Maybe you're looking to save money or maybe you just don't want cluttered bathroom. Whatever the case, it's perfectly reasonable to want clippers that will also trim your beard. I'll show you a few clippers that I use for trimming my beard and that can also be used to cut your hair to a reasonable standard.

Growing out a beard and then grooming it well-groomed is a skill men learn to master. Yet, keeping the beard trimmed at a desirable length with a hair clipper is not everyone's cup of tea.

Unlike shaving, trimming requires somehow more attention as it's not something where you go all clean. Therefore, people with hair clippers don’t bother; they just prefer barbers for this process to go properly.

What if I tell you you can trim your beard without having to go to your barber using clippers and style it at home? Yeah!

Although it can be done just as right and might save you a trip to your barber, you would still need to know a few techniques to get going. 

Our Top Pick - Wahl Color Pro Cordless

Wahl Color Pro Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clipper...
  • Cordless Convenience – Color Pro Cordless is rechargeable and wireless. Cord/Cordless allows you...

These aren't the most fancy hair clippers in the market, but they are some of the best value for money that you can buy. They are cordless which is a plus when shaving your beard.

No one likes a cord in their face all day.

They also have a simple color coded guide that will be easy to understand for even the most novice users. The motor is strong and durable. I've had these clippers for well over 5 years. With some basic maintenance and routine oiling, they will last for years to come.

Who Should Purchase This?

People looking for a great value for money and not necessarily concerned with having a high performance hair clipper


  • Great value for money
  • Cordless
  • Lots of attachments


  • Attachments are cheaper plastic
  • Carrying case is not hard plastic

Things We Looked For

I want clippers that can handle the job of cutting my beard so they have to fit into a few buckets in order to work


A lot of hair clippers are really big and cumbersome, so they might not be the best for cutting the beard hair under your lip. I've struggled with some electric shavers that are too big to comfortable fit under my lip


Some men like their beard hair low and some men like their beard hair long. Whatever the case, it's important to have enough attachments to fit your specific needs.


Hair clippers to trim your beard have to be able to cut hair reasonably well as they will serve a dual purpose. 

Best Clippers For Beard Trimming

Getting a beard nicely cut can not be possible if you don’t have the clipper required for it. Let’s advance and review some clippers with which you can trim your beard with ease, we have compiled a list of some of the best ones out there, but to hand-pick, the one unique for you will always be your choice to make.

The Bevel Trimmer

Bevel Beard Trimmer for Men - Cordless Trimmer, 6...
  • Premium Limited Edition Design: The Bevel Beard Trimmer for Men features a sleek black cordless...

The bevel trimmer not only has the shape that stands out in the competition, but what this trimmer provides can also be quirky. One might get discouraged by the price they are offering, but you bet it can totally be worth it considering the hurdles it saves you from where other trimmers fail to do so.

Getting an uneven cut or skin irritations with a bevel trimmer is out of the question since you can adjust the blade sharpness just by adjusting The Bevel dial (no screwdrivers needed).

Plus you have full control over the trimmer in your hand with its 360-degree non-slippery design, hold it however you want to and leave the rest to it. 

Bevel trimmer gives you an outstanding 8 hours of battery life with minimum heating effects during the process.

This powerful trimmer can be used corded or cordless, but once it is fully charged, you will not need the cord for any time sooner. Furthermore, it gives you 180 days of standby after it is fully charged.

Cleaning trimmers after a few uses can be irritating because of the stuck particles that are not coming out, but that’s not the case here as this trimmer blade has an antimicrobial coating that prevents dust or oil from getting in.

That being said, you just need a damp cloth for a simple cleaning or grab the brush you are given with the trimmer for deep cleaning.

If you are looking for a classy yet reliable trimmer that can give you the best cut with perfect linings, Bevel trimmer is the way to go.


  • 8 hours of cordless power
  • It stays cool even after a continuous use
  • 360-degree handgrip design
  • Adjustable without any tools
  • A great gift for men


  • No real cons... honestly
  • Okay... maybe the price is high, but it's worth the investment.

Philips Vacuum Beard Trimmer Series 7000

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You don’t see trimmers like this one more often; this Philips trimmer gives you a mess-free cut every time you use it - the powerful built-in vacuum system in this trimmer sucks up to 90% of all hair that’s been cut while shaving.

No need to worry about the hair on the floor because you’ve got yourself a clean bathroom with this one.

For the preferable blade length, you need to roll the zoom wheel on the handle of the blade and adjust it at any length from 0.5 to 10mm.

The lift and trim design of the trimmer raises your hair to an ideal position for the blade to run smoothly over your hair, giving you an even and optimal finish.

This trimmer can be used corded or cordless. Use it the way you prefer. The battery is also pretty decent.

