Top 50 Chin Strap Beards Of All Time

Some men love rocking a full, thick beard on their faces, but let's be honest, it's not really a style suited for everyone. If you like more of a cleaner, less hair but still want a beard, you're probably going to be going for chin strap beards instead.

Chin strap beards are perfect for men who want to have a beard without letting it take over their entire face! And even though they might seem like they won't be "manly enough," they totally are!

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This type of beard gets the job done really well... if you get the beard done right...

The thing about having a chinstrap beard is, there are far too many styles you can go for, and a lot of them might not work well for your face. That often makes many men steer away from all facial hair altogether... but that's no way to go.

To keep you from forgoing the world of facial hair, we've put together a guide to chin strap beards. We will be looking at some of our favorite styles so you can get an idea of all the different styles you can play around with and pick the ones that work best for your face shape and lifestyle! By the time you're done going through this post, you'll find yourself bolting for your trimmer to get started! 

Top Chin Strap Beard Styles 2021

1. Barely There Chin Strap Beard

If beards, in general, aren't really your strong suit, this one might be perfect for you. This "barely there" beard is supposed to be patchy, so if your beard just comes out that way, it's going to look like it was on purpose!

You can also use your neck hair to your advantage to add to the "fullness" effect here. If you don't have a lot of beard hairs on your cheeks themselves and want to focus it on the jawline. The only thing you need to pay attention to is that your beard is neat, trimmed, and tidy.

Less is more, but only if it's taken care of.

2. Subtle Chin Strap Beard with a Goatee

If you want to stick with a subtle beard but also want to squeeze some mustache in there too, this beard with a goatee might be a better way to go!

This type of facial hair makes it easy to give some shape to your beard without it totally taking over. You can quickly grow out a full hair face and still have a clean, professional look! Like a stubble that you shave in! This is a cool chin strap style you can rock anywhere!

3. The On-It's-Own Chin Strap Beard

If you really don't like the look of a mustache, even a tiny bit of it, there's still a way to have a full beard... by totally shaving it out of the picture. Yup, having an on-it's-own chin strap beard is one of the most out-of-the-box beard styles you can go for!

If you've got a more angular face, this one will work really well for you! You can adjust the length here to be totally thick, which would be pretty cool in its own way, or keep it a shorter length by giving it a trim regularly!

4. The Put-Together Scruff

Many people think scruffy beards aren't something you can keep if you're trying to look put together, and this chin strap beard is one of the best examples of that being false!

If you've got a fuller beard coming in, but don't want to keep it full, trimming almost all of it off and leaving behind just a little scruff like this, might be the best in-between option!

You can keep the length relatively short here or shave most of the cheeks off. Keeping the neck hair in and adding to the overall look makes the beard and the hairstyle really shine!

5. Full Chin Strap Beard

Just because a chinstrap beard isn't an "all over your face" beard doesn't mean it can't be a full, thick beard. If you want to show extra growth, you can totally do that with this style. Just remember to keep it nicely defined and even.

If done right, this is one of the best facial hairstyles anyone can go for!

That paired with a neat hairstyle and light sideburns help create the overall professional and clean look while highlighting your features too!

6. Fading Chinstrap Beard

If you've got a little more facial hair on your chin than you do on the rest of your jawline, you can make that part of the look by going for a heavier mustache and chin hair and letting it fade as it gets closer to your ears.

This gives a natural and stylish look without the appearance of you just letting things go, somewhat of an "on purpose" natural style. This is a pretty classic style and works for most men with more hair on their chin and neck than they do everywhere else!

7. Angled Thin Chin Strap Beards

Some men like the look of a chinstrap beard but don't like how most of the time, they're very "natural" and rugged in appearance.

The great thing about this style of beard is that they come in all different types of styles! Even an angled one!

This style has sharper edges, is light and thin, and can be shaped in unique ways to compliment your face! If you want, you can even have more hair on the upper lip or have it totally shaved off! You have total freedom to shape this one depending on your jaw and face shape!

8. The 10-O'clock Shadow

Some men can totally rock the 5 o clock shadow like it's no big deal; others, not so much. If you find yourself on the "not so much" side, one of the best ways to do this is to let the facial hair grow just a little bit longer.

Once the chin hair and the strap have grown in a bit of extra, shave or trim the rest of it away and make it super thin. Even better if you can get a sharp line in there too. That way, you'll have a proper cool-looking chinstrap beard without having to deal with too much facial hair! Two birds with one stone!

