Men’s Beard Oil Kits: The 5 You Should Know About

Having a beard is a major responsibility – it requires regular grooming, especially if you want it to look sharp and neat round the clock. Happily, this can be easily achieved with proper beard maintenance practices.

To that end, men’s beard oil kits are a necessary addition to each shaving arsenal. We will present our top five product recommendations, as well as some essential guidelines on the topic.

Why Should You Use Men’s Beard Oil Kits?

Regardless of the length and style of your beard, investing in men’s beard oil kits is recommended for numerous reasons.

  • It diminishes itchiness

You must be familiar with the nasty itchiness feeling that troubles you the minute after you’ve grown a beard. Unfortunately, that feeling is less likely to vanish into thin air if you don’t do anything about it. However, that’s where men’s beard oil kits come in.

When it comes to longer beards, such a kit becomes indispensable. Beard oil keeps the hair and the skin moisturized, reducing the itchiness.

Plus, beard oil can aid you in your fight against dandruff, while promoting hair growth.

  • It makes the beard more manageable

Unless you’re an adept of the all-natural beard look, men’s beard oil kits can seriously make grooming easier. Beard oil reduces split ends while making the hair easy to arrange. In other words, you’ll be able to shape it depending on your preference, easier than before.

  • It makes the beard soft

As a general rule, the climate affects both your skin and your hair in several ways – cold and dry climates, in particular. To that end, men’s beard oil kits aim at maintaining the beard soft and nourished. Evidently, that will make it look infinitely better.

How to Use Men’s Beard Oil Kits?

While using beard oil isn’t rocket science, there are some aspects you should consider beforehand. Firstly, when it comes to the amount of product you must use, you should know that a few drops should suffice.

Typically, if you put too much product on your beard, it is prone to have an oily, greasy appearance that is far from being attractive.

Moving on to how to apply beard oil, you should ensure that you apply the product to the entire surface of the facial hair. As a rule of thumb, you should always work your way towards the skin, as well. The oil should reach the roots of the hair, in order to nourish it.

Of course, you could choose to apply the product with your hands, with an eye dropper, or a boar bristle brush. It’s up to you to test each of these methods and establish which one works best for you. For instance, a boar bristle brush will distribute the product evenly, while allowing you to groom the beard, as you go.

How often should you use beard oil? This depends on several subjective aspects. Generally speaking, you should apply it once a day, at a minimum, depending on your beard and skin type.

Top 5 Products to Consider and Consumer Reports

Now let’s have a look at the top 5 products that qualify as the best men’s beard oil kits. You can’t go wrong with either of these choices:

1. Honest Amish Beard First Aid Kit

This beard kit includes the complete range of items you need to look after your beard, namely beard oil, beard balm, wax and a lip balm. The oil, in particular, is made of natural, premium ingredients such as avocado oil, virgin pumpkin seed oil, golden jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, and so on.

Thanks to this unique blend, the oil releases a subtle scent. Most importantly, it doesn’t feel greasy – not at all. It gets absorbed into the skin right away, making the beard more manageable on the spot.

Honest Amish Beard First Aid Kit
  • Travel bag carries all of your beard care needs

2. Prophet and Tools Beard Oil Kit for Men

This product is made to reinvigorate your beard. The kit incorporates unscented oil, an engraved comb, and an insightful e-book on how to care for your beard.

If your beard is dry, unmanageable, thin, and you deal with hair fall, this beard oil kit is worth taking into account.

It does a decent job at eliminating unsightly flakes that occur due to the excessive dryness. It also diminishes irritations and untangles the beard, promoting hair growth.

3. Mountaineer Brand Beard Care Kit

The unique combo of scented cedar and fir needle, with a touch of eucalyptus, makes this beard oil a best-buy. It does a fantastic job of eliminating soreness and itchiness, giving you that well-groomed, neat look.

Most importantly, the oil is made of all-natural ingredients, which means it will nourish your skin. The kit contains a balm, wash and brush as well – to assist your grooming needs.

4. Smooth Viking Grooming Kit for Men

This beard oil by Smooth Viking is one of the best, being a combination of hydrating natural carrier oils such as sweet almond oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, avocado oil, and so on.

It is free of chemicals, and it doesn’t leave the hair greasy – due to the lightweight formula.

Smooth Viking Beard Grooming Kit
  • PREMIUM MEN’S BEARD OIL: Tame and condition your unruly facial hair with an elite mens beard oil...

5. Rapid Beard – Beard Oil And Balm Kit for Men

This beard kit includes beard oil, beard balm, and leave-in conditioner. The ingredients used are 100 percent organic, which means you’ll be offering your beard the best care. The beard balm does an excellent job of taming your mustache, allowing you to shape your facial hair like never before.

The packaging of the kit is nice to look at, as well – which would make it a great gift.

Rapid Beard Oil Kit
  • NATURAL PURE & ORGANIC INGREDIENTS – Argan oil, Jojoba oil and Vitamin E oil are main ingredients....


Without a doubt, a beard is a significant physical trait. And grooming it regularly will allow you to look your best, at all times. And, of course, investing in men’s beard oil kits is one way of doing that.

Review the features of the products presented in this brief guide, and choose the right one for your needs. You’ll notice visible improvements – take our word for it.

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