Shave Before Or After Shower? The Ultimate Shaving Question

While everyone looks forward to attaining a clean, close-cut, and smooth shave, there is a great debate about whether people should shave before or after a shower.

Several factors can determine the right time to shave, including facial hair and skin type and preferred shaving products. Since people are different and unique, the best time to shave depends on an individual and the relevant aspects. 

People with sensitive skin, for instance, should either shave in or after the shower not only to enjoy the smooth wet shave but also to minimize the occurrence of razor burns. 

However, men with sensitive skin can shave before a shower as long as they want to trim their beard or use electric shavers that protect the skin and save time.

Shaving Before A Shower

Who is suitable for a dry shave?

  • A dry shave, which is done before a shower, is highly recommended for people using electric shavers. The shavers are designed to provide a close trim while eliminating razor burns and skin irritation. 
  • In cases where one wants to skip a full shower or wet face, they should invest in quality pre-shave products. Pre-shave oils or lotions prepare the hair follicles to stand up in readiness for a closer and cleaner cut while soothing and to nourish the skin.
  • People with soft fine facial hair and open skin pores can also consider shaving before a shower. They should, however, perform hot towel treatment, which entails wetting a washcloth in warm water and applying it on the face. The moisture and warmth from the towel make the shave close and free of irritation.
  • People with highly sensitive skin can also shave before a shower to minimize irritation and razor burns that may eventually lead to acne. These challenges also compromise people's self-confidence and esteem and are frustrating and painful at times.

Benefits of Shaving Before A Shower

  • It minimizes the mess as one can easily wash off the cream before going into the shower.
  • Shaving before a shower saves time and makes beard trimming easier and great.

Shaving Tools to Consider for A Dry Shave

Anyone that chooses to shave before a shower should invest in the best electric shavers and beard trimmers. The shavers provide a clean shave close to the skin while the trimmers stubble, which makes them ideal for preventing cuts, ingrown hairs, razor burns, bumps, and acne.

Measures to Take After A Dry Shave

  • To prevent the occurrence of razor burns, skin irritation, and acne, people that shave before a shower should moisturize adequately, whether via the hot towel treatment or application of after-shave lotions.
  • It is also essential to clean the face to eliminate any dirt and bacteria that may cause infection in the shaven area.

Shaving After A Shower

It is the best way of preparing the skin for a great and close shave. It is ideal for people with dry skin that are prone to suffering after-shave acne and irritation.

Reasons Shaving After A Shower Is Popular

  • Showering, especially with hot water, removes all the dirt and bacteria from the skin, which is an essential step to a close and neat shave. Cleansing the skin is crucial for anyone preparing for a shave as the pores and follicles remain open and prone to infections.
  • Shaving after a shower engages one in great skincare and maintenance by making the skin less susceptible to entry bacteria.
  • Wet shaves also mean a closer shave as the follicles' shaft well and soften, making the hair easier to cut. The result is a smooth glide with minimal irritation and acne.

Measures to Take After A Wet Shave

  • Invest in the best shaving razors.
  • Apply pre-shave oils and after-shave balms to minimize irritation.


Shaving before or after a shower depends on several factors, including skin and hair type, and preference. One should, therefore, look for an option that works for them and stick to it. Besides shaving before or after a shower, one can also shave in the shower, and enjoy the best of both worlds.

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