How To Shave Your Pubic Area

No matter what part of the body you plan shaving, the process can be pretty intuitive. How to shave your pubic area is a common question; you are not alone if you are wondering this. Shaving your pubic area is a delicate procedure.

The pubic area is a sensitive part of our bodies, and you have to be careful around. But before I give you a few proper ways step by step on how to shave your pubic area, allow me to state that shaving or not shaving that part of your body should be a personal choice.

Laser hair removal and waxing are good options, but if you want to do the procedure privately by yourself, you can learn how to shave correctly. This article will guide you on shaving the right way and avoiding common mistakes that you may not even know you are making.

Not shaving the right way may lead to inflamed skin, razor bumps, skin irritation and worse, ingrown hair. Ensure you carry out the shaving safely.

Why do we have pubic hair?

According to experts, pubic hair is a form of defense mechanism in our bodies. It is a protective barrier. Pubic hair, just like hair in on our armpits or areas that get sweaty often, helps prevent chafing. 

Shaving leaves the skin around our pubic area exposed and vulnerable to infectious agents such as STDs like herpes or molluscum contagiosum. However, it is totally safe if the shaving is done correctly and one maintains proper hygiene.

Pubic hair is very typical for any adult. When cleaned appropriately, the hair poses no health risk. However, some people find pubic hair leads to more sweat and odor and prefer to trim or have it all removed.

Here are some vital tips on how to shave your pubic area for both men and women.

Tips on How to Shave Pubic Area

Begin by trimming your hair down.

In most cases, when you are wondering how to shave your pubic area, it is because your hair has grown back down there. It could also be a first-timer who is thinking of using a razor.

Set the right comb length on your body hair, a trimmer will help you have a smooth and easy trim.

It is safer to trim down the hair before shaving to avoid ingrown hairs, especially if it is longer than ¼ inch. Make it as possible before you hit the shower. It helps reduce drag, helping keep off razor burn. It also shortens the process, reduces irritation and saves you time.

You will notice more clogging on your blade with longer hair. You will be required to unclog and rinse it more often. 

Take a shower and exfoliate.

Water helps soften pubic hair (it can be wiry), making it easier for the razor to slide over your skin. 

It is better when you go for a waterproof blade. Using a loofah or a soft cloth, exfoliate by gently scrubbing the skin around your vulva and bikini line or penis.

This is very helpful for people whose skin is already prone to razor bumps. Always avoid heavy-duty scrubs or scented products (especially for women). Removing the dead skin helps it from building up on the razor, which may cause irritation.

Lather up with shaving cream or gel.

This is very important, especially for those delicate parts of our skin. It is best to use a sharp razor plus shaving cream to get that close shave without the risk of irritation. Avoid using body wash or cream as shaving gel as they are not formulated to enable your blade a gentle glide.

Once you soften your hair (make sure your pubic area is damp, not wet), grab your blade and get ready for action.

Shave in the direction of your hair growth with light, gentle strokes.

Before starting the shaving process, check and see if your blade needs replacing. The edges may feel dull and lubricated. Pulling your skin taught, take your razor and shave only in the direction your hair grows.

Going too many directions may cause a severe case of ingrown hair or deep cuts. Too much pressure may lead to irritation and razor bumps. Shave in light, gentle strokes, letting the blade do the work for you. 

Rinse your blade every few strokes.

After a few strokes, run the blade under water gently, both the front and backside. This helps remove the built-up hair, shaving gel and dead skin. These compounds building up your blade affects its effectiveness.

Shake the blade off for excess water other than wiping it or hitting it against the sink. It may affect its sharpness. Avoid pulling out build-ups with your fingers as it is risky, and you might cut yourself. Let the water do the trick for you.

Reapply shaving jell before you re-stroke to help reduce the chances of irritation or razor burns.


Using some warm water, rinse the area you were shaving. Gently rinse away all the shaving cream and take some time to examine your pubic area as you pull out any excess hair that may still be caught up on your skin after shaving.

Use a clean towel and pat yourself gently dry with a clean cloth once you are done shaving.


Most of us forget about this step, but it makes a huge difference. Post-shave moisturizing is necessary because your skin is usually dry from a shave. This is due to the exfoliation process. You need to hydrate the skin once more using unscented lotion.

Moisturizing also helps soothe your skin after a shave. It keeps off itching and irritation when your pubic hair starts to grow back. Also, before moisturizing and putting on your undies, always make sure you dry off your skin completely.