9. Line Chinstrap Beard

This one isn't for many guys, but for those that can pull off a more angular strap, this one might be a style they have to try!

This pencil-thin style has a fade between the hairline and the sideburns; you might even have to shave a section off entirely, so everything isn't all connected together. The style works really well for guys with dark facial hair, but it tends to look even better on men with a natural greying going on with their beards.

So if your silver locks are starting to come in, why not give this style a try?

10. Embrace The Sideburns

While many men struggle with growing in their sideburns in an even, thick way, others find it to be more of a hindrance. If you're one of those men, why not embrace the sideburns with this chin strap style beard?

In this style, the facial hair around the rest of the face matters less than the sideburns because they're the star! Shape it according to your face, and keep things very trimmed, and you're bound to turn some heads!

11. The 90's Chin Strap

A lot of people think the '90s should stay in the '90s. However, if the recent trends coming back have taught us anything, it's that the '90s have never really gone away, and it can be embraced in all its super cool glory!

If you like to keep your beard long, or at least moderately long, and also have a thick head of hair, you have to give this mustache, goatee 90's chinstrap beard a shot! This one is the mother of all chin straps, and it could still do wonders for the right face!

12. The Thick Chin Strap

Not all chin straps need to be thin and super trimmed; if you like to add an inch or two to your jawline with your facial hair, you can totally do that with a thick chin strap!

A thick style lets you keep your beard long, and you can even grow it longer at the chin than at your jawline! How much hair you want where is going to be totally in your control! Which makes this style a lot more customizable too!

13. Thick and Curly

If you've got a curly beard, you don't have to shave it off. Try a thick and curly chin strap beard instead! This is one of the few beard styles that really accentuate curls, showing them off instead of shaving off all of the facial hair and hiding them instead!

Looking cool while being easy to maintain!

This beard will have you looking good without having to worry about hair growth!

14. Low Strap Fading Out with a Goatee

Not all chin strap beards have to be covering the entire jawline. Nope! Beard styles like this one can be somewhat of an extended goatee type of deal too!

With this style, you get to keep your goatee but add shape to your jaw as it extends to the rest of the jaw and fades it out towards the ears to create a totally unique look!

15. More Goatee Less Beard

Some guys like to keep their goatee on the thicker side but still want a beard on the rest of their faces. This tends to translate into a very thick chin strap beard most of the time, but that's not the only way to go! You can still keep your beard long and thick on the chin and control the length along the rest of the jaw by trimming it!

This way, you can create a classic, natural look without having to try very hard!

16. Short All Over Chinstrap Beard

Facial hair doesn't need to be thick and in your face. You can keep things neat and trimmed by going for a thin chin strap beard like this one!

This style allows you to define your face with the goatee and the beard going all along the jaw while still making things look nice and neat! Tapering off the sideburns by trimming and shaving them with a sharp edge lets you keep most of the face shaved while having a proper mustache and beard!

17. Thick Chin Beard Style

A thin chin strap beard might not be everyone's style, and that's the beauty of beard styles like this because it doesn't have to be!

Beard styles can be customized according to your preference! You can choose to keep things thick towards the chin or have it be thick throughout the face, tapering off into a fade towards the hairline!

18. Pencil Thin Chin Strap Beard

A pencil chin strap beard isn't something that works for every man, but if you're already got a buzzcut going on, you might as well follow the theme on your face too!

This type of beard is excellent for men with slower hair growth because you'll be able to maintain it for longer... But even if that isn't the case, it's easy to keep the beard thin by trimming it regularly to keep things looking sharp!

19. Thick All Over

While most chin strap styles have a goatee in them, too, if a goatee isn't how you roll, it doesn't have to be!

You can totally get rid of all other hair on the face, keep the mustache, customize the style however you want, and keep the main chin strap area thick! This way, you'll have to trim it far less often; you can shape the jaw while keeping things easy to manage!

20. Soul Patch Without a Mustache

Typically, a soul patch has to be attached to a full beard, most people won't think of the style being adopted without a mustache at all, but for some faces, this might as well be the way to go!

This style lets you keep the chin strap while adding a little bit of "extra something" with the soul patch, and although it might seem weird in theory, it actually works out really well! Granted, you do it right!

21. Not for the Faint of Heart Chinstrap Beard

If you're a man that likes to take risks and really wants to turn all the heads you possibly can, you can knock it out of the park with a crazy chin strap beard like this one!

