How To Use Shaving Soap

Without a doubt, using shaving soap and brush is the best and fastest way to improve quality shaving. That is because the use of a shaving brush exfoliates your skin, making it smoother and less prone to burns, wounds, and cuts, and at the same time making hair to lie straight face, making it easier to cut.

The thin layer of soap on your skin also has excellent lubrication, allowing the blade you use to pass through your skin quickly and smoothly. That improves the quality of the shaver and makes shaving much faster due to less necessary passes.

But to get all these benefits from a shaving brush and shaving soap, you need to use them the right way. Remember that shaving soap hardly ever foams like the creams you always use, and alternatively, you'll get something more supple and hydrated.

However, the more you work on the brush, the more foam will increase, but your goal should be to form small round tips when brushing.

Get warm water

First, you need warm water. It should be warm, not warm because you want your skin to be softer and softer. Spray your face several times to thoroughly soak your beard. The wetter face, the easier it is to cut.

If your skin is dry, try applying a little moisturizer to avoid damaging your skin. If you don't have warm water, it is essential to soak it as it softens it to allow it to load on a shaving brush.

The amount of time that soap needs to be absorbed varies from product to product, but in most cases, it won't hurt to leave it on for 10-15 minutes, which is why many men do this step before bathing.

After that, take the soap and the brush.

It would help if you also had a cup or something similar to create the foam you will use. Soak the brush in hot water, then remove it and drop excess water. Using warm water is crucial as it expands the bristles and makes the brush more fun.

After that, if you are using solid shaving soap, brush it several times to remove the correct amount of soap. If you use shaving cream, a pea-sized serving in your cup is more than enough for your throat.

Brush load

The first step in building the foam is to load the wet brush with soap by rubbing it in a circular pattern over the soap. 

Since the brush should remain completely wet, a little excess soap and water may come out at first, but don't worry, keep turning the brush until the foam bubbles are small.

This process's goal is not yet to build foam, cover the brush with soap. However, you will be astonished at how little soap you require, so don't overdo it as this could make the cream too hard.

Foam manufacturing

Then start by moving the brush over the cup in a circular motion. You want air to be incorporated into the foam to make it soft and firm. Keep moving until the foam looks like meringue (depending on the quality of the brush, it can take up to 3 minutes). Then you have a shaving foam to use.

Experimentation is the key

We have no best way to use this soap, so never be scared to try it longer. After trying many different methods, you still can't get the proper foam. Your problem is probably related to hard water because the minerals in hard water can sometimes affect the foam capabilities of many shaving soaps.

Try using distilled water to see if the results are improving or test your home in hard water to make sure.

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