There are far too many products out there when it comes to hair, so you may hear about a product that you never thought existed every now and then! That's exactly what happens when most people hear the word "durag" for the first time.

If you've been wondering what durags are, and if you should try one out, you're in the right place! In this post, we will be going over everything you could need to know!

What is a Durag?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, we do have to go over what it is. Durag, or "du-rag," is a cloth piece used as a head wrap. These come in various shapes and sizes, but the general idea remains the same, to tie it on to the hair and keep everything underneath nice and protected at all times!

Why would you need a Durag?

The main reason people get a durag is to protect their hair and scalp. There is lots of dirt and debris out in the open all the time that we come into contact with every single day.

This can easily cause damage to the hair and ruin the overall hair texture of a person.

That means that you may have to wash your hair a lot more often than you would usually, and that could strip a lot of the natural moisture in your hair that it needs!

When you have a durag on, you add a layer of protection between your hair. And anything that might try to get into your hair!

It can easily compress the hair and keep it safe throughout the day and night, so whenever you take it off, your hair is exactly how it was when you put it on!

It doesn't matter if that's your natural hair or something more elaborate like 720 waves!

What are the materials Durags come in?

While most durags look similar to one another, there are actually many different types available in the physical markets and online! Each one is designed to do its own specific thing!

Cotton Durags

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If you need one that you can wear immediately after a hair washes, a cotton material is going to be the best.

These are sometimes also called "T-shirt durag" because they are made of almost the same material as a T-shirt.

Cotton is an excellent material for drying hair, and it does so while keeping enough moisture in the hair that it doesn't become overly dry!

If you're looking for a good quality 100% cotton fabric, this product will help protect your 360 locks, while also looking great!

They have a bandana print to look still like you're wearing a regular bandana while reaping all the benefits of wearing a durag!

Mesh Durags

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If your scalp tends to get sweaty, but you like the look and feel of having a durag on, a tighter fabric might not work very well for you.

Too much sweat build-up on your scalp may irritate, so it's better to make the switch to something like a mesh material instead!

These are both a fashion statement and great for keeping your hair in place while letting air flow through them!

If you want a pros breathable material, this one is a must-have!

This product works well for 360 waves and for keeping your general hairstyles in order!

The high-quality fabric will not make your head feel suffocated, and the material will still be good enough to keep everything locked in place! Adding a mesh cap with these will make them even easier to wear!

Silk Durags

Durags for Men Silk Durag for Men with Long Tail...
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A silk durag is probably one of the most famous durags for both men and women.

This is usually a silky soft material that is very comfortable to wear even when you are sleeping!

These are great because they remove all of the frizz from the hair and keep it safe from the friction that would otherwise be caused by pillows as you toss and turn during the night!

These are one of the best high-quality wrinkle-free durags you can get!

These are great for coarse hair as silk doesn't cause any friction. This type can easily be worn during the day or night!

Velvet Durags

When it comes to making a fashion statement, a nice, velvet material is probably the best durag you can go for!

Velvet durags aren't really going to do anything magical to your hair itself that others don't already do, but they sure do look really good on! Of course, that does depend on the quality of the fabric too. But if you get the right one, you're bound to stand out in the crowd!

These can offer pretty great double compression if layered with a wave cap and are incredibly comfortable to wear because of the fabric's stretchiness!

When it comes to finding a product that looks good, almost none in the game are better than the snatches flames velvet durag!

This is made out of breathable material. Velvet that doesn't have the line in the middle!

That means you can wear the snatched flames durag and tie it however you want and not worry about your waves getting a dent!

Satin Durags

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Some people want to get silk durags because nothing's better than a silky soft material on your head! But they do tend to get a little expensive.

However, you don't always have to buy silk durags to achieve that luxurious feel.

You can still have it without ever getting one that's made of silk! This is when you get satin material instead! Satin has a similar feel to silk, but only on one side.

So you could quickly flip this one around to have the silky side on facing your hair!

If you want something that will protect your 360 waves and look good at the same time, this wrinkle-free quality fabric works well to protect your entire head.

Since the long straps and cape are particularly large on this one, you can even wear this with very long hair and still face no issues whatsoever! It also comes with a high-quality fabric dome cap too so you can get all the protection you need!

Is there such a thing as a best durag for waves?

Waves look great when you get them done, but make one wrong move, and you will instantly find yourself in an extreme frizz type of a situation.

This means that no matter what you do, if you want to do right by your waves, you have to make sure that you are keeping as much extra moisture out of your hair while also keeping it away from any friction that could make your hair frizzy.

Are Durags and Wave caps the same thing?

