How To Shave Your Head

Will I look good with no hair? What if my head is a funny shape? How long will it take to grow back if I don’t like this? Will it grow back? How do I shave my head bald? If you’re concerned about the horrible outcomes, keep reading and learn how to shave your head confidently.

These are all questions that probably are going through your head before you take the plunge and decide to shave your head bald. I know they went through my head for weeks… possibly months as I slowly debated if I were going “bic” it or not.

Well, let me assure you that if you’re here then you’ve made the right decision. If you’re anything like me, you want to make sure you do this right. I’m going to show you how to shave your head bald.

What Tools You’ll Need

The Prep

Just like cooking a delicious meal, preparation is key. Depending on the length of your existing hair, you’re most likely going to want to start with clippers. Yeah, it’s time to trim that comb-over you’ve been rocking. Don’t worry, it won’t be missed and you’ll look a lot better.

If you haven’t already, you’re going to want to make sure you have clean hair and scalp. Now would be a great time to pause reading, hop in the shower and hit the Head & Shoulders. You’ll want to use the clippers (or scissors) to trim your hair close to your scalp. You don’t have to get skinhead levels of perfection, but the more hair you remove with clippers (or scissors) the easier it will be to shave later.

The Steam

Now that your hair has been cut down and low to your scalp, you’ll want to rinse off any loose hairs in the sink. No need to give your hair a deep tissue scrub, just enough to get the rogue hairs that are likely everywhere out of your face and scalp.

You’ll want to take that trusty face towel and let the hot water run onto it until it gets steamy. Carefully (because it’s hot remember?) ring the face towel dry and lay it on your entire head. This is your first time shaving your head, so we want to make sure that we give proper time for the skin and hair to soften. This will help to prevent any razor burn or razor bumps or skin irritation later.

Let the towel rest on your dome piece until it’s nice and warm.

The Lather

Self-explanatory. Apply lather to hand or brush, lightly wet with water and massage into your head until a foamy lather covers your entire head

How To Shave Your Head

With or against the grain? Now, this is something that I feel I’ve debated with many people. I don’t think there is a single consensus, but for me, I’m a “with” kind of guy. When I first started, I used to do the against in order to get a super close shave. Now that I’ve been bald and shaving for over 4 years, I don’t feel the need to get baby bottoms close anymore.

The Start

I would say, shaving in whichever way you feel most comfortable, go ahead and take your first stroke down the center of your head.

Deep breath….


You did it! Actually, there was no real reason to start in the center of your head. I just wanted to make sure you couldn’t chicken out on me. Alright continue with the top of your head and work your way slowly down to your sides, stopping just before you reach the back of your head. We’ll be saving that for later.

The Finish

Don’t try to make multiple strokes as you shave. Remember, this is your FIRST time shaving your scalp. The skin has never been exposed a sharp blade running over it. If you’re not getting the baby smooth skin, you can always re-lather for a second pass.

Once you’ve gotten the tops and side down, this is where it gets tricky. You’ll want to position your handheld mirror so that it reflects the back of your head. This part isn’t that difficult to position the mirror, but it will take time for your brain to understand how to make your hands shave in the correct direction while looking at a reflection of a reflection.

If it’s too difficult, you can always do the feel method where you shave the back of your head as you normally would but follow behind the razor with your non-shaving hand to feel if you’re missing spots. Once you’re done and sufficiently bald, rinse your head with cold water to clean the excess lather off and also close your pores.

This might sting….

A bit….

That’s normal. But it’s okay. We’re almost done with how to shave your head.

The Lotion

It puts the lotion on its scalp or else it gets the hose. Well, it already got the hose, so I guess it’s time to dry that scalp. Pat it dry. Do NOT rub. Do I have to remind you again about this being the FIRST time?

Take your light face moisturizer and gently apply it to your entire scalp. The stinging sensation from the cold water should subside now. Revel in the glory of how smooth your scalp feels as you rub the lotion in its skin.

Once you are finished, gaze upon the glory of the dome in the mirror. Take a few selfies. Share your newly salted earth of a hair garden to the world. Spin around to get the full perspective. Slap the back of your own head like Brad Pitt does in Fight Club and shout, “Space Monkey”. Do that thing where you run your fingers across the top of your head like tapping fingers on a table.

I’m sure you’ve got a list of things you want to try.

Enjoy your newly shaved head and wear it with confidence. Remember… you’re in the club now.

Check out this video of how to shave your head

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