This is one of the few beard styles that are totally out there. Instead of keeping things natural, this one is literal flames! This is usually thin, so the design shows through, but if it's done neat enough by a steady-handed professional, it's going to look like the beard of the century.

22. Thin Mustache, Full Chin Strap

The great thing about chin strap beards is that, along with being stylish, they're up to your liking. You can keep the whole thing light or just the mustache!

This style, in particular, leaves some hair on the neck, while the main jaw area is thick but neatly trimmed with no raggedy edges.

This gives you a scruffy yet put-together look all in one!

23. The Thick, No Fade Chin Strap

While most men will be trying to fade their beard into the fade and that into their hairstyle, that's not the only way to go. You can even keep the edges sharp and shave the beard into a very straight line that goes all along the jawline up to the hairline!

This style will have the cheeks fully shaved and the hair in a fade. The length of the hair and the height of the chin strap is totally up to you! You can keep the sideburns thick or have them be pencil-thin. Choose to keep the mustache or shave it off entirely, but as long as the beard area is thick, it's going to look great!

24. The Precise Chinstrap Beard

While we're on the topic of nicely shaved, stylish sharp beards, we have to mention the precise chinstrap beard too.

This chin strap beard is for the men that really want to bring out their jawline. The beard itself is usually kept pencil-thin and goes along the jawline. There's no hair on the neck; it has to be totally shaved, making the jawline stand out even more!

This beard style usually has a thin, trimmed mustache and an equally trimmed beard and soul patch, although if you don't want to trim it, you can even wear it thick! It's totally up to you!

25. Curved Thin Chin Strap Beard

For men who don't really like shaving to maintain their beards every day, this one might be the perfect style to try out! This is a pretty stylish beard without a lot of maintenance!

The main beard is focused around the chin and lip area. The hair may even be kept thick enough to extend over the lip too! The rest of the beard extends towards the sideburns in a curved shape but stops right at the edge of the jaw. The cheeks can have a bit of stubble or be totally shaved!

It looks fantastic, and you don't necessarily need a professional barber to do it! You can easily create the style at home using a trimmer! It would work even better if you had a professional trimmer at your disposal! It's a great way to highlight the features while keeping a full face of hair too!

26. There-On-Purpose

Many men like to leave a little bit of beard in so their face isn't totally clean-shaven. However, that can look a little messy at times. Swap out the messy by shaping it into a nice, clean chin strap beard! That way, it won't look like it was just forgotten and left there... It's there on purpose.

27. Sharp Angle Chin Strap Beard

While it's perfectly fine to want a softer look to your beard, you incorporate those angles if you're going to incorporate some angles! Having your chinstrap beard shaped at a sharp angle, starting at the top of your sideburns to the base of your jaw, can create a very unique look!

28. Long and Messy Chin Strap Beard

Angles are for some men, while others want to keep things looking soft and casual. If you're in the latter category, shape your chinstrap, and then let it grow long! Once it gets long enough to hang off your face a little, you'll notice that it actually looks pretty great!

29. The All Jaw Chin Strap Beard

Not all beard styles work for everyone, and this might be one of them. For this pencil chin strap beard, you're going to need a skinny face that doesn't have too many sharp angels or features. The "blankness" of the face can be filled in by the pencil-thin strap all around the jawline, giving it and the face some definition!

30. Full Chin Strap Beard

For men that like a fuller beard style, there's nothing that works better than a full chin strap beard. This beard style allows you to look nice and put together without looking like you're not taking care of your overall look!

31. "All About The Chin" Chin Strap Beard

If your face is on the shorter side, you can give it some length by trying out a beard style like this. Here, you can grow out your chin hair a lot longer than the rest of your beard. Letting things balance out as much as possible!

32. The Put-Together-Rugged-Scruff Chin Strap Beard

If you like to look a little put together but not too much, this beard style might be the perfect option! This style works best for men with speedy hair growth because since it's scruffy on purpose, it's super easy to maintain!

33. Chin Strap Beards for Men with a Wider Jawline

Some men with a broader jawline keep their face totally clean-shaven because it can be a bit difficult to figure out exactly how to give shape to the beard without it taking over the entire face!

Well, this beard style works really well for looks like that! You can keep the beard low and thin and even out your jaw too!

34. Natural Fade Chin Strap Beard

If you like getting a hairstyle with a fade, it might be a little much to top it off with a sharp fading beard. Although that beard style does work for a lot of men, it doesn't work for all... a natural fade chin strap beard might be the perfect balance they're looking for!

