Is Beard Oil Worth It?

I get it. Beard oil is not a cheap investment and it's something that you're going to have to use every day for the rest of your life because you're not planning on shaving your beard anytime soon, right?

You want to know if beard oil is worth it. Is beard oil worth the investment?



Fix Dry Brittle Beard Hair

If you're anything like me, the longer your beard gets the more likely the hairs are to break off. I used to find more beard remnants in my sink and on my pillow than I would in my actual beard.

A quality beard oil is going to nourish your beard and add some serious strength to the hairs over time. This is going to be essential for keeping the most healthy beard.

Get Softer Beard Hair

Your significant other might enjoy your beard, but I assure you that they don't enjoy the fact that your beard feels like a brillo pads when they rub against it. Facial hair tends to be more coarse than the rest of the hair on your body and beard oil is going to help create a softer and more physically enjoyable texture to your beard.

Grow a Longer and Fuller Beard

Beard oil is going to increase the overall strength of your beard which is going to allow your beard hair to grow much longer. If you're looking for a beard that would make ZZ Top jealous, then arming it with nutrients and oils is definitely the best way to go.

Have a Better Smelling Beard

Beard hair can become pretty smelly from the sweat on your face to the food that falls in it. Beard oil is going to do a great job at keeping a fresh aroma to your beard. This is especially true if you have a longer than average beard that collects dust particles and debris from the air

It's Good For Your Skin

The skin under your beard is constantly trapped from the sun and rarely gets the attention it deserves from your face wash and other moisturizers. A quality beard oil is going to have lots of argan and essential oils that will help nourish the skin on your face and prevent beard dandruff which we all know is gross.

Still debating if beard oil is worth it?

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