How To Shave Buttocks Hair

Hair on the buttocks and the area surrounding the anus is extremely common among males. Hair on your butt does have a function; shaving it reduces friction and chafing and keeps the region dry and aired, all of which contribute to comfort. As a result, a rising number of guys are shaving their whole bodies, including their tails. This article will discuss how to shave your buttocks hair properly.

Some people wonder why somebody would want to do anything like this. Pubic shaving has its fair share of horror tales, but for guys who can master it, it's a worthwhile endeavor. In addition to making you feel and look better, shaving or waxing your body might be enticing to both you and your spouse in terms of sex (assuming your partner enjoys a smooth bottom, which not everyone does).

How To Shave Your Butt: Step-by-Step

Step 1: Take a Bath and Towel Yourself

Scrub your body with soap and water before shaving, and afterward completely dry it off to prevent the spread of germs.

Taking a hot bath or shower helps soften your hair, but also prepares your skin for treatment. It is best to dry off with a new towel rather than one that has been used before.

Step 2: Disinfect and Clean Your Shaver

If you're using a new razor, you'll want to clean it first to get rid of any germs and dirt that may have accumulated over time. Running the blade under a strong spray of water as well as gently hitting the razor on the bottom of the sink helps remove hair in between the blades. Rub a little rubbing spirit on the blades after you've washed the razor to get rid of any germs.

Cleaning an electric groomer is as simple as opening the razor and removing any hairs that have gotten caught in it. Wipe the blades with alcohol after dabbing them on a cotton swab.

Step 3: Get Rid of That Buttocks Hair

If the hair on your buttocks is very long, you will need to clip it to make it easier to use your manual razor as well as body groomer properly. A blocked razor can make shaving extremely difficult and may result in some unpleasant snagging as hairs become lodged in the razor blade.

You can often get away with only using an electric groomer or even a manual razor for the majority of your body grooming needs. However, in order to obtain an excellent shave on your buttocks, you will require both of these items. The electric body groomer is exceptional for removing hair off the cheeks, but it is typically too large to go around the anus, necessitating the use of a manual razor within the area.

Groomers That I Would Recommend

Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7100, BG2040
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The Phillips Norelco Bodygroom Pro is indeed the effective body groomer on Amazon, as well as a favorite among well-groomed males if the hair is thick. Before grooming, you can use this device to cut the hair around your buttocks. You can as well use the shaving head to get a closer shave if you only want to shave both cheeks, but you won't be able to utilize this device "between both the cheeks."

This razor's dual-end shaving capability is appealing to me; the close-shaving shaving head on top and the hair-trimming trimmer at the bottom of the unit also with hair guard are both useful. At under $70, it's an exceptional investment for all your personal grooming requirements. For those who do not have much hair on their buttocks and are in between trims, the Wahl Micro Groomsman should suffice.

Wahl Micro Groomsman Personal Pen Trimmer &...
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Because of its modest size, you may place it just next to the anus. In order to avoid using a razor at all but yet maintain a clean look, you should use this with the Bodygroom Pro. On Amazon, it sells for around $9. This item is exquisite for trimming a little amount of hair, but if the hair is thick and long, you'll want to utilize the Philips Norelco Bodygroom Pro, which was previously discussed in further detail.

Closer-Shaving Razors

Schick Quattro Titanium Refills — Schick Quattro...
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A manual razor will give you a close, silky shave without nicks or cuts (once you've used a body groomer to shave the hair short). Schick Quattro Titanium razors are one of the greatest manual razors you could use for body grooming, according to my personal opinion. To avoid razor bumps and other skin irritations, the blades are wire-wrapped to prevent them from pushing too deeply into your skin. On Amazon, you can get eight cartridges for roughly $17.

Step 4: Buttocks Shave Gel or Cream Application

After applying a tiny amount of shaving gel to one of the buttocks (not both), rinse your hands thoroughly and dry them. To make it simpler to shave, you should only apply to one cheek at a time, so that you can simply pull cheeks apart without your palms slipping.

Shaving Cream That Is Highly Recommended

The Art of Shaving Unscented Shaving Cream for Men...
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You should use The Technique of Grooming Unscented Shaving Cream for Males to shave your buttocks because it's a great product for that purpose. I know that most men like to use their regular shaving cream, but I strongly suggest you try this one instead. To explain, here's why: First and foremost, it's one of the most emollient shave creams you'll ever use.

This lather is thick and creamy, but not so dense that you can't see what you're doing. Furthermore, it provides excellent hydration to the skin and is ideal for those with sensitive skin. It costs roughly $25 on Amazon to purchase The Art of Shaving Men's Unscented Shaving Cream.

Step 5: Go Ahead and Keenly Shave Your Buttocks

Shave the hair around your buttocks by dipping your razor in cold water. To begin shaving, just switch to a body groomer and turn it on if you're using an electric groomer. As a general rule of thumb, you should avoid shaving against the grain if you're susceptible to skin irritation. Standing with your butt towards the mirror in your washroom is the ideal position since it enables you to see what you're doing without putting too much pressure on your back.

