Natural Shaving Products That You Need To Know About

 There are two types of shaving products on the market: those that are full of chemicals (usually found in drugstores) and those made with natural ingredients only. Needless to say, you should not settle for anything but the latter.


This is applicable especially in the case of men that have sensitive skin that is prone to bouts of acne. In this article, we’ll be talking about natural shaving products:

  • What makes them better than all other types,
  • Ingredients you’ll want your products to have
  • Ultimately, we’ll show you a few natural shaving products you should consider


Advantages of Natural Shaving Products


Among others, the perks of shaving products with natural ingredients are the following:


  • No irritation: Redness of the skin and itching can be caused by all the harmful substances that are found in cosmetics and grooming products nowadays. By using natural ones, you won’t have to worry about feeling like your skin has been doused in gasoline and set aflame.


  • No alcohol: The alcohol in 90% of the cosmetics sold today is one of the main culprits in causing redness, blotching, and excessive dryness. Natural shaving products are devoid of alcohol, therefore the risk of developing any of the annoying skin conditions above is minimal.


  • They’re rich in nutrients: Your skin needs to be nurtured properly. In order for this to happen, the shaving products you’re using must be packed with vitamins and nutrients. Sulfate, for instance, doesn’t have any of those. Coconut oil, on the other hand, does.


  • They soften the skin: Products made with all sorts of artificial substances can soften your skin, yes, but only temporarily. Natural shaving products keep it soft and glowing for a longer period of time, due to the nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins they have.


  • They keep your skin young: Thousands of products claim they’re the youth fountain when it comes to getting rid of wrinkles and fine lines. That’s smoke and mirrors, as they don’t actually do that. Natural products do, indeed, have a genuine anti-aging effect.

Ingredients You Want in Your Natural Shaving Products


If possible, always try to opt for products that have one or many essential oils in them. Jojoba, mint, coconut, babassu, aloe, witch hazel, and sunflower – all of these can be extremely beneficial if included in the products you’re using.


Plant extracts, too, are more than welcome. Such compounds soothe and nurture the skin. It won’t be as dry as it is now and in time, it won’t even be as sensitive. Redness and irritation will disappear once you start taking proper care of your skin with organic products intended for shaving.


Our Top Recommendations


We know it’s quite difficult to find trustworthy products even when you’re told what traits they should have. That is why we’ve taken the liberty of doing some market research. We’ve come up with a few results we think you’re going to be happy with.

Let’s dive in:


  1. TICO* Shave Oil 


Even though its name states that it’s a shave oil, TICO’s miraculous natural product is so much more than that: it also serves as a pre-shave, aftershave and moisturizer. Believe it or not, there’s actually enough product in the flask for 120+ shaves.

TICO* Shave Oil
  • Pre-Shave + Shave Oil + After Shave + Moisturizer.

It certainly doesn’t look that way, but its 30ml can be used for months on end. Apart from these qualities, it also provides a closer shave without increasing the risk of cutting yourself and getting a face full of nicks.


After you’ve shaved, the skin will be smooth and there will be no irritation, even if the amount of product you’ve rubbed on your face is extremely small. The container is more durable than you’d ever think.


  1. John Masters Organics Moisturizer & Aftershave


Whereas the TICO* was a 4-in-1, the John Masters product is a 2-in-1: aftershave and moisturizer. It is made with eucalyptus and agave. In spite of the fact that it’s a moisturizer, it doesn’t leave your face too oily, which is a great plus.

It does have a eucalyptus scent, but it’s discreet and quite stylish. This product is great because it makes your skin elastic, properly moisturized and smoothened out. 3 ounces might not look like much, but it’s more than enough for a couple of months.


  1. Pacific Shaving Company Natural Shaving Cream


Completely devoid of parabens and synthetic fragrances, Pacific Shaving Company’s is a great choice if you have sensitive skin and it has been among the best natural shaving products for a while.


Its main organic compounds are aloe vera and shea butter, which ensure that your skin will remain smooth and properly nurtured, as well as free of redness and irritation. The flask is compact enough to take it on your trips.

Pacific Shaving Company Natural Shave Cream - with...
  • ENJOY SHAVING AGAIN: Crafted with safe, natural, plant-derived ingredients to give you the smoothest...


  1. Taylor of Old Bond Street Organic Shaving Cream


The last item on our list was made with essential oils like aloe vera and jojoba. On top of these, it also has a concentration of vitamin E, which helps in nourishing the skin properly.


This organic shaving cream is fragrance-free and has no parabens and artificial preservatives. It produces some thick lather that makes shaving an easier task and keeps your skin hydrated for a long time, without leaving it oily to touch.

Taylor of Old Bond Street Organic Shaving Cream...
  • Certified Organic shave Cream is our purest shaving cream


Final Thoughts


Natural shaving products are so much better than the ones you can purchase in drugstores, malls, and supermarkets. Obviously, not all the products you get from those sources are necessarily bad, especially if they’re made with natural ingredients.


This guide here was a bit short, that’s true, but it really contains everything you need to know about natural shaving products. If you have a sensitive skin, then you must use this type of products in favor of those that are full of harmful chemicals.


Before you know it, you won’t be having any trouble with irritation, acne, and skin so itchy that it drives you insane.

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