What is argan oil, and where does it come from?

Argan oil is derived from the Argan tree (Argania Spinosa) fruit, a species native to the Souss Valley in south-western Morocco. You force the oil out from the kernels, which are in the interior fruit nut. Opening the fruit plus breaking the nut is strenuous, as is the conventional means of removing the oil via hand.

The cooking argan oil is pushed from slightly roasted kernels (resulting in a rich golden pigment), whereas cosmetic oil is extracted from raw nuts. Owing to the complicated procedure for generating the oil, it comes with a high asking price. Argan oil is treated likewise to other specialty oils, particularly nut oils. It functions well with both sweet and savory cuisines as a condiment and ingredient.


Why is it good for your hair?

The linoleic and oleic acids that comprise the mainstream of argan oil’s fat substance are essential nutrients for sustaining healthy hair and skin. Argan oil is frequently applied to hair and skin but might as well be effective whenever swallowed.

In one research, both topical and oral argan oil usages enhanced the skin’s moisture content in postmenopausal women. Though there is not some study on the exact usage of argan oil for your hair health, various studies point out that other plant oils having a similar nutritional profile might decrease split ends plus different hair damage types.


Why would you use it in your beard?

This oil has turned into a beauty wonder for the nails, skin, and hair when it comes to lady’s habits. Men do not have to be left out, though. Argan Oil, when included in beard oil, helps with beard care plus general beard grooming.

Spreading the argan oil for beard on your beard will help hydrate the beard and the skin below it. With everyday usage, you shall be capable of combing and running the fingers via your beard effortlessly devoid of numerous knots.


Can it help you grow your hair?

All the goodness crammed in Argan Oil makes it the eventual hair product. It does not only moisturize hair; nonetheless, it also aids stop UV and heat destruction. Just akin to its effect on the skin, Argan Oil aids avert dry hair and nurtures hair to ensure moisture remains entrenched.

Frizzy hair is repeatedly brought by moisture lack and general hair damage (coloring, heat styling, to mention a few); however, Argan Oil can assist keep the frizz off. You can employ Argan Oil on its own or include it in the routine hair mask. By conditioning hair, it replenishes and nourishes the broken hair, and in sequence, aids prevent frizz from returning.

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  • Apply with a dropper is not the most ideal

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