Effective shaving has recently become a lost skill. Today's average man has no hint about the impeccable art of the ancient wet shave that their fathers and grandfathers used to participate in.

They are instead absorbed in the disposable and cheap shaving items manufactured in the companies. No one is sure why or when it occurred, but the tradition of using wet shaves stopped abruptly.

However, this magnificent ritual is offering a comeback. 

Advantages of using safety razor

  • It is cheap: the price of a double-edged razor blade is barely $.25. Using a safety razor can help you save a serious amount of money. Moreover, you can also save your money by utilizing traditional soaps and shaving creams.

  • More consistent: currently, most men are not confident with their shaves. Electric razors cause irritation to the skin more than expected, thus exposing the skin to redness, ingrown hairs, and razor burn.

    Using a safety razor will protect the skin from irritation and offer your face a healthy and clean look.

  • Minimize environmental impact: using safety razors for shaving uses relatively less waste compared to using cartridge ones. Additionally, a double-edged razor blade can be recycled, unlike modern cartridge blades.

    The bowls and tubes that various traditional soaps and shave creams used are known to produce minimal waste compared to those chunky non-bio gradable aerosol gels. 

Necessary tools need for wet shaving

  • Safety razor

Moving from an inexpensive non-reusable razor to a safety razor is just like upgrading to a Mercedes from a Pinto. A safety double-edged razor blade is a real machine.

Holding a piece of strong and heavy metal in your hand while shaving feels nice as opposed to a cheap plastic blade. 

  • Shaving brush

A shaving brush assists you in hydrating the cream to form a rich, thick shaving lather. It also helps to take the cream up under every whisker, which leads to smoother and perfect shaves.

Additionally, it is a superior experience to lather up shaving cream on your face using a brush.

  • Blades

There are varieties of blades to choose from. Every blade has a distinct cutting capacity and sharpness. Try using various types of blades until you suit your preference.

But experts recommend the American Personna. You can find these types of razor blades in most pharmacies. They are normally marketed as all-purpose brand razor blades. 

  • Shaving creams and soaps

If you are a middle-class person, you have possibly been using your cream from a can. The green/blue chemically spiked goop has no significance on your face rather than smelling like a clinic.

On the other hand, traditional soaps and shaving creams are spiced with natural vitamins and elements that nurture your face and leaves you with a manly smell. Although these soaps and creams may be pricey, just a little dab will generate enough lather.

How to shave using a safety razor

  1. Adequately prepare your beard: you need to often prep your beard for a clean shave. The objective of this step is to soften your sideburns for easier shaving and minimal irritation. The perfect way to do this is to shave the beard immediately after getting out of the shower. Use a hot towel to soften your beard.

2. Lather up: pour a small amount of the shaving cream into a mug. Use your brush that you have pre-soaked with warm water and stir until you observe an awesome thick lather. Using the brush, apply the lather in swirling movements. 

3. Shave: using a safety razor for shaving normally requires a level of expertise, as opposed to when using cartridge blades. However, once mastered, you should be doing it in just a short time span. To shave efficiently, consider the following keys:

  • Utilize minimal pressure
  • Go for reduction of beard and not removal.
  • Shave the whiskers with the grain

After shaving: Wash your face with cold water in order to close your glands. Ensure to treat your beard with an excellent aftershave.

Bottom line

Safety razors may appear intimidating and antiquated for a modern man, particularly when paralleled with the high-quality blades.

Also, the safety razors have not really evolved since their inception more than a hundred years ago. However, they are considered to be relatively sharp.  If you have acne on your face, you are recommended to wait until it heals before shaving with a safety razor.

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