The Best Safety Razors You Should Buy

Razor blades are pretty costly—that clarifies why they're regularly kept in a bolted showcase at your nearby drug store. Shave clubs offer an alternate, and in some cases, more affordable approach to stock up. Dollar Shave Club propelled its products forward in the year 2012, and from that point forward other membership programs for men and ladies have taken after. Let's take a look at some of the best safety razors you should buy.

Parker 99R

Parker 99R - Long Handle Heavyweight Butterfly...
  • ELIMINATE RAZOR BURN and INGROWN HAIRS – Parker Safety Razors are designed to eliminate shaving...


  • Chrome plating makes the razor look more luxurious
  • Twist open design is easy for switching out blades


  • This razor requires tweaking to get settings right 
  • Shave can be a bit aggressive

Feather AS-D2 

Feather Stainless Steel Double Edge Razor AS D2
  • Double Edge Razor; Eco Friendly Economical Razor Created For A Luxurious And Modern Experience Of A...


  • Amazing packaging
  • Handle has amazing grip
  • The quality and finish of the razor is worth the investment


  • The shave can be a little less aggressive

The Feather AS-D2 is a demonstration of the grand craftsmanship of the Japanese. Its outline is dazzling and splendid, and quite bit pointless excess relying upon who you ask. As though the super tough 316 surgical stainless steel wasn't sufficient, they likewise chrome covered this awful kid and gave it a matte wrap up.

Merkur Progress 510


  • Great Balance and Long handle makes it easy to shave
  • Lots of adjustability for shave depth 


  • Adjustment knob isn't the prettiest
  • Lighter in weight - some people prefer heavier feel in their hands

This is unquestionably the best movable security razor and is highlighted by the 5 settings that you control from the handle. It is in no way, shape or forms a simple DE razor for new users, so stay away from this one unless you have at any rate some related knowledge of blades with wet shaving.

Do two-fold Blade safety razors give a better shaving over present-day cartridge razors?

  1. Closeness of shave – They’re both going to remove the hairs all over your face, however, you’ll get an all the more “spotless” trimmed with a security razor which implies that it’s a smooth shave with no genuine pulling and less possibility of ingrown hairs. Those additional cutting blades are doing a great deal of harm to your skin since they’re quite recently dragging without end at exposed skin. 
  2. Danger of scratches/nicks – Again, in case you’re appropriately utilizing a wellbeing razor, you won’t be getting any scratches. Regardless of how great you moved toward becoming at utilizing a cartridge razor, you’ll generally have the danger of ingrown hairs and razor consume. 
  3. Speed of shaving – The measure of the time it takes to shave truly shouldn’t rely on upon your razor. What takes the longest is the planning time pre-shave, washed shaving cream. In fact, time contrast between shavings with a cartridge razor versus security razor is truly just seconds.

Our Own Observation

The cutting blades on a good safety razor are keener than the ones on a cartridge head so you will encounter a cleaner cut and there will be no pulling gave you have mellowed your whiskers first. Do this by washing or having a shower before shaving.

You should not get an excessive number of scratches with a safety razor since you don’t have to press the sharp blades onto your face to get a better than average shave.

At last, you might need to consider the distinction in cost between DE sharp blades and cartridge heads. Both should to last one to two weeks however the distinction in cost is critical that it will influence you into purchasing the best safety razor now.

Why aren’t twofold blade safety razors more mainstream?

I personally believe that the learning curve is a bit more difficult than that of a typical multi-blade razor. However, the single, more precise blade offers a much closer shave and a lot less irritation.

Disposal of the razors leaves something to be imagined. No one ever wants to pack down their trash and accidentally run their hand over a razor blade. However, if you use some common sense, I think a safety blade is probably one of the best razors you should have in your toolkit.

Check out some of our options if you have sensitive skin!

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