Because the razor does all the work as you shave, you simply need to softly touch it against your skin. Use cold water to remove any trapped hairs from the razor blade if you're shaving with a manual razor (cold water reduces redness). The blades of a body groomer should be combed often to eliminate any stray hairs if using a body groomer.

Step 6: Using a Razor, Shave the Area Between Your Cheeks

The difficult part is shaving between the cheeks since it's the most difficult to see. Using a portable mirror is essential for this phase. As soon as you've shaved the area between your cheeks, you're ready for the next step. Lay a portable mirror face-up on the floor for best results. Start shaving by kneeling in front of the mirror. 

The most difficult part of shaving your butt is getting a clear line of sight, therefore a large mirror is necessary. Maintaining regular shaves will keep your razor's cartridge clean and free of debris. The Wahl Micro Groomsman personal trimmer can be used instead if you have only a little quantity of hair growth surrounding your anus.

Step 7: It’s Time To Clean and Rinse Your Bottom

Following your shave, rinse off any extra shave gel as well as stray hairs with cold water to ensure that all hair has been eliminated and that you are happy with your shave. A non-irritating body cleanser may also be appropriate for this situation.

Step 8: Towel or Clean Cloth To Dry Yourself 

Use a new, clean towel to wipe away the moisture from your skin. An old towel may have bacteria on it.

Step 9: Treat Your Buttocks with Antiseptic

Using a generous and equal amount, treat your skin with an antiseptic/razor bump remedy. The optimum time to use this therapy is immediately following a shower or bath. Before applying either body powder or donning any clothing, let the antiseptic treatment dry completely. It may or may not sting a bit depending on your skin type. Using an antiseptic during the first few times after shaving is essential.

The Most Pleasant Antiseptic

There are several horror tales from men who have had traumatic experiences shaving their buttocks. None of them utilized an antiseptic in any of the situations. Skin-soothing agents, such as antiseptics, are crucial because they help to tighten pores while also killing germs. By not using an antiseptic, you increase the likelihood of skin irritation occurring on your skin.

Shaveworks The Cool Fix Aftershave for Women:...
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There are a variety of suggested products available, such as the Cool Fix. Essentially, it is a silicone-based antiseptic that not only nourishes the skin and kills germs, but also has a cooling effect that is rather pleasant to use. The Cool Fix is available for purchase on Amazon for around $26.

Step 10: Apply a Little Amount of Body Powder on Your Buttocks

Finally, apply body powder on your bottom; this will keep you dry as well as fresh, while also preventing any chafing or itching from occurring. Every day, you need to reapply the body powder to keep it fresh.

You should invest in an excellent body powder to assist keep your skin dry and smooth after you have removed all the hair around your buttocks. Because you will not be able to ventilate this region as effectively as you would otherwise, you must do so.

Step 11: Your Buttocks Need a Good Exfoliation

Exfoliating your butt after a few days can help avoid ingrown hairs and skin discomfort. To loosen the hair as well as remove dead skin cells, use an exfoliating cloth. Most of the time, you won't have to do this every single day, every several days are about right.

How To Cope With the Itchy Butt Hair After Grooming?

This is the most often requested question. Two hazards are associated with shaving your buttocks. The first is that you will experience intense itchiness and razor burn as a result of shaving. Skincare is the greatest approach to prevent this from happening. After shaving, apply moisturizer and dress comfortably in boxers or shorts. To assist prevent the issue, shave carefully and in the direction of the hair growth.

Itching happens as the hair comes back. Butt stubble is a pain, and there's nothing you can really do about it.

First, don't shave in it. To avoid prickliness, merely cut and leave the hair long enough. This approach allows for short, manicured hair. Second, avoid angling the hair. Sharply chopped hair becomes pricklier. Keep the blade parallel to the skin when shaving to avoid stubble.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is shaving my butt hair a good idea?

We can't emphasize enough how completely typical butt fuzz really is. Given that there is no compelling medical reason to do away with it, it essentially comes down to personal taste. Your buttocks, your call.

If you're on the fence about whether to stay bare, you may always opt to just conduct a minor grooming session.

Is it true that shaving your butt hair makes you sweat less?

Because hair retains moisture, shaving your buttocks may result in less perspiration, or at the very least little obvious sweating, than otherwise. Shaving may also help to reduce the stench associated with sweating and perspiration. The majority of hair is porous, which means it is capable of absorbing and holding onto perspiration.

Do people with hairy buttocks sweat more?

Most healthy tips claim that some guys who shave their buts experience more sweating, which it's believed is due to the hair absorbing part of the wetness.

Skin-on-skin irritation, as well as direct contact between skin and feces, are prevented by the hair on the butt.

Final Thoughts

Butt hair shaving or trimming is not required for health reasons, but shaving your bottom hair can assist minimize sweating. Because bum hair can irritate sweat glands, causing excessive sweating. Trimming/shaving/waxing (whatever you like) can offer your butt extra room to breathe. But this only works if you have a bunch of butt hair. If you don't, grooming won't make much of a difference. There are better alternatives.

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