How To Rock Viking Beards And Look Fierce

Beards have made a comeback, and that too, in the form of a full-grown Viking beard style. They link back to the Norsemen of the 11th century when a long beard symbolized a warrior and braver look.

AND the trend catches on again…

Whether you want your beard in braided, bushy, modern, pony-style (Khal Drogo from Games of Thrones), or other bazillions of beard styles, this is the place for you.

Looking after a regular beard seems like a piece of cake compared to maintaining and organizing a beard of this type.

That’s why!

We are presenting you a bucket load of Viking beard styles that make your personality pop and desirable.

50 Viking Beards Ideas

1. Wavy Viking Beard

Are you getting curls in your beard? What better way to make a unique style out of it? Transform it into a healthy wavy Viking beard and let it grow on its own. Apply good-quality beard oil and make the statement with a rugged look.

2. Short Beard

A Viking beard doesn’t necessarily have to be long and full always. Some guys love it short, and that’s one way to go about. If still not convinced, try watching Norsemen portrayed on the silver screen, and you won’t need any more persuasion.

3. Bushy Beard

The most common option that most guys go for is the usual-style Viking beard. It gives a wild and bushy look along with the rugged handsomeness. Back in the Scandinavian period, it was worn by farmers and workers.

4. Single Braided Beard

If you are the one who likes to play along with your beard, this might be the perfect style for you. Decorate your beard with one braid in the middle, just like the Vikings before they went to fight.

Looks even better if you have a thicker beard.

5. Rounded Beard Look

Rock the overall aesthetics with a round Viking beard. It requires trimming around the corners and looks even better with some good-quality beard oil. Take the modern approach and fill your face with the macho beard style.

6. Pony-Style Viking Beard

Do your beard hairs get all over the place? Do you find it hard to comb your beard every day? Pull off this beard style without ever needing beard combs. Bind your beard into a bit of horse under your chin and enhance your charm. Easy to maintain while giving you a unique Viking look.

7. Rectangular Beard

With a big beard comes big responsibility. Presenting the rectangular beard style for the long Viking beard enthusiasts who want to express their inner warrior with a stylish beard.

Handy! If you have been growing your beard for a long time.

8. The Bare Viking Beard

Are you looking for a modern Viking look? And, that too, without the need of constant trimming? Among all the beard styles, here's the one that keeps your facial hair in one place and blends right in with people around you.

Easy to grow if you are just starting out.

9. Beard Style for Older Men

Men at a mature age experiment a lot with their looks. So why not grow a beard that puts you right back in a teenager's shoes. Surprise the people around you with a stunner beard look.

10. Red Beard Viking Style

Natural gingers look more Scandinavian than their black-haired counterparts. Wear this look to add a masculine ambiance to your personality.

11. Blonde Beard Styles

An all-blond beard spurs out the North Scandinavian look and adds more Viking factor to your character. Keep it short, with precise trimming in all the right places, and give off the warrior vibe.

12. Mustache Viking Beards

Keep the evenness and uniformity of both the beard and the mustache while radiating a mature look. Rocking this style requires a lot of time to grow the beard, and maintaining the shape demands trimming once in a while. Also, Beard oil is a must accessory.

13. Handlebar Mustache Beard

Craving more attention? Add a handlebar mustache to your already incredible beard and attain a distinctive look. That will need some work, such as twisting, straightening out, pulling out the strands, trimming, and applying the right amount of oil.

14. Long Viking Beards

Intensify your appearance with a long beard if you have thick facial hair. It works well when you have no issue in maintaining and keeping your beard in order.

15. Double Braided Beard Styles

Represent yourself from the warriors' race by wearing this beard. Braids help in holding the hair together and can turn your beard into various styles.

It works with the cheeks as well as the chin and portrays pure elegance. Grooming is a must!

16. Medium Viking Beards

Good at grooming your beard? Medium Beard is the way to go. Neither short enough (to go unnoticed) nor long enough (to become inconvenient), but lands just in between and carries the right amount of machoness.

17. Beard for Black Men

There's something for everybody in Viking beard designs, and this beard is the perfect example of that. Grow a fully grown beard with any hairstyle you like, be it afro, cornrow, mohawk, buzz cut, or any other. Adding a heavy mustache shows a more mature look.

18. French Braid Viking Beards

Ready to take on complicated beard styles? Here's the one. It features a long beard with French braids and a tiny pigtail at the bottom. Make sure to carry a comb wherever you go because this beard comes with a responsibility.

19. V-Shaped Braided Beard

While on the topic of complicated beard styles, here's another one for you. Hanging over the upper chest area, with tight braids and a small pigtail, this beard needs regular nourishment and care.

20. Twisted Braid Viking Beard Styles

Turn your beard into a twisted rope-like pattern, hanging just in between your chest. To wear this beard, segment the lower part of your beard into two sections and twist each hair section anti-clockwise to firm the grip. And there you have it!

21. Long Braided Beard Styles

Having long beards sometimes causes inconvenience. What better way than to turn it into a braided one. With the right amount of time to make beard braids, you can turn your minor inconvenience into one heck of a style.

22. Bee Hive Viking Beard

If your beard continues to grow unevenly, here's the style you need to adjust for. Let it grow for an extended period, and throw in the mustache too. Let the mustache rest on top of the beard to give it an even flow.

Handy! If you have a relatively smaller face but need to strike a macho look.

23. Pointed Beard

Keep it short and to the point with this beard design. It makes quite a statement with puffy hairstyles and is easy to maintain. If you are looking for an effortless option to boost your appearance and flaunt your confidence, this sure is the right way.

