permanently. 

Leading Minoxidil Brands To Buy

If you have made up your mind to start your beard growth journey with Minoxidil, you might want to get a little familiar with some of the best products out there in the market, to make sure you get your hands on the one best for you.

Here are the most popular minoxidil brands for you to buy:


Men's Rogaine Extra Strength 5% Minoxidil Topical...
  • REGROW THINNING HAIR: 3-month supply (three, 2-fluid ounce bottles) of Men's Rogaine Extra Strength...

The highly reviewed and well-known brand for its best after results, Men’s Rogaine Extra Strength 5% is the talk of the town when it comes to boosting hair growth at an earlier hair shedding stage, both liquid and foam kinds of Rogaine come in 5% minoxidil concentration. 

Although this brand can be costlier than the others in the market the outcome you get from this is truly exceptional.

When other hair loss shampoo and products claim to thicken and regrow your hair, all that happens is that they give your hair a temporary thicker look on the outside. 

On the other hand, Rogaine’s treatment penetrates your skin making contracted hair follicles active to boost hair growth.

With the 5% concentration, skin dryness and irritations can be experienced by the users however, this can be worked out well with a moisturizer. 


  • A proven cure to male pattern baldness.
  • 5% minoxidil concentration ideal for beard growth.
  • Exceptional results can be seen in just 10-12 weeks.
  • Improves blood flow to hair follicles.
  • Easy to apply.


  • Causes skin dryness because of its containing chemicals, however, using a moisturizer is recommended.


No products found.

Kirkland Signature also has a 5% minoxidil concentration just like Rogaine and other similar ingredients as well. The catch here is that it comes in at a relatively cheaper price than Rogaine, so, if you want to buy a product that could do just as good but is low-priced, Kirkland should get you there.

It comes with a measurable dropper like Rogaine which makes it easier to suck the exact amount into the dropper you wish to apply.

A drawback that most users have been disappointed about is that it leaves your hands and hair feeling somewhat greasy after applying but when you wash afterward, the sensation fades away quickly.

Although, the results and timeliness would not be identical to that of Rogaine's. But most of its users say it gets the job done nicely. Plus it is considered second to Rogaine. 


  • Cheaper than other minoxidil brands.
  • Shows significant results in a short time.
  • Has a dropper convenient to apply a desirable amount.


  • Unlike Rogaine, it misses out on DHT blockers which prevent hair loss.


Foligain Triple Action Complete Volumizing Formula...
  • Paraben & Sulfate-Free Hair Formula for Men: The Foligain Triple Action Complete Formula is made...

Next comes the minoxidil brand which is composed of mostly organic ingredients and that makes the risk of skin irritations go way down than other minoxidil brands. Same as previous ones it has a concentration of 5% minoxidil in it, best for beard growth.

However, the effectiveness can be delayed if compared to the later brands but overall it works the same.

It minimizes the shedding and hair loss giving your facial hair a thicker and fuller look.


No products found.

Lastly, we have Tugain in the list, containing the concentration of 10% minoxidil which can be a little too much. Nonetheless, men prefer to use this product since they think it can enhance the speed of growth more rapidly than 5% concentration minoxidil brands.

Tugain comes in a 2-oz size bottle which can last almost a month if you are a twice-a-day user.

Other Ways To Enhance Beard Growth

If you think you are not yet ready to try out minoxidil brands on your beard for some reason, don’t be discouraged as there are also some useful ways you can try to stimulate your beard growth without having to use minoxidil. 

Although you can not grow your beard at the same results as you can with minoxidil, it does help you out if you care about your beard and make a routine.

Here are some little tips and ways you can do to increase the growth of your beard:

  • Get Enough Sleep - Sleeping can improve your health and can overall enhance your beard growth at a better rate.
  • Reduce Stress - As recent studies show, taking too much stress can also be a cause of hair loss.
  • Consume a Proper Diet -  A balanced diet helps your body get the nutrients it needs for better hair growth.  
  • Exercise - Get on a healthy routine because the healthier you are the healthier your hair be.
  • Maintain Your Skin - Keep your skin healthy by sticking to a good skincare routine relevant to your skin type.