Putting on undergarments while the skin is still wet may rub your freshly shaved skin, causing irritation. Always have a quality moisturizer at hand that not only soothes your skin but also repairs itchy, dry, irritated skin.

Moisturizing should be a big part of your skincare routine. It helps maintain your skin's moisture barrier protecting your skin from external environmental damage.

Tips on Preventing Razor Bumps Around your Pubic Area

Now that we have given you the basics of shaving your pubic area, let us show you tips on avoiding razor burns, ingrown hair, and unnecessary irritation. These shaving tips will help you keep your skin smooth.

Avoid dry shaving at all cost.

There are times dry shaving can become tempting. You get an impromptu invite to a bikini party, the beach or a date and you do not have enough time to do a complete shower shave. It may seem like the only option but not really. Avoid dry shaving always.

For just a few minutes, take a washcloth and keep it in hot/warm water and press it on the area with your pubic hair to soften your hair. Don't forget to use shaving cream either. This short process will help reduce the chances of razor bumps.

Regularly change your shaving blades.

Using the proper tools often gives you the right results. Using a fresh razor is always advised. Apply shaving gel with no scent and let it sit for one or two minutes to soften the hair around your pubic area.

Using an old or worn-out blade will not only waste your time but will also increase the chances of razor burns and ingrown hairs. They are often ineffective.

Buy yourself a good trimmer.

It may be a pair of grooming scissors, a bikini area trimmer, or a body shaver. Always invest in good tools to help make the work easier.

They come in handy when you want to trim your pubic hair or are getting ready for the big shave, especially if you just had a baby or it has been a while.

Make shaving your pubic area the last step in your shower routine.

Shaving your pubic area as soon as you get into the shower can have very harmful razor burn risks on your skin. The longer you stay in the shower, the softer your hair follicles become. This lowers the chances of irritation.

Always make shaving your pubic area the very last step in your shower routine.

Avoid intensely scented body lotion.

We do love body lotions that are loaded up with fragrances. However, they can immensely irritate your pubic skin, especially when freshly shaved. Invest in a cream that is specific in soothing freshly shaved pubic skin.

Not all men aftershaves can be used. Always read the label for ingredients. Instead, you can use a natural and mild moisturizer such as aloe vera that will protect and soothe your skin.

Put on cotton underwear once done.

For women, avoid the urge to reach for laces or nylon underwear after a shave. As for men, go for cotton briefs/ boxers once you are done with the procedure. 100% cotton underwear that is smooth without a tight elastic band around the leg is ideal.

When it is too tight, your skin will not breathe as it should and may encourage ingrown hair. Always go for loose pants to aid the skins recovery process on the first day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I have my pubic hair?

All our pubic hair is unique, and how you choose to wear yours, it's all up to you. There is no wrong way or correct way.

Your preference may be to go pube-less, or just keep it trimmed or just as it is.

What if I cut my skin while shaving?

If you cut or nick your pubic area while shaving, apply pressure until it stops bleeding and clean with soap and water. Using a disinfectant is also encouraged. Avoid going to the more internal parts. Also, be careful around delicate skin like that around the labia.

You don't have to get rid of every strand of hair around your pubic area. The deeper you take your blade, the more the chances you will have an irritation.

What will make me sure I am shaving carefully?

Avoid dry shaving. Always lather up as a pre-shaving treatment to soften your pubic hair. Also, avoid dull or blunt blades. A fresh razor is always best and most efficient. Dull razors can be very unsafe, increasing the chances of a cut or razor burns.

How can one relieve razor burn?

Always have hydrocortisone cream in your fridge.

Applying it cold on your razor bump keeps the area cool, helping with the pain and red bumps.

What are ingrown hairs?

Ingrown hairs are the most frustrating part of shaving. Your skin is left with an irritating, inflamed, and swollen bump. This happens when hair curls up back in the skin other than growing out of the skin.

They can quickly come around when you use dull razors or wear tight underwear after you are done shaving. Also, avoid tight clothing with no breathing space like skinny jeans. You can buy over-the-counter creams or get a prescription from your doctor to treat ingrown hair.

What is the most critical thing about shaving my pubic area?

Avoid blind and dry shaving and always be gentle and careful. Try your best to see what you are doing, even if you need a mirror to do so. In case of a cut, an abscess or an infection, always see a dermatologist immediately.

It can be embarrassing for some of us, but dermatologists help us through such times. Some of these cuts may lead to severe bacterial infections.


How to shave your pubic area is quite a sensitive subject to most people. Some people believe that shaving will only make it come back thicker, which is not valid. You may also get misinformed by your close ones.

Always follow what you think suits you best.

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