35. Embrace-The-Grey Chin Strap Beard

While going an all-white beard tends to be easy, it gets a little challenging to grow a beard when you have patches of grey here and there, which makes a lot of men go for the fully clean-shaven look... However, with the proper chinstrap beard like this one, it can be easy to embrace going grey while looking amazing!

36. Very Thin Chin Strap Beard

If you don't like a lot of hair on your face overall but still want a beard, this one might be one of the best beard styles to go for! It's not a pencil chin strap, but it's not super thick either... a perfect, very thin beard that any man can rock!

37. The Simple Chin Strap Beard

If the last one was still a little too much for you, you might want to give this simple chin strap beard a shot! It's definitely still there, so you can see it, but it's not going to distract from your overall face!

38. The Scruffy-On-Purpose Chin Strap Beard

Some people either go for the super put together and angled chin strap beard, or none at all when things don't really need to be that strict with beard styles like this.

You could even go for a scruffy on-purpose beard where you let some beard hair be longer than the others; the lack of uniformity here brings out a totally fresh new look!

39. Business-y Chin Strap Beard

If you're in business attire all the time, it can be a little tricky to match facial hair with it. Most beard styles either don't do enough or too much, but this one, right in the middle, can be the perfect look to rock all year round!

40. Pointy End Chin Strap Beard

If you're able to grow a really thick beard, one of the best ways to show that off is by going for a thick, pointy end chin strap beard!

This pointed end chin strap beard showcases how thick your beard grows and gives your face a defined shape!

41. Rounded Chin Strap Beard

If you've got a slightly chubbier or rounder face, an angular beard might be a little too stark, a softer, rounder chin strap beard like this would be a much better option to go for!

42. The Dark Chin Strap Beard

There are two types of beards, one that kinda lets the skin under it peek through, and one that doesn't. This beard is the perfect way to spice things up if you've always gone for the former style. If your beard doesn't grow that thick, you can even go in with a light liner or some eye shadow and fill it in to give the illusion of thickness! This one might be a beard style you have to try out at least once...

43. The Anti-Soul-Patch Chin Strap Beard

If you've always kept a fuller beard but want to spice things up without having to forgo the fullness. This anti soul patch beard is one of the most unique chin strap beard styles you can try out! While this wouldn't work for every man, it'll look pretty great for those that it does work out for!

44. The Easy-Going Chin Strap Beard

If you're a man that likes to keep things simple and easy-going... this might be one of the best chin strap beard styles you can go for! It's soft, doesn't have any sharp edges, and is easy to maintain just by using a trimmer! It doesn't get easier than that!

45. More Sideburn, Less Beard Chin Strap Beard

When you first try out chin strap beard styles, you might think that there are only a few ways to spice it up, but that's not the case. The best part about this beard style is that just playing around with the overall thickness alone gives you lots of different options!

This one, for example, incorporates a fuller sideburn and a thinner beard, creating a look you don't really see that often!

46. Long Yet Short Chin Strap Beard

Having long beard hair doesn't necessarily mean that the beard itself needs to be super long. You can have a beard that starts off higher and lets the hair grow longer while trimming the beard overall at a length with which you're comfortable! This style looks best with a hairstyle that's on the longer side too, so if that's the hairstyle you usually go for, this beard will look really nice with it!

47. No Sideburns, Chin Strap Beard

This one might not be a style that everyone can rock, but if you have the right face and hair for it, it can prove to be pretty cool! Keep the beard on the fuller side, and instead of letting it connect with your sideburns, trim away the middle! It gives your beard a chance to really shine on its own, and when styled right, it is bound to make you stand out too!

48. Modern Chin Strap Beard

If you like to keep things hip and modern, this chin strap beard with the light natural fade and connecting sideburns may be the style you need to try next!

49. Neck And Chin Strap Beard

While many beard styles are focused on making a face be the center and disregard any and all hair on the neck, sometimes, it might not be that bad of an idea to incorporate the neck hair into the beard instead!

50. Wavy Chin Strap Beard

Men with wavy or curly beards tend to think that there's no way to keep a thinner, shorter beard and almost always grow them super long... but this quick and wavy chin strap beard style proves that you can rock a shorter style just as well too!

The Low Down

A chin strap beard really shows you how facial hair can be totally unique to a person's style. These beards can be customized in both shapes and thicknesses to really get the appearance the look you want!

In this post, we've highlighted example after example to give you an idea of the look that would work well for you according to your features and face shape! Facial hair doesn't get any easier than with these! 

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