Again, genetics play an important role in the growth of your beard, the mentioned tips are to enhance your beard growth but to work out a patchy bald beard you need to consider Rogaine or other minoxidil products for quick and effective results.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions asked by people who are considering starting their beard journey with minoxidil:

Is It Safe To Use Minoxidil For Beard Growth?

Minoxidil is FDA-approved to be used on the scalp, but if we are to talk about applying it on facial hairs, recent studies tell us that it is now believed that minoxidil is considered safe to be used on a beard with rare and minimal side effects.

Does Rogaine Work If You Have No Facial Hair?

It has been proved that Rogain helps cure scalp baldness in men and fix patchy beards, so if you are a man in an age where your facial hair should grow but the genetics won’t allow that to happen? Yes, the use of Rogaine can help your beard to stimulate and be dense.

However, applying Rogaine to an area where there is no hair, you should not be expecting the hair to sprout out there mythically. 

Which Rogaine is Best For Beard?

Considering the two types of Rogaine products (liquid and foam), it ultimately comes down to the personal preference of every individual of what they would want.

Both variants contain a 5% concentration of minoxidil which helps the beard growth cycle stimulate at almost the same pace.

The liquid variant is cheaper and easily measurable but is a little messier when being used. Foam is suitable for sensitive skin for it does not contain chemicals that would irritate the skin and also can be applied with fingers.

Eventually, it comes down to this - get what suits you the best.

How Long Does It Take For Rogaine To Grow A Beard?

Usually, after use of Rogaine between 2 to 3 months, a meaningful change can be seen in your beard, and as you continuously keep using it, a full thick beard would be the outcome in 6-12 months.

Keep in mind not to leave the journey in between the first few months, the hair would shed and you would be back at your prior stage, it is ideal to keep using rogaine until you have a fully grown beard. 

That way, you have more chances to keep a fully grown beard permanently even without having to use Rogaine anymore.

Can I Use Tugain 10% on Beard? 

With a concentration of 10% minoxidil, the Tugain formula is twice as strong as other minoxidil products namely Rogaine or Kirkland. Though it would seem to show the results more rapidly the event of occurring side effects also doubles in this case.

It is best to be patient with your beard journey and stick to the 5% minoxidil active ingredient than to double the risk of side effects by using a higher active ingredient.

Can I Shave While Using Rogaine?

The short answer here would be: yes, you can.

Shaving or trimming your beard while using Rogaine treatment can make it easier to apply with less hair on your face. Nonetheless, both shavers and non-shavers tried Rogaine and the results were the same - exceptional as always.

Will The Facial Hair Shed Off When I Stop Using Rogaine/Minoxidil?

The most common question people ask before using minoxidil is if the results are permanent or not. 

The answer to this can be mixed, as it depends on how long you use it.

If you continue to use minoxidil for over a year or so until you get the fully grown beard of your desire, the facial hair would stay on your face permanently because of the androgen receptors and hair follicles that have been long active along the process.

Let's say you have grown a medium size of beard in a few months and you are bothered to use minoxidil anymore. This would shed off the new facial hair as the hair follicles will go back to their previous phase and the overall growth of hair will decline on its own.

Your best option would be to keep using it until you have grown a full beard to keep it permanent.  


If you have always craved that manly beard look that would look fabulous on you, there are tons of treatments and products in the market for you to try but as we talked through it, most of them would only plump up your beard from the outside. 

To get the one that fills up the patchy areas and thickens the existing hair making them healthier. About time, you should direct your way to minoxidil brands. With minimal side effects and exceptional results, you can attain a fuller beard without any hassle. Welcome to the men's club!

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