The Best Tongue Scrapers To Keep Your Breath Fresh

If we think about it, brushing your teeth twice a day is good for your oral health since that helps stave off bacteria and keeps your mouth clean, right? Yes, that is well justified, but we should not mistake it to be ‘enough’ because the question that arises here is ‘do we do just as good for our tongues?’

When it comes to having the overall best hygiene, even the strongest muscle in our body (tongue) needs good heed to make even. 

Considering the medical advice, it is also best to adjoin tongue scrapers in your oral hygiene. After brushing and flossing, you should also use a tongue scraper routinely as it helps to keep your mouth fresh for longer and remove the debris from the surface of your tongue, which a toothbrush’s scraper can't do well. 

Sure, we get to have tongue scrapers on the back of most of our toothbrushes, but they can’t chime as well as an original tongue scraper would because of their smaller size and tiny-hard bristles. 

Best Tongue Scrapers To Buy

Because a tongue scraper could be a useful tool to add to your lavatory, let’s now proceed to the main part and review some of the finest tongue scrapers in the market for you to get one.

Dr. Tung’s Tongue Cleaner

DrTung’s Tongue Cleaner, Stainless Steel Tongue...
  • YOUR BREATH’S FRIEND Colors may vary, Over 1 million sold. DrTung’s tongue cleaner mouth scraper...

One of the highest reviewed tongue cleaners on Amazon with over 1 million sales and chosen by almost every dental hygienist; these factors are absolutely not just for the show. 

This simple-made stainless steel tool is the best tongue scraper made specifically for your oral care.

You should treat your tongue with this tool because not only does this tongue cleaner help clear out white-coated layers off of your tongue, but it also eliminates bad breath-causing bacteria and improves your taste buds overall. Dr. Tung’s tongue cleaner has comfortable rubber handles that give you a strong grip over the tool to have adequate control over the scraper more precisely and comfortably. 

The curved cleaning edges and its fully controllable grips ensure you have your tongue thoroughly cleaned without having to worry about the gag reflex. Just don’t go too deep!

This tongue cleaner's quality grade stainless steel makes certain that it lasts longer and works more efficiently than other plastic tongue scrapers. Stainless steel withstands, in the long run, more than any other cheap plastic substitute. 

You also get a cute bamboo fabric travel pouch to make it portable for you. 

MasterMedi Tongue Cleaner

4 Pack Tongue Scraper, Bad Breath Treatment for...
  • GET RID OF GUNK & BAD BREATH: Whether you are trying to clear out the white, coated layer on your...

Master Medi is a two-kit tongue scraper and is easily portable. For your convenience, you can have one at your home and another at work.

The non-synthetic handles on this tongue scraper are smooth plus easy to twist; you need to grab the handles to bend the scraper in a U shape and have your way through. 

Thanks to its bigger size, you can scrape your tongue in one go. Also, with the anti-gagging ridge on the scraper, the chances of gag reflex go way down when you are at the back of your tongue.

The stainless steel on this scraper ensures you have a better taste of food overall. The material grade quality of the scraper sets the seal so that it doesn’t get rust or mold, making it highly durable and easy to clean. Just after tongue scraping, toss it over to the dishwasher and hand wash it gently. You can use tissues for it to dry out afterward.

Plus, this stainless steel scraper doesn’t break while being cleansed, unlike other weak alternatives. 

Whether you have a bad breath or not, this tool always gets you a step further. Using this tongue scraper, you can get the most of your food without having to worry about getting a plague or developing bad breath eventually.

Having said that, you can enjoy every last bite of your food with no worries. Just scrape routinely with this scraper!

DenTek Tongue Cleaner

DenTek Tongue Cleaner
  • Comfort Strip fits the shape of your tongue

DenTek Tongue Cleaner has similar looks to that of a toothbrush; it has the ‘one handle grip design,’ so you need to hold it like a toothbrush, but in different angles. 

When it comes to white-layer-coated tongue and the enlarged bumps on it, that doesn’t only look bad on the outside but also lessens your sense of taste, so you can improve your overall oral hygiene and enjoy your food to its fullest.

DenTek tongue scraper has three scraping edges that fit on any tongue shape and confirms that your tongue doesn’t have any bacteria dwelling on it. However, it comes in a smaller size than a metal tongue scraper, so it would take more time to clean up every corner of your tongue, but the results are undoubtedly long-lasting.

It also comes with a mint flavor (not uncomfortably strong), so you can enjoy the scraping process, plus the flavor remains long-lasting on your tongue, making you feel fresher!