A lot of people use the terms durag and wave caps interchangeably. But it is important to note that a durag is not the same thing as a wave cap!

Durags are loose pieces of cloth that you tie into the shape you want, so it's open to your choice.

However, you want to tie it and alter it to the size and shape of your head and hair.

On the other hand, a wave cap typically comes in a one-size-fits-all "cap" shape. It has an elastic band that runs along with the entire head and keeps the hairstyle inside in shape!

These wave caps are one of the best things you can use if you're trying to protect your waves. Whether they are natural waves, 360 waves, 720 waves, royal waves, or any other type of wave you might have going on!

Although durag for 360 waves also works, you will have to make sure you tie it correctly for that one. If you're more versatile in your hairstyles, a durag could work better.

If you're someone that has royal waves one day, 360 waves the next, it may be a better idea to go for a regular durag so you can have more control over the wrapping up!

Can anyone wear a durag?

There is a common misconception that only people that have extremely curly or kinky hair can wear durags.

While durags do benefit kinky or curly hair the most, it doesn't mean that other hair types are excluded from trying these out!

Everyone can try a durag out, granted they know the type of durag that will work for their hair and head shape and wear it properly!

Are there any benefits to wearing durags?

A durag isn't just there to look pretty; they have several advantages too! Some of them of the main benefits of wearing durags are that they:

Maintain your waves

If you have your hair in 360 waves or any other type of waves, you would know its struggle to keep them looking fresh for a long time.

It usually doesn't happen, and one intense nap and you've just got yourself a frizzy mess! Something like silky durags would be great for maintaining your waves in the best way possible!

Velvet and silk are popular options for people who wear their hair in waves as they keep the hair protected from friction, dirt, and debris!

Protects the hair

When you have your hair tightly wrapped in waves, you will know that they tend to take a toll on your scalp.

It's pretty normal to experience scalp irritation afterward, and combining that with the sun rays that will target your scalp and make it even worse is not a walk in the park either!

Durags are a physical layer between your scalp and the sun rays, which will help protect your scalp in the long run!

Helps in the gym

If you tend to work hard at the gym, your hair probably gets in the way, gets caught in the machines, and gets all sweaty and gunky.

That gunk tends to multiply if you use hair products like waxes or gels, as they attract dirt!

Wearing a durag will not only protect your hair at the gym but will also keep it out of the way and catch any sweat that rolls off your hairline to your forehead!

Improves hair texture

The best durag for waves will work day and night to protect your waves or general hair texture.

What constitutes the "best durag for waves" here will depend on the type of waves you have; 360 waves will need a little less support than something like 720 waves.

But as long as you're using a premium quality, breathable fabric, your hair texture will only improve when it's inside the durag!

Keeps braids fresh for longer

The one that is the best durag for waves will also be the best for braided hair! Braids can be impeccably challenging to take care of.

If your hair is coarse, and the straggly bits poke out of the braid - then a velvet durag or a wave cap that's made out of velvet fabric may be your best bet!

These velvet durags will go on your head and protect you from damage and friction while adding a little layer of "cushion" that you need to keep your braids fresh for as long as possible!

Straightens hair

While durags are often associated with just waves, they can also be used for straight or straightening hair!

Instead of putting your hair through the damage of being permed, wash your hair and apply all the care products, and then lay your hair as flat as possible and put the durag on your head!

This type of durags will make sure that your hair continues to lay as flat as it possibly can while it dries. So it naturally becomes straight!

Keeps your hairstyle intact

If you have just sat through hours of getting your hair done and are dreading going to bed because you know you're about to ruin your hairstyle, a silky durag might be all you need to save the day!

You can easily find the best durag for waves and keep your hairstyle intact for much longer!

It gives your hair a break

If your hair is constantly being put through lots of different treatments to keep it looking good, there will come a time where it will no longer work because you have put it through too much!

Keeping a premium quality durag on your head whenever you don't have to go anywhere can help give your hair the break it deserves!

How you can pick the best durag for yourself!

Just because there are tons of options for durags doesn't mean that you can't pick one for yourself.

When considering durags options, pick the durag that matches your needs the best. This means, if you wear your hair in waves for most of the year, get the best durag for waves!

This would either be wrinkle-free silky durags or a good velvet durag!

If you wear your hair naturally, just focus on the quality of the fabric and the size. Durags that are low quality or too small will not only ruin your hair texture but also won't fit on your head!

Although, a velvet drag will give you a little more leeway as they are stretchy and wrap around your head fairly nicely!

How to wear a durag?

When you first see a durag, you might get confused because it is technically just a piece of cloth! How exactly are you supposed to wear a cloth on your head?