It lasts an hour, and a little drawback about it is that it also takes an hour to charge fully, but spending more than an hour to trim our beards can be unusual. I’d say this battery timing should be just fine.

If any unexpected event happens with the settings, you can always return the product, and you are given a 2 years warranty with this trimmer.


  • Has the vacuum system that gives a clean cut
  • It can be used corded and cordless 
  • No oil needed
  • Easy to adjust length with the zoom wheel


  • Getting the head on and off is a little difficult.
  • Not a very strong body.

Oster Professional Fast Feed Adjustable Clipper

OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper...
  • Powerful, Whisper Quiet Pivot Motor,Steel Blade Adjusts Between Size 000 and 1

Its prolonged name answers it all.

This sleek Oster trimmer gets the job done smoothly despite dry or wet hair; each swipe is just perfect. Besides, you have the perfect grip over the machine.

Thanks to its lightweight design, it gives you the most accurate cut a corded trimmer can provide. The trimmer has a powerful motor with less to no motor sound, which keeps the clattering noise down and productivity.

You can adjust the steel blade size to a minimum of 000 to 1 for the closest cut; the lower clipper blade is specially made to flow up hair to the cutting blade for an even cut.

The 4 guide combs are also included in the box, so you can get whatever length you have set your mind on to.


  • Quality trimmer to cut (wet or dry) hair
  • Great blade for an even cut
  • Great for closer cuts


  • Corded, you always need to be by a power socket
  • It gets hot after prolonged use

Wahl Clipper Elite Pro

Wahl USA Elite Pro High-Performance Corded Home...
  • Finest Precision Blades - Self sharpening, stay sharp longer to cut all hair types. Adjustable taper...

The Wahl elite pro is definitely more clipper than it is beard trimmer. This version of clipper is definitely geared towards the needs of a more serious hair cutter. While the pro name is definitely an indication that these can cut some hair, it shouldn't turn you off from using them to trim your beard.

The finish on these clippers is premium and the attachments have a more premium look and feel to them as well.

Wahl makes an absolutely great product and this is about as nice of a hair clipper that I would want to use to trim my beard.

Who Should Purchase This?

People looking for a hair clipper that's more premium and more concerned with having a quality hair clipper and not afraid to invest more for that quality.


  • Premium quality attachments
  • Great carrying case


  • More hair clipper than beard trimmer
  • Not cordless

Wahl Clipper Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit for Men

Wahl Clipper USA Color Pro Complete Haircutting...
  • Color Coded Guide Combs – Finding and remembering everyone’s favorite hair length is easier than...

This is the all in one clipper, and hair cutting kit from Wahl. It has the benefit of being easy to use but because it's made from less premium materials, they can afford to include every attachment you'll ever need in one value kit.

The color coded system makes it easy to use for anyone and the additional combs, brushes and attachments are just delightful for all the different hair cutting needs you'll have.

The attachments go down to a 0 guard so if you need to cut stubble or leave your beard as long as Gandolf, this kit has you covered.

Who Should Purchase This?

People looking for an affordable kit that has everything they will need and not too concerned about premium looking accessories.


  • More attachments than you can shake a stick at


  • Some of the accessories are a bit cheaper
  • Not cordless

Wahl Clipper Lithium Ion Cordless Haircutting & Trimming Combo Kit 

Wahl USA Clipper Rechargeable Lithium Ion Cordless...
  • Cordless Battery Convenience - The power of corded clippers with the convenience of cordless;...

I included this option for those who really just want a good kid that's going to have both a hair clipper and a hair clipper for trimming your beard. Sometimes the option is just to find a decent kit that will do both.

This batter powered combo is going to serve both functions. There is a unit for trimming both your beard and clippers for cutting your hair. Obviously at this price point you're not getting the best version of each, but you're not really compromising on the size functionality of either.

The kit comes with basically everything you need to cut your hair and the additional attachment for your beard works wonders on the tight areas beneath your nose for getting after your mustache.

Who Should Purchase This?

Anyone that really doesn't want to have a one size fits all clipper and doesn't mind a good value clipper and beard trimmer combo.


  • Good combo kit with both beard trimmer and clipper
  • Great value for money


  • Neither the clipper nor the beard trimmer are the best version of themselves
  • Soft storage case

It’s not always necessary to go to a barber to have our beard trimmed; it is not only the time per se that is important (talk about the queue), but we need to know some of the basics when the trimmer is in our hand, don't we?

Besides, with the pandemic going on, it should be your best option to stay at home and keep your beard groomed yourself. No worries if you don’t know a thing about how to trim your beard with hair clippers, or should I say, are you even sure it works?

Let's first distinguish between hair clippers and beard trimmers. Mistaking one for another can be common if we don’t know the difference.

They might look almost the same, but they don’t work the same!