Keeko Copper Tongue Cleaner

If you are in the market for a premium scraper that has it all but also a little touch of fashion? Keeko tongue cleaner has got you covered, and it has all the benefits you look for in a tongue scraper with 100% pure copper-made design, making it look more appealing to us than other regular colors and design scrapers.

Not only that, its copper has pure antibacterial elements, giving you a fresh breath all day long; it removes the bacterias which make your tongue look hairy! We know it’s something we all don’t want our tongues to be looking like.

This also fights volatile sulfur compounds of certain foods that cause bad breath. Like other cleaners we’ve talked about, you need to wash this one with warm soapy water before using it just to make sure it's evenly sterilized. 

Apply firm pressure on the handles and scrape your tongue thoroughly, and it makes sure you get those random crannies, debris off of your tongue. Rinse with water and repeat the process if you feel necessary, else you are good to go.

It is recommended by the makers to change the scraper after continuous use for about 4 months.

Orabrush Tongue Scraper

Orabrush Tongue Scraper, Tongue Cleaner Helps...
  • Dual-action tongue cleaner featuring ultra-soft, micro-pointed bristles promote good breath.

When choosing between oral care plastic alternatives, DenTek products usually prove to be exceptional medically reviewed products in the market. This DenTek Orabrush is also best for removing bad breath-causing bacteria, which gives your tongue a long-lasting fresh sensation.

Like a toothbrush, this scraper is something you call a scraper plus a tongue brush your tongue because it features a dual-action cleaning design.  The micro-pointing bristles on its head (these bristles are super soft to the tongue) help remove bacterias off of the back-of-your-tongue, plus the built-in scraper helps remove bacteria from the surface of your tongue. 

Oralbrush is designed to adjust to every uneven nook of the tongue you brush, giving you the cleansing you always needed.

Before using, make sure you have your tongue moistened, reach the scraper to the back of your tongue, and start brushing to clean the leftover debris and also remove stinky bacterias altogether.

You might find this a little costly for a plastic scraper, but you will find it more durable than other plastic alternatives because of its better quality.

Kosha Ayurveda Tongue Scraper

Kosha Ayurveda Copper Tongue Scraper Cleaner |...
  • WIDER CLEANING EDGES: Kosha Ayurveda’s Copper tongue scraper has a wide scraping edge, which...

Kosha Ayurveda tongue scraper is also made with pure copper. As you know by now, copper helps fight bacterias because of its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, which benefits copper scrapers more in the game.

Ayurveda tongue scraper has broad edges which allow you to have your entire tongue cleaned in a few strokes. No side is left untouched with this design!

With its comfortable grip, you can easily twist the scraper into the shape where it fits in your mouth comfortably. This scraper has flexible holding edges to get fitted in every teenage or adult’s mouth.

Getting cuts from a metal scraper on lips or gums can be common if not selecting a good quality metal scraper. But like other metal scrapers reviewed in this article, the Ayurveda tongue scraper also comes with blunt, thick edges to drag smoothly over your tongue’s surface with no fear of a cut. 

If you don’t find this product meeting your expectations, you can return it without any hassle or replace it with another one with no questions asked! 

What is A Tongue Scraper

As we talked about it just now, the bristles you see on the backside of your toothbrush are supposed to work like a tongue scraper, but when your luck doesn’t work with an in-built toothbrush scraper, and is disgusted with the bad breath causing bacteria sitting on your tongue’s surface. 

You should try a tongue scraper as it covers a larger area of your tongue with its larger size and thinner bristles and is more effective in terms of eliminating bad breath-causing bacteria.

A tongue scraper looks like a toothbrush (mostly plastic ones) or U-shaped tool you usually see as a mainstay in a toothbrush holder, and it helps you get your tongue 'cleaner.'

I know you might already be familiar with what it looks like, so we will just let’s hop onto its benefits section.

Tongue Scraper Benefits

Get rid of bacteria:

Using a tongue scraper twice a day after tooth brushing helps you remove bacteria from your tongue, contributing to bad breath and dental decay.

Better taste buds:

Dentists have claimed: using a tongue scraper twice daily improves your sense of taste by making your tongue cleaner. It will be better to pick out tastes between sweet, bitter, and salty sensations.

No bad breath

Researches have shown, tongue scraping twice daily helps you reduce bad breath better than a toothbrush can. Make sure to add a tongue scraper to your buy-list if you are concerned about bad breath.

