Top 5 Safety Razors

Gillette was the first to introduce the safety razor. This invention was truly an innovation.

But if there are so many safety razors on the market, how do I know which ones are the best? No worries, we did our research and have broken it down to make it easier for you to choose from the best.

Before getting into greater depths let’s review what we based our decision on.

In a Rush?

Vikings - The Chieftain

  • Crafted with high-end heavy duty Swedish materials.
  • Provides superb quality control.
  • Superior shaving tool without burning your pocket.
  • Advanced shaving head.
  • Quick 5-second blade change
  • Micro-comb system: prevents accidental cuts.
  • Platinum coated super blades


Our judging criteria was based on weight, balance, and handle. Those are the main features we considered mattered most in determining which the best safety razors are.

  • Weight: To be listed on the top a safety razor must meet a precise weight range. It cannot be too light. That causes it easily to be quickly pressed down and that can be a problem. If it’s too heavy, it causes the want to push down too strongly, but unable to bear.  Unaccommodating weight results in nicks and cuts.

  • Balance: In order for a safety razor to be considered one of the best, it must have a great balance. It must be a good weight. This allows better control. It can be determined by judging the light heavy and heavy handles.

  • The length of handle: This is an important feature to pay attention to as well. It is what helps keep a good balance and pressure. This is a more lenient feature to judge because an appropriate length depends on the size of your hand.

Merkur Long Handle

  • Durable
  • Chrome finish
  • Double-edge design
  • Comfortable extra-long handle
  • Non-slip grip
  • Provides a closer, deep shave.

Feather AS-D2

  • Durable
  • Chrome finish
  • Double-edge design
  • Comfortable extra-long handle
  • Non-slip grip
  • Provides a closer, deep shave.

Edwin Jagger Double Edge

  • Closer, comfortable shave
  • Low-cost blade replacement
  • Perfect weight and balance
  • For beginners and experienced DE shavers
  • Lined chrome plated handle
  • Better wet grip
  • DE head fits all standard double edge blades

Merkur Heavy Duty

  • Great quality
  • For newbies and experienced DE shavers
  • Chrome and smooth finish
  • Heavyweight; yet compact
  • Double Edge Safety Razors

    There are several types of safety razors, but the most popular are the double edge (DE) razors.

    These razors have a blade with, of course, double edges. They are placed between the guard and comb plates which are attached to the handle you grip. Double-edge razors are far cheaper than other safety razors.

    They also prove to be gentler to the skin. They provide a less irritating shave. And are considered to be better than disposable or cartridge razors. The quality of other types of razors doesn’t even come close to matching that of safety razors. No amount of blades can compete with a sharp double edge safety razor.

    These safety razors provide a superior quality steel. They have a much sharper edge and holds their sharpness longer. But, obviously, it doesn’t hold true for all double edge razors. Some blades are obviously much better than others. And that is something else we paid attention when compiling the list.

    Things to Consider When Buying

    1. Price. As much as the greatest safety razor may be desired, the price must always be taken into consideration. How much are you willing to spend? Price ranges vary greatly. Luckily, you can get a quality razor starting at fair prices. Yet, differences can be noticed between a five dollar razor and that of a $200 one.

    2. Open Comb or Safety Bar. Open comb safety razors leave the razor blade exposed and have little teeth that resemble a comb, (hence the name) and help to guide hairs onto the blade. Safety bar razors have the blade hidden behind a piece of metal, which reduces the chance of cuts. For beginners, we’d definitely recommend a safety bar razor. More experienced men may enjoy the freedom of the open comb.

    3. The length of handle. This comes down to personal preference. But it should be based on the amount of control you have with the razor. Having control is crucial.

    4. Weight. Is it classic or heavy duty? This is also based on preference. Another thing to consider is whether the weight is adjustable vs. being fixed.

    5. The amount of aggressiveness. Based on how easy it is to cut yourself or difficult. Factors to consider are the angle of the blade, blade gap, and blade exposure.

    6. Changing the blade. The ease of changing the blade and how often.

    7. Other factors to consider. How great it is with sensitive skin. And the amount of deep shave you can get out of it. In addition, whether a beginner or an expert, the type of razor varies.

    Those factors grant a good idea on how to select the best safety razors for your needs. It’s certainly challenging to select among the vast amount of choices.

    The list indicates the most highly reviewed. Yet, keep in mind that they’re all unique in their own way. What doesn’t necessarily work for someone else, might work wonders for you.

    But we did the research work, so you didn’t have to.

    Those are the best safety razors. Determining which the best is, is somewhat a matter of personal preference. Ultimately it comes down to how comfortable it feels in your hand and how much you are willing to spend on it.

    Overall, it’s not going to be easy to find the one. But there are a few highly rated safety razors out there. There can even be more than one razor that can be considered the best a man or even a woman can get. It all comes down to thinking about how many factors you need to account before deciding what the right DE razor for you is.

    Thus, it is wise to invest in the best safety razor blades YOU can afford.

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