These Are The Best Eyebrow Trimmer for Men

Eyebrows are usually neglected by most men when it comes to male grooming (and that’s understandable) but taking it for granted can not be a good choice for everyone, since no man would want his eyebrows sticking out and giving a rough and unkempt appearance. Having the best eyebrow trimmer for men should help do the trick.

Plus, scruffy eyebrows can possibly affect your facial appearance. 

This being the case, eyebrows are one of the facial features which play a central role that can define your overall look. 

However, going over to a salon or spa to get your eyebrows done is not always necessary when you can still get the job done at home just as well.

Why should you use an eyebrow trimmer?

There are plenty of ways/techniques men use for their eyebrows to look nice and tidy, though most of them come with different horrible pain-causing cons — threading, tweezing, plucking, and whatnot.

These tormenting and unsafe ways are usually a big NO for many, the reason for that is understandable as well as obvious — tweezing the eyebrows every now and then is not really fun and neither asked for.

Therefore, investing in the best eyebrow trimmer that helps make your wild brows nice and tidy (minus the pain) is the most viable option to go for.

Regardless of what type of eyebrow trimmer you prefer, an electric model or a manual one - we have reviewed and put together a list of different effective and cost-efficient best eyebrow trimmers for you to pick the one that suits you well. 

Let’s advance to some of the top eyebrow trimmers in today’s market for you to choose from.

The Best Eyebrow Trimmers for Men

Philips Norelco Nose Hair Trimmer 5100 For Ear Nose and Eyebrow

Philips Norelco Nose Hair Trimmer 5100, NT5175/42,...
  • Easily and comfortably trim unwanted nose, ear, eyebrow, neck, sideburns, stubble and beard hair

Philips is renowned for its manufacturing of different durable electronic tools and the Norelco Eyebrow Ear and Nose trimmer is one of them. Just as its name suggests this angled trimmer is best to trim the hair off the tightest places including eyebrows, nose, and ear hair to give a defined look. 

This Philips eyebrow trimmer comes with sharp steel blades so there is no need for you to worry about any nicks or pulling of hair since it will cut them smoothly. Also, the sharp blades are protected so that it gives extra safety throughout the cutting process.

The box consists of different helpful attachments which are a protective cap, two eyebrows, and one beard guide comb, a cleaning brush and a detailer head, and a nice little bag to start with.

Despite it having a lithium AA battery, the users have praised the trimmer for having a motor strong enough to cut through rough hair including wild eyebrows with ease. 

For the eyebrows, you can pick from two different eyebrow guide comb attachments and go for the length and details you wish to have.

Another worth mentioning feature of Philips Norelco trimmer is that it is washable and has thick guarded walls to let no water in so that you can just rinse off the hair stuck in your trimmer for easy cleaning. 


  • Safe and pulling of hair
  • Angled design to reach every corner
  • Has different attachments for precise trimming
  • Lasting battery life
  • Strong grip
  • Water-resistant


  • Can be tricky to use for beginners
  • No indicating light

Wahl Lithium Pen Detail Ear Nose and Eyebrow Trimmer

Wahl Lithium Pen Detail Trimmer with...
  • Buy today - WAHL is the #1 brand in personal trimmers. Our micro detailer features superior blades,...

Wahl is a premier brand known by many for its durable and useful trimmers since it has provided ease of trimming to the buyers, and also is cost-friendly. 

Likewise,  this model from Wahl is known to work on troublesome grooming areas along with great details and safety. It comes with a multipurpose attachment head that includes the grooming of hair of different tight areas like nose, ears, neckline, toes, and also eyebrows. 

This Wahl trimmer features a rechargeable AAA lithium battery which provides great performance, power, and run time.

Since the battery is not ideal for long hours but considering its usage this AAA battery would give off a great life for personal use — you won’t have to charge it again and again, Wahl has been making some creditable batteries for their trimmers.

Thanks to its rugged anodized aluminum housing, this Wahl trimmer is great and easy to bring along with you on trips. That said, this trimmer is highly useful to keep your dashing look a few notches up even if you are on a vacation.


  • Easy to use
  • Detail trimmer
  • Comes with different useful accessories
  • Decent run-time
  • Portable body design


  • Doesn't come with a storage pouch
  • Can be fragile

Remington NE3250B Nose Ear and Brow Trimmer

Remington NE3250B WETech 100% Waterproof Nose,...
  • Wash out system flushes hair out of blades from the inside out

Just as the name suggests, the Remington trimmer is ideal for proper trimming of the nostrils, eyebrows, and ear hair; it especially comes with three different attachments for each as well.

The dual-sided blades provide you peak performance, and with their skin-friendly blades, you won’t have to worry about any nicks or cuts.

Moreover, it includes an eyebrow comb to help evenly trim your eyebrows.

If fully charged, its AA battery lasts quite a good time so that you would not come across any inconvenience like other dying batteries during the process - it surely gets the job done beforehand.  

