The 6 Best Fade Clippers You Can Buy In 2020

Fades were heavily predominant in Black and Latino cultures when I was growing up in the 90’s. Will Smith from Fresh Prince of Bel Aire was probably one of the more iconic high top fades of the 90’s along with basically every other rapper of the time. In this guide, we'll talk about some of the best fade clippers you can buy.

A fade is basically any hairstyle where the hair is cut from a longer length to a lower length, usually down almost a skin level, and the hair is gradually faded from the longer length hair to the lower length hair.

This creates a seamless effect of the hair going from long to short and it looks as though the hair simply fades away. Hence the term.. “Fade”. This requires very specific clippers that are designed to cut hair very close to the skin and can be done so while quickly adjusting the length of your cutting blade to achieve the desired result. 

In a Rush? Here is our top pick for the best fade clipper

1. Wahl Professional 5-Star 

Wahl Professional - 5-Star Cord/Cordless Magic...
  • PROFESSIONAL PRECISION: Wahl's Professional 5-Star Cord Cordless Magic Clip was designed to deliver...

My mother and aunt were hairstylist and Wahl was their preferred brand of choice. I still use Wahl clippers to this day to trim my beard. The Wahl Professional is basically the standard of choice among hairstylist professionals for cutting a fade. The motor is powerful and the attachments are plentiful. You definitely can’t go wrong with a pair of Wahl Professional Clippers.


  • Trusted by lots of professional stylists
  • Cordless for easy handling
  • Works while charging


  • One of the most expensive options in the market
  • Longer learning curve if you’re a beginner

2. Wahl Professional 5 Star

Wahl Professional 5-Star Cord/Cordless Magic Clip...
  • PROFESSIONAL PRECISION: From Wahl Professional’s commercial grade line of products, the 5-Star...

The Magic Clip is the ultimate cordless clipper and one of the best fade clippers you can buy. It features high precision zero-overlap 2161 blades that offer superior speed and ease of use, a convenient taper lever for easy fading and blending, and a lithium-ion battery for a 90+ minute run-time per charge. This is a professional clipper that comes with basically every attachment that you’re going to need in order to cut a quality fade. And as one reviewer puts it:

“It looks sick and it's definitely worth your money it has the premium guards and it includes everything. Everything is really high quality really recommend.”


  • Cordless
  • Comes with multiple attachments
  • Has everything you need in one kit


  • 90-minute battery and it doesn’t cut while charging
  • A bit on the heavier side
  • Can start to heat up quickly

3. Andis Professional Fade Master Hair Clipper

Andis 01690 Professional Fade Master Hair Clipper...
  • Best for extra-close cutting, fading and tapering; Material - Carbon steel

If Wahl is CocaCola then Andis is definitely Pepsi. Andis is almost indistinguishable from Wahl in terms of professionals that use them and also their quality. The Andis professionals are corded, but they need to be as the motor in these units are very strong and would probably need a battery that would significantly increase the size of the unit.

Like most professional clippers, they rarely come with attachments, but that’s okay as investing in a quality fade clipper means that it will last you a lifetime. You’ll have to purchase additional guards and attachments as separate items for this one. 


  • Very strong motor that cuts very tough hair
  • Super lightweight in the hands for easy handling


  • Not cordless so it can be limited if outlets are far
  • No attachments and upgraded attachments are pricey.

The Best Fade Clippers For Beginners

4. Wahl Fade Clipper Kit

Wahl Clipper Fade Cut Haircutting Kit for Blending...
  • Xtreme Precision Blades – Fade Cut includes our Xtreme-Fade self-sharpening precision blades which...

Wahl makes lots of consumer-grade versions of their most powerful professional clippers if you’re looking for the best fade clippers you can buy on a budget. The Fade Clipper Kit comes with over 10 different cutting guard attachments that are going to give even the most novice, do it yourself, hair cutters the ability to control lengths.

This is going to give you the ability to really make your haircut look professional without the fear of messing up and leaving uneven lines in your head.

Just simply use the different guards that are available to prevent yourself from cutting and lower and necessary and switch out different numbers to progressively fade the hair lower and lower.


  • Comes with lots of attachments and a case
  • Great for beginners or less experienced hair cutters
  • Includes all the tools you need for maintenance


  • Guards are plastic and cheap
  • Motor isn’t as powerful as professional versions

5. Wahl Color Pro

Wahl Color Pro Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clipper...
  • Cordless Convenience – Color Pro Cordless is rechargeable and wireless. Cord/Cordless allows you...

This list is going to have a lot of Wahl clippers and for good reason. They make a phenomenal product. The color pro is a cordless clipper that comes with multiple attachments that are all colored to make this fade clipper extremely easy to use for beginners. You read the length in inches or on the clipper itself and grab the corresponding guard that matches the color.

You can look at many guides on Youtube of “how to fade your hair” and they will usually give you lengths that you can follow.

The best part of this clipper is that it works cordless and also while plugged in. It comes in a neat travel pouch as well.


  • Colors make it easy for beginners
  • Works cordless and with a cord
  • Comes with travel kit for storage of all accessories


  • Motor isn’t the strongest in the market
  • Some of the guards are a bit cheaper and the smaller ones can break

6. Wahl Clipper Elite Pro

Wahl Clipper Elite Pro High-Performance Home...
  • Finest Precision Blades - Self sharpening, stay sharp longer to cut all hair types. Adjustable taper...

There are two things that I like in a clipper. Storage cases and sturdy blades. This unit has both. The blades on the Wahl clipper elite are basically the same fade clipper blades you get on their more expensive units, but they offer it in a more beginner frame that’s easier for novice users.

The motor is extremely powerful and the adjustable guards have lots of room to really give you a close fade cut to the skin. These are the clippers that I personally use as they have a lot of versatility. You can’t go wrong with these for beginner fade clippers.


  • Hard Carrying Case
  • Sturdy Guard attachments with bag


  • The cord is only 8 ft. Would be better at 10ft
  • It doesn’t come with the blades properly gapped from the factory.

How To Setup Your Clippers

Types Of Fade Hairstyles

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