The 5 Best Shave Soap For Men

When it comes to shaving, one of the most challenging things for men is getting that close shave just the way they want it without causing irritation to their face. Chances are, you've struggled with this a time or two yourself.

Have you ever thought about using shaving soap as opposed to traditional shaving cream?

There are actually a number of advantages to taking this route, not the least of which involve getting a closer shave and keeping your skin in great condition all at the same time. There are also some key differences.

What is the difference between shaving soap and shaving cream?

One of the biggest differences involves the things that you will need in order to use shaving soap instead of shaving cream. When you use shaving cream, all you have to do is release the product from the can and then use a razor. With shaving soap, things are a little different but it's worth it.

You'll need a shaving bowl and a shaving brush that you can use to apply the product. It might seem like an extra step or two, especially in the beginning, but stay with it. Before you know it, you'll probably be wondering why it took you so long to give this method a try in the first place.

Of course, if you're going to use this method you obviously want to use high quality products that are capable of getting the job done. Below is a list of five different products you can use to get the look you’ve always wanted and make sure your skin feels as good as it looks.

The 5 Best Shave Soap For Men

5. Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream Bowl

Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream...
  • Cream helps prepare your beard for shaving and moisturizes your face

This is one of the most classic shaving soaps you can find. It’s designed specifically to moisturize your skin and it even makes your whiskers softer so they are easier to shave. If you like the idea of a shaving lotion that feels and smells good, this might be your top choice. It smells like a combination of rosemary and lavender, a scent that is very pleasing to most individuals.


  • It doesn’t take a lot of product to get the job done.
  • One container stays fresh for approximately one year.
  • It has a pleasant scent.


  • Not everyone likes the scent

4. Col. Conk Shave Soap

Col. Conk Shave Soap 2.25 Ounces (Variety 4 Pack)
  • Four Bars Col. Conk Original Shave Soap

This is a product that comes in a relatively small package but since its sold in a pack of four, you’re still getting it for a fair price. It’s sold as a variety pack, so you can enjoy trying a few different things. It also has both vitamin E and aloe included in all of its products.


  • You can try different varieties of products.
  •  These products contain special ingredients to help soften skin.


  • The packages are relatively small

3. Henry Cavendish Himalaya Shaving Soap

Henry Cavendish Himalaya Shaving Soap with Shea...
  • American Made Shaving Soap easily creates rich lather: it lubricates razor for a slick, cushioned...

As mentioned in the product name, this one contains both shea butter and coconut oil. That isn’t just a descriptive term to make the product sound like it’s worth buying. The truth is, these ingredients are very important for skin health. This is a product that is designed to last and it’s capable of working well for even the most sensitive skin. Ladies, this product works just as well on your sensitive skin as it does for the men.


  • This is a gentle product that virtually anyone can use.
  • It works well for both men and women.
  • It lathers up quickly and easily.


  • Some people don’t really care for the lather or the way it feels.

2. Proraso Shaving Soap In A Bowl

This soap is made in Italy and has been manufactured using the same process for decades. It contains eucalyptus oil and is designed to work well for any beard, no matter the texture or how sensitive your skin is.


  • It provides a close shave.
  • It leaves skin feeling soft and refreshed.


  • The container doesn’t close very well.
  • The lather isn’t as good as with some other soaps.

1. The Art of Shaving Shaving Soap Refill

They have an entire line of products that allows you to prepare your skin before shaving, which can make a real difference in the effectiveness of the shaving product itself. Of course, you have the shaving soap, which is made of the finest ingredients and smells of sandalwood. There is even a special moisturizer that can be used immediately after you shave. Doing so helps cut down on skin irritation.


  • The product line creates a complete skin care regimen.


  • Some individuals don't think there is enough lather with this product.

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