Thanks to its washable handiness, the trimmer can not possibly have hair sticking into its blade — simply press the button on the trimmer to open the blade - wash them under running water, and easily clean it inside out. They call this washout system “CLEANboost Technology” — it surely lives up to its name.

FlePow Ears Nose and Eyebrow Trimmer

FlePow is another brand that values its customers by manufacturing trimmers that add up to the list of some of the exceptional trimmers in the market at large. Flepow hair trimmer has a stainless steel body which makes it durable for the long run. 

The trimmer has a 360 rotary head — its pivoting head is perfect to trim the hair from the nose without causing any pain like other trimmers, in addition, the steel blades are powerful enough to cut hair in a single attempt - without going for another try, so you can evenly groom your eyebrows without wasting much of your time.

Moreover, If you are fed up with the sound that other trimmer makes during the process, FlePow trimmer can be your best bet since it is a quiet trimmer and produces as minimum as 50dB of sound. 

Another mentioning best thing about the trimmer is its overall long-life battery — as the brand states, the trimmer’s battery would last for six months if your usage is limited to five minutes per day.

Also, the trimmer head is washable making it convenient for cleaning and maintenance.


  • Gives a close cut to facial hair
  • Durable battery
  • 360 pivoting head
  • Strong blades
  • Super easy to clean


  • Gets hot after prolonged use
  • Bulky for some users

Philips Norelco Ear Nose and Eyebrow trimmer 3100

Philips Norelco Nosetrimmer 3100 for Ear, Nose and...
  • ProtecTube technology preventing pulls, nicks, and cuts

Philips Norelco series have always been preferred and used by men who are pretty serious about grooming, not only because of being cost-effective but also because of their usefulness and user-friendly experience. 

This Philips Norelco 3100 series eyebrow trimmer has an angled head which helps in trimming places difficult to get to. Besides, it comes together with a 3 mm comb attachment and has a perfect textured grip- which helps you achieve perfect eyebrow length giving them a natural look at home. 

The trimmer features an advanced ProtecTube technology that helps painlessly cut undesirable hair in a circular motion.

Many of the premium trimmers fail to trim hair without pulling and twisting causing razor bumps, however, this one makes sure this does not happen — thanks to the trimmer’s foil guard.

Moreover, for the ease of cleaning, this trimmer is also water-resistant like others mentioned in the list - just rinse and wipe off the stuck hair from the blades. 


  • Portable and stylish
  • Angled head for a close shave
  • Textured grip
  • Foil guard to prevent pulling of hair


  • Not beginner-friendly

Remington Ear Nose and Eyebrow Trimmer Dual Blade Precision

Remington MPT3600 Dual Blade Precision Trimmer,...
  • Dual sided blades makes precise trimming easy and effective

Besides Philips, Remington is another brand known to have made high-end trimmers for both men and women - they’ve covered the vast market of both genders with this model of trimmer as well. 

For the sake of best results, this trimmer features two-position heads and an eyebrow trimming comb — which is a great helper since it helps cut even the tiniest of the stray hair unlike most of the eyebrow trimmers out there in the market.

Its design is another feature worth mentioning — the pen shape and the rotating head is best for precise trim, you can not ignore the ease it provides on trimming hair from hard-to-reach places like the nose, ears, toes, etc.

Since the trimmer is great for detailing, you can reach every nook and cranny of your eyebrows and achieve the best after results. 

The battery of the trimmer isn’t really great but neither bad at all, though you can not use this trimmer for long periods it gets the job done just as you would need it to. 


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to maintain
  • Slick design


  • Noisy

Panasonic Eyebrow ER-GN30-K Nose and Ear Trimmer

Panasonic ER-GN30-K Nose Ear Hair Trimmer
  • Innovative dual edge blades: Panasonic nose hair trimmer for men comfortably removes nose, ear and...

If you think that Philips, Remington, or Wahl are the only brands making exceptional trimmers for their buyers - you might be wrong my friend.

Panasonic is a classic brand and has also made some premium trimmers — this eyebrow trimmer is one of them.

Thanks to its dual-edge steel blade, the hairs that enter the trimmer are not only cut from the sides, but also from the top — perfect for cutting stray hair and detailing.

On top of that, this trimmer has curved Hypo-allergenic stainless-steel blades which leave a proper amount of your eyebrows after every trim for natural filtering. 

Unlike most of the trimmers, this one is 100 percent waterproof - be it a dry or a wet trim, this will always have you covered. Besides, it becomes a lot easier to clean and maintain a trimmer when it is completely waterproof. 

The cleaning features do not end here, this Panasonic trimmer has the Vortex cleaning system which won’t bother you removing blades - it rinses out hairs for you.

However, all these unique features come for a price, so this trimmer might be a little costlier than the others mentioned.


  • Dual-edge blade for a close trim
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to clean


  • Pricey
  • No blade replacement

ConairMAN Cordless 2-Blade Eyebrow Nose And Ear Trimmer

ConairMAN Cordless 2-Blade Men's Personal Trimmer
  • Men's Personal Trimmer: Trim your beard, mustache, nose hair, ear hair and eyebrows, then head below...