Well, there are lots of different ways you can wear the durag, each style will differ a little bit from another, but as long as you know what you are doing, you'll be able to use the best durags in the best way possible!

Durag for everyday use

Durags for everyday use are the simplest way of wearing one. This is when you match the durag seam directly with the center of your head. Lay it flat, and grab the long tail from underneath your hair.

Cross it over, bring it back to the front, and then take it back again and tie it! The long tail is enough to hold it for however long you may need!

Durag into a bun

If you don't like the look of having the cape of a durag, just hang around at the nape of your neck, you can wrap it into a bun!

Place the durag on your head, take the wide straps around your head and tie them. Then, bring the wide straps back to the front, and pull them back again into a knot.

Once everything is excellent and secure, take the cape and tuck it into the ties. There you have it! A nice, clean durag bun!

Tied on the side

You don't need to keep your durag wide straps tied at the back of your head.

You can even start normally, but instead of taking the straps around your head twice and leaving it on the back, bring it forward one more time and tie the last knot at the front of your head!

This makes the durag a bit of a fashion accessory, but it also is a little more comfortable to sleep in because the knot isn't going to poke into your scalp all night!

This type of tie works with all kinds of durags, but if you're wearing it to sleep, a silk durag is your best bet!

Durag Bandana

If wearing a durag as a fashion accessory is all you want to do, and you don't have a lot of interest in making sure the durag can compress the hair, you can wear a bandana as a durag too!

This works with a silk durag, a velvet one, or a cotton one; any bandana will work. You have to fold it in half to become a triangle and then place the center on your head.

Now, in a regular durag, the straps are long on the sides and can be used to double wrap it around however you want! But with these, you don't have the long straps.

That's why you just take the corners and match them together at the nape of your neck and tie them together!

You may tuck the top triangle into the knot if the tail is long enough to do that so you can get some extra protection too.

Durag with braids

Wearing a durag to keep the wave in your hair intact is one of the best ways to keep the style intact for longer.

For this, you will need a quality fabric; something like premium velvet or silk will work as a durag for waves and braids!

Make sure your braids are done as neatly as possible. Go through your nighttime routine, and place the durag flat on top of your head.

The long tail will be long enough to tie it around your head and come back, but when you bring it back, make sure the tie isn't tight enough to cause a bump in the hairstyle but still works well to keep the durag in place through the night!

Durag with Ponytail

If you predominantly wear your hair or braids in a ponytail, it can be hard to figure out how to wear a durag even if you have the best durags on hand!

Durag with a ponytail is worn similarly to a bandana durag is worn.

You take the long straps, tie them around your head, underneath the ponytail, and either double knot it by wrapping it all the way around again, or bring them back to the front and tie it there!

Either way, the durag will hold the ponytail in place very well until you're ready to take it out! It's recommended to use a breathable fabric for this as ponytails tend to get heavy, so the stretch helps keep it in place throughout the day!

Do's and Don'ts of Wearing a Durag

Do Wear it inside out

One of the things that often leads to people discontinuing wearing a durag is that they notice that it's beginning to leave a line across the center of their head.

This is because durags often have a triple stitching seam going all the way down the middle. And it is that very triple stitching seam that leaves a slight indent in someone's hairstyle if they just leave that on their hair, wrapped uptight!

What you should do instead is flip the durag inside out, and then wear it! That way, the stitching will be on top and won't even touch your actual hair, which eliminates the crease problem!

Don't wear a headband on it

Too many people that wear durags tend to throw a headband on top of it.

This is usually when they're using the durag as a fashion accessory, which you should not be doing!

Not only will a headband on top of a durag look ridiculous, but it will leave a weird, headband-shaped dent in your hair too! Something that no one wants from their head.

Don't tie it too tight.

Just because a durag has to sit on top of your head, keeping all of the hair inside safe and sound, doesn't mean that you have to tie it as tight as humanly possible.

Some people take things so far that they tying their durag so tight that they start losing adequate blood flow in the area!

That is the exact opposite of what you want to do by wearing a durag in the first place! Instead, tie it snug, not tight, so if you wanted to, you could run your fingers under the durag without having to struggle!

Do keep it clean

Just like your clothes need to be cleaned periodically, durags do too.

You must look at the care instructions that the durag you have came with and make sure you're washing and cleaning it as often as the tag requires you to do! The cleaner it is, the longer it will last!

Wrapping it up!

You're all set to get wrapping up! In our comprehensive durags guide, we have just gone over all of the basic things you need to know to get your first durag! Now, you can pick the material and the style that works best for you and rock it!

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