Difference Between Hair Clippers And Beard Trimmers

It is common to mistake one for another; as I said before, both appliances may seem identical but are made for different purposes. However, we can know better if we look at the size and the length of their blades. This is the key feature to distinguish between the two.

Hair clippers come with bigger attachments to adjust the length since they are primarily used to trim on larger areas with long, thick hair and where you don’t have to trim very close to the skin.

Whereas, beard trimmers are commonly used for light shaping, edging, outlining and dry shaving; it is best used for areas about the back of the neck, ears, and chin. Beard trimmers have smaller and thinner blades as they allow you to work on short hair with great details.

Beard trimmers don’t normally come with attachments to adjust the length, but when they do, they are usually in a small size, within 1mm to 5mm.

Types of Hair Clippers

Certainly, to know the tool before using it is the way ahead.

The same case applies to clippers. There are mainly 3 types of clippers you can use to shave your beard, but for the sake of ‘right choice,’ we ought to know about the clippers before actually using them. Thus, let’s find out what will be the best for you.

Detachable Blade Clippers

Just as the name suggests, this is the type of hair clipper where you can detach the blades from the clipper and replace it with ones that should give you the ideal length of beard you wish to have. (mostly used by barbers)

Detachable blade clippers have a powerful motor that can cut through no matter how thick, long, wet hair you have at the moment; heads up before you use this one because you need to be keener about the size of the blades if you do not want to cut your beard to its minimum in an instant. 

So, if you are in some hurry and want to have a quick trim, just select the blade length, and a few swipes of this clipper will get the job done -Though it’s easier said than done, I’d say keep on reading until we reach the main strategy.

Adjustable Clipper

This one has to be the most common clipper among men, and chances are you might have this one in your lavatory right now. This one’s name also gives off its function, and this is the type of clipper where you have a little lever on the side of the blade to adjust its size. 

You are also provided with different lengths of plastic combs (attachments) with the clipper, just so to trim your beard or head to a prudent level, the combs commonly range from 1 to 8. It is as simple as it seems; the lower the number of the comb, the shorter the clipper will cut.

Adjustable clippers and their plastic combs work great with short, thinner, and dry hair.

T-Blade Trimmer

The T-Blade trimmers are used for close trimming to cut off the minutest hair and have nice-looking outlines on the beard; it is also most used on sensitive areas like around ears and neck edges, where you can’t just run adjustable clippers, don’t even think about detachable blade clippers.

T-Blade trimmer gets this name from its appearances. The upper two blades stick out from sides, therefore, forming a T-shape. This type of blade isn’t as powerful as the others mentioned before, so working with long thick hair is not ideal for this type of trimmer.

Very well, now that you know some basic types of clippers and how each of them works, I am sure you have developed insight into what kind of trimming you require for different occasions. 

Let’s get you onboard because now’s the main part where we discuss how to trim a beard with hair clippers.

How To Prepare Before Your Trim Your Beard

Primo, the first step is to comb/brush it out to detangle it; if your whiskers are long enough, you should try to get it wet before trimming; that way, the clipper blades would cut more smoothly without any struggle - Trimming tangled and long dry beard can make your hair dishevel further.

Have Your Trimmer Ready (with attachments) And Begin

Trimmers often come with different plastic comb attachments (usually 8 guards). Just to make sure you don’t cut off a bulk of the hair on the first swipe, try choosing the guard number that could be a bit bigger according to your beard length.

  • If your whiskers are long and bushy, use the number 8 guard, which is 25mm.

Although you could barely see the result with a number 8 if you have an average beard, it's good to stay on track. You can keep changing the number and stop at the one you think can give you a perfect trim.

After you set a guard on the clipper, start the device and try trimming from neck and up, and eventually come to the sideburns. Keep firm pressure on the clipper, just to make sure it cuts hair evenly on every swing.

Lines and Detailing

Now, when the previous step is done, and you think the length of your beard is at an optimal level, it's time to define your beard neckline, this is something that can be a little tricky, and most of us think this is just a barber thing, turns out you can be just as good but with some instructions of course.

For this, you should not need a guard; hold the clipper just above the adam’s apple; this is the spot where you make a line; remember, the blade should be facing down while you are at it.

Once done, trim out the beard below the line and see if the beard neckline is made right - look at a mirror facing straight; you should not see hair below your chin or jawline on your neck.

Extra Hair Cutting

This is the part where you grab a pair of scissors and face the mirror to observe any angle where you can make your beard look even better.

Cut those hair sticking out of your beard to make everything even and work your way to the new look. This is what I call the icing on the cake.

Finishing Touches

The last step after you are done is to tidy up and wash your beard. Beard oil or balm could be useful here; dab it slightly on your beard thoroughly to smooth it out and brush your beard once again. After that, give your beard a shape with your bare hands.

Have a look at the mirror; if you think some more hair is sticking or flying out, you can always grab your pair of scissors.

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