This trimmer from conairMAN comes with two different options — single and a dual-bladed model. But the serviceability and after results the dual blades can pull off are just too good.

This dual steel blades trimmer features two powerful blades on both sides, a small and a large one which smoothly skims on the skin and the small one gives the hairs a fine detailing. You can precisely trim your eyebrows and the credit goes to its adjustable eyebrow comb attachments.

This trimmer has a nice grip on it, no matter if you have clumsy hands — you will not lose the grip of this trimmer.

Plus, this one is also a battery-operated cordless trimmer, the AAA battery lasts a considerable time and overall gives you good battery life with a 2-year warranty. 

Moreover, if you are a guy who is involved with traveling stuff a lot, this trimmer should benefit you in that case since it comes in a lightweight compact design and is highly portable.

An additional concern is its price, this trimmer does not fall into the category of budget-friendly trimmers, if you don’t want to invest in a pricey eyebrow trimmer like this one — choose other low-priced alternatives.

What to keep in mind before buying the best eyebrow trimmer for men?

The different trimmers we have mentioned in the list are no doubt some of the best on market these days and can be used by everyone just as well.

But there are some factors to be considered before actually investing in one. If you didn't know before, no worries, we have you covered.

Know your hair type

Understanding your hair type in advance is a must before you buy a trimmer - how thick or thin your hair is will decide how well the eyebrow trimmer works for you.

If you have fine hair a normal eyebrow trimmer would work just fine, but if you think your hair might be on the thicker side, you should invest accordingly.

A durable trimmer with strong blades should be the best choice. 

Considering the functionality

Different trimmers work differently — to know which one could work for you best considering your lifestyle is a good idea.

Generally, there are three types of trimmers to consider, Manual, Corded, Battery-operated.


Manual trimmers are simply operated by hand-power and not battery-powered, manual trimmers work just as fine on hairs.

It is an eco-friendly option for guys who don’t want to add up any e-waste to the globe.


These trimmers will directly be connected to an electrical outlet because of them being corded. Corded trimmers are known to work great on longer and thicker hair.

These trimmers are not least recommended for eyebrows because of their less portability and bulky nature. 


Battery-powered trimmers are the most used trimmers nowadays because them being travel friendly and cord-free.

However, selecting a trimmer that is durable and has sufficient battery should be prioritized.

Blades and attachments

If you want to have a cost-efficient trimmer — choose the one with blade replacement and comb attachments for nostrils, eyebrows, ear hair, etc.

Trimmers like this are cost-friendly because of their prolonged use since you can simply replace the blade after a long-term use rather than buying another trimmer. 

Waterproof or not?

Most men don’t really think of this as something significant — waterproof or not this does not bother them as long as the trimmer does its job.

But those who have actually experienced the fuss when trimming wet would absolutely vouch for waterproof trimmers. 

Also, it gets a lot safer and easier to clean and maintain a trimmer when it is waterproof — you can wash it thoroughly to get the stuck hair out which is really hard to get out with a brush or toothpick.  

Easy to take along

Cordless/Battery-powered are the best choices to make if you need a portable trimmer that can take along with ease.

Corded trimmers tend to be annoying when on a trip because of the cords and the inability to run without electricity — you need to look for electrical outlets wherever you go.

How to trim your eyebrows with an eyebrow trimmer?

And the most important part of this is to know how to trim your eyebrows, everything starts from here.

So if you have bought an eyebrow trimmer and want to try it yourself — it can be a good idea if you have tried an eyebrow trimmer before and did a really good job but if it's your first time, you should definitely know some basic techniques before you take the trimmer on your hands.

Here is some basic guidance to get you started.

Prepare it good

The first thing to do is to make your hair ready for trimming — you can take a shower or simply wash your face/skin with nice and warm water, this will get your skin pores to open and will soften the hair follicles. This can help get rid of stray hair.

After that, lubricating your eyebrows with moisturizer or coconut oil can be helpful if you have thick eyebrows. It will make the hair on your skin soft and easier to trim.

Draw the line

Now that you are ready to give your eyebrows a good shape, grab an eyebrow pencil or a simple pencil which will rinse off with water afterward.

Precisely give your eyebrows the shape that you are aiming for — this will help you get the eyebrow shape without making mistakes.

Start trimming

Grab the tool in one hand and hold the skin around the eyebrows with your other hand.

Carefully start trimming your eyebrows along with the lines you have drawn, trim the inner side of your eyebrows, and then carefully to the edges.

Make sure to go along with the hair growth for better trimming. 

When you are done, look carefully into the mirror to see if any of the stray hairs are left to cut.


This list compiled some of the unique eyebrow trimmers out there in the market and also what to consider when choosing between them.

Now that you know how to look your best always with the best eyebrow trimmer that is a perfect fit for you, give your brows, nose, and ear hair proper care and shape and take it to the next level!

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