The Best Blades For Safety Razor (Buying Guide)

It is definitely true that a safety razor is only as good as the blade inside. This is why lots of companies that make safety razors, also make the blades. It’s important to find the perfect marriage of cutting utensils & cutting edge. This guide will help you look at a few of the best blades for safety razors in the market. 

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Feather Double Edge Blades

Feather Double Edge Safety Razor Blades 100 Count
  • One Hundred Count Of Double Edge Razor Blades; With Feather Razor Blades Extremely Sharp And Smooth;...

These are by far the best blades I’ve ever used and as someone who shaves their head every other day, I can tell you that they move very efficiently over your skin. They are made from Japanese steel which is a lot of marketing, I know, but the factory clearly does a great job of ensuring they take all the necessary steps to make a strong quality blade.

I know the cutting edge is coated with platinum to keep it as crisp as possible, but all you really need to know is that this is about as good as blades can get.

The only downside to these blades is they come at a premium and if you’re someone that uses a new blade with every shave, it will be the more expensive option out there.


  • Great quality control
  • Blades are durable
  • Made from Japanese steel


  • Most expensive option in the market

What makes a good safety razor blade?

Metal Quality

There is no need to get into a scientific conversation, especially since I’m not a metallurgist. What I can say is that the quality of the steel makes a huge difference in how good the blade will be for your razor. I’ve used some blades that are starting to get dull halfway through shaving my head.

Quality metal that has been properly heat-treated and hardened at the factory will produce a stronger blade that will hold it’s sharp edge much longer than a factory that has used cheaper metals to save on cost.

Quality control

This should go without explaining. All blades are made to the same specifications, size, and shape, but not all companies go the extra length to ensure that their blades are manufactured to the tightest margins. There are lots of products that seem to have a different quality from box to box and even blade to blade.


Call me wasteful, but I use a new blade with every shave. I understand that you can use them twice, but if I don’t have a fresh blade, I feel like I get more irritation on my scalp and that’s not something that I can deal with. However, I know many men who use the same razor blade for multiple shaves and the durability of the safety blade razor is important to those buyers.

The Best German Steel Blades For Safety Razors

Merkur Super Platinum Blades

I mentioned that there is a reason most safety razor companies also make blades and Merkur is a great example of how good innovation with a safety razor leads to understanding what is needed to make a good blade.

Made from German steel, if that’s a selling point to you, these blades are durable. Not to sound stereotypical, but they are definitely made with precision. I’ve never come across a box that wasn’t neatly packaged, and every blade looked completely identical to the next. Trust me, I’m just that anal to open up multiple blades and inspect them. I take my head shaving very serious.

These blades are platinum coated, much like other premium brands and they do happen to work very well with Merkur.


  • Quality German Steel
  • Platinum Coated For Durability


  • Not the sharpest blade in the market

The Most Durable Safety Razor Blade

Parker Double Edge Safety Razor Blades

100 Count, Parker Safety Razor Double Edge Safety...
  • Manufactured with the highest quality Stainless Steel;- Platimum and Tungsten coated for smoothness...

Full disclosure… I’m not sure of the description Platinum chromium ceramic tungsten & polymer coating belongs on a blade or the optional upgrade packaged on a Mercedes, but it definitely does something to make these blads last LONG.

Not only is the parker a long-lasting blade due to the coatings, but they are also very sharp. The factory says that they hone them twice which is basically a process to make the edge as straight and sharp as possible. I generally swap out my razor after every shave. I might get 2-3 shaves out of a feather, but that's it. I can get 3-5 good shaves out of these.


  • The most durable blade I’ve tested
  • Good value for money


  • Name of  all the coatings can be confusing 

The Best Value Safety Razor Blade

Astra Platinum Safety Razor Blades

Astra is a simple razor that you can depend on. They don’t do a lot of marketing on the boxes and their product is very simple and straight forward. This is the razor your father’s father used and likely the blade that your children will use.

Like most other quality brands they are platinum coated to add durability to the cutting edge. I haven’t used Astra blades in some time, but from what I remember the quality is good for the price and you’re not likely to find anything with this level of reputation for a cheaper price.

I think the factory is in Russia so I assume the steel is probably Russian as well.


  • Great for general daily shaver
  • Good value for money


  • Quality control can be lacking

The Best New Safety Razor Blade

Vikings Blade Safety Razors

VIKINGS BLADE Swedish Steel Replacement Razor...
  • Premium platinum coated blades made from Swedish 13C26 Steel

Viking razors have been a brand that has thoroughly impressed a lot of the shaving world. They came onto the scene in the ’80s and this American company has managed to penetrate a market of men’s shaving that has existing since before America was… well… America.

These blades are made from Swedish steel and coated with platinum for durability. They offer two varieties, a milder and a “less aggressive” blade for people that are new to razor shaving. I’d recommend that most people start there, but if you’re an experienced blade user, then the more aggressive option is definitely a great option.


  • Made in the USA
  • Two blade options with simple packaging
  • No gimmicks


  • New to the market and haven't been making blades as long as other brands

What if I want to try multiple safety razor blades?

Luckily, there are lots of people willing to offer a trial kit that includes lots of the brands I’ve mentioned in my article above and also some other common names like Derby, Gillette, Shark, and Wilkinson.

These are a great, low cost, way to see what blades will ultimately work the best for you without having to purchase multiple blades from different manufacturers.

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