Overall Better Health:

Tongue scraping removes the bacteria, leading to cavities, gum disease, and other similar conditions. Not only it benefits your oral health, but it also improves your overall immune system and makes you healthier.

How To Use A Tongue Scraper

Now that we know what a tongue scraper is and the perks of using one. Let’s move forward to know how to use one.

By the shape of it, a tongue scraper is not much different from a toothbrush. You hold it the same way and use it (almost) the same way; the only potential difference is that it is made to be used on your tongue.

The best way to clean your tongue to get rid of bacteria and bad breath is by tongue scraping while following this simple strategy:

  1. You might want to stand in front of a mirror to see what’s happening. After this, stick your tongue out as far out of the mouth as you feel comfortable, and place the scraper at a reachable point where you don’t feel like gagging.

  2. Slowly drag the tongue scraper towards the tip of your tongue; keep firm pressure on the scraper as you scrape; it should not hurt.

  3. Keep scraping until you have scraped the whole surface of your tongue. Usually, two scrapes on the same area should be enough.

  4. After you are done scraping the surface of your tongue, spit out the saliva and debris that has gathered up after scraping.

  5. Wash your tongue scraper under running water; you can also use a washcloth or a tissue to clean it further. After that, please place it in a clean place to let it dry out.

Is There Any Risk While Scraping?

Tongue scrapers are meant to be used with firm pressure; if someone applies a greater force on their tongue with thin and uneven edges of the scraper, it may accidentally injure the tongue and can even make it bleed. That said, we should take caution while using a metal tongue scraper.

We should not put it inside our mouth where it could trigger the gag reflex. Using the tongue scraper at a point where you can comfortably scrape is the best manner. However, if you are using it for the first time, you should always start scraping from the middle of the tongue and eventually reach the back of the tongue. 

If we consider its benefits, tongue scrapers are encouraged by dentists to be used by many for better oral health. Some might benefit from it better, and some might not. Regarding it may worsen it, if someone starts seeing symptoms and abnormal tongue appearance after scraping, he should see a dentist to help determine the problem better.

Choosing The Right Tongue Scraper For You.

Before we continue to the part where we discuss some best tongue scrapers to improve your oral health, we need to distinguish between its different types to understand what could be the best model for you in the market.

If you have a look at the online stores or when you just go regular shopping, you can see different tongue scrapers made with different shapes and materials; there is a variety for different people with different mouths. Let's examine some scraper types and the differences between them.

Plastic Tongue Scrapers

To begin with, we have the Plastic Scrapers.

The shape of most plastic scrapers looks identical to that of a toothbrush; they usually come with a long handle similar to a normal brush; hence they are comfortable to hold. 

A plastic scraper doesn't always have the big round bristles in size to clean the surface of a tongue in a forward motion, so you would need to do more strokes and keep changing the direction to cover the whole area.

Plastic scrapers need to be replaced after 4-5 months of use as a normal brush, but if you are in for a cheap model, a plastic scraper should be your choice since they are more valued than others.

Metal Tongue Scrapers

If you are an ‘eco-friendly plus say not to plastic’ person, a stainless steel tongue scraper or a copper one should be your best option. A metal scraper is where you position the scraper by holding its two handles and bending it in a more U-shaped design than it already is.

With a stainless steel or copper scraper, a single stroke should be enough to cover up the surface of the tongue; like a plastic scraper, you won’t need to keep changing its direction. Just place it to the back of your tongue and pull gently. Therefore, it saves you more time.

However, a stainless steel or copper scraper would clearly cost more than a plastic scraper, but in terms of efficiency and effectiveness, a metal scraper does stand out in the competition since its material has a long life and has better cleaning results than a plastic tongue cleaning tools.

Therefore, It would be best to invest in a metal or stainless steel scraper if you don’t want to bother shopping for tongue cleaners every 4-5 months.

Other Ways To Clean Your Tongue

If sometimes you find yourself in a place with no scraper around for cleaning your tongue, there can be some other ways you can clean your tongue, though it won’t be as effective. It will get the job done in the short run.

  • You can brush your tongue with your normal toothbrush, just like you normally brush your teeth, but make sure not to do any fast brushing as you don’t want to hurt your tongue.
  • A mouthwash can also be used to clean your tongue if you do not want to use a scraper to do the job physically. Mouth rinse with mouthwash for quick cleaning of your tongue. There are tons of mouthwashes in the market with different flavors. You can get yourself one.

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