24. Beaded Mustache Beards

Stand out from the crowd and make people wonder whether it's a mustache or a beard. Keeping your chin and neck clear of any hairs, this beard starts from the ear bone, goes all the way towards the start of the mustache, and then suddenly drops down just under your lower jaws.

To keep it all together, add multiple beads and give off the mutton-chop vibe.

25. Goatee Beards

Focused on your chin and mustache, and still want to rock a beard? Flaunt your sharp jawline without any care using this beard design. Just keep it clean and straightforward right under your chin and rock the combo.

26. Knotted Viking Beard

Feel like your beard is too busy? Tie it into a knot and give off the Viking vibe. Set your beard apart so that it only covers the center of your face. It works well with shaved cheeks and a long beard.

27. Extended Goatee Beard

Fan of goatee beard and ready to take on the Viking version of it?

That is the style to go for. Worn by Ragnar Lothbrok in the "Vikings" series, this beard has its own standing and is catching on really well in the beard world.

28. Bald with Viking Beard

Having a Viking beard is quite an accomplishment but rocking it with a bald look takes it to whole another level. Complement your shaved head with an incredible beard style and bring out your best look.

29. Beaded Beard Styles

A most common look usually associated with Vikings is the beaded beard. If you are not the one for pigtails, go for the beaded one and add some dazzle to your personality. It usually takes time to grow the beard while trimming it periodically.

30. Viking Beard Styles with Side Fringe

Adapt a modern Viking look by wearing an impressive hairstyle on top of your sharp or a bit curvy beard. Add a more radiating look with side-swept fringe and front bangs with taper fade. This way, you give off an intense and stylish personality.

31. Dreadlock Beard Style

Are you thinking about going crazy with your beard?

What better way than doing a Chris Kayle version?

Grab a section of your beard, no more than an inch, and start the dreadlocks, gently twisting that section at the roots while holding the hair together at the tips.

32. Salt N Pepper Viking Beard

Are you getting a little grey in your hair? Turn it to your advantage and show off the Salt n Pepper look. Many men in their late 40s and 50s are pulling it off and getting a whole lot of attention. Strike an elegant and classic attitude while looking more desirable.

33. Curly Beard Look

Relatively bulky to maintain but adds more glory to the face. Yes, it's the curly beard. Whose bushy style grants the freedom to facial hair to grow all over your face.

Looks even better with a hat on!

34. Viking Beard without Mustache

Think you can pull off this look? Just let your beard grow while shaving off your mustache. Maintain this style with regular combing and massaging the beard with the right kind of oil.

35. Smart Beard

A crisp hairstyle, punchy beard, and a brief mustache: the right ingredients for the elegant beard style. Keep it compact with proper grooming and styling and achieve your desired look. Frequent trim is a must.

36. Intense Viking Beard

You won't believe what facial hairs can bring out about your personality. With the right amount of facial hair, you can make yourself appear fierce and impeccable. Apply an adequate amount of beard oil and balm and radiate the intense Viking look.

37. Waist Length Beard Styles

If you are already halfway there, you can give it a shot. Obtaining this beard requires a lot of patience, care, and grooming but rewards in the same manner.

Only one way to find out if all the jaw-dropping and head-turning hype is real!

38. Long Salt N Pepper Viking Beard Styles

A puffy hairstyle with a streamlined beard, giving a skin fade look and oozing buckets of pheromones. Consider growing this style if you are at an age where your beard is getting saltier, and it's worth the extra effort.

Naturally needs a fair quantity of beard oil to give off the smooth pattern.

39. Messy Beard

Although history depicts Viking's beards as well-groomed, however, when the style is trending, we need to catch the drift. Common among young blood, this full beard requires a lot of facial hair (not patchy) to send out the wake-up look.

40. Double Braid French Viking Beard

We usually dive into the abyss while thinking about braided beard styles. There's not a single style that fits all, and that's why presenting you another look that highlights two long and exquisite braids.

Make up your mind already if you are up for the challenge.

41. Blonde Hair Red Beard Style

Show off the mixture of red and blonde hair by adding this powerful combination to your beard. It makes your personality more captivating and is easy to transition without a lot of work involved.

42. Skin Fade Viking Beard

Skin fade beard brings out the best features of your facial hair while separating the beard from your hair. Make sure to style your hair now and then like a pro and flaunt this classic Viking look in its full glory.

43. Beard Style for Cool Grandpa

Just for the silver foxes out there! There's no way we are leaving you out of it. Having trouble rocking a Salt N Pepper look? Go all silver and be unique in your own way.

Add a dashing mustache and fold it around the corners if you like.

44. Viking Beards with Ornaments

Here we go, all classic again. Blend your beard with stylish clips, ornaments, and rings and ignite the distinct Viking vibe. It works evenly with both the long and the short versions.

Also, you can add Christmas or New Year’s Day jewelry to the beard and make your festivals more colorful.

45. Colored Beard Style

The use of color in beards is another 21st-century trend, and it's picking up the pace. Try using permanent colors to leave a long-lasting and prominent shade.

An Awe-inspiring choice for those who have vibrant personalities.

46. Multiple Beaded Viking Beards

Beaded beards are gathering momentum and thus originating various new styles. Some guys make the bottom of the beard in a pig-tail manner and some in a pony-tail fashion. Others merely introduce more beads.

Separate the chin hair into three equal portions, make sleek braids, and then add metal beads, and on you go.

47. Savage Beard

Need a fierce Viking look to startle everyone around you? This bold beard surely does the job. It drinks a lot of oil and demands you to be on the tips of your toes every time.

Managing it regularly and having patience are the key elements to growing this beard.

48. Stylish Viking Beards

Grow a Viking beard that opens countless styling opportunities and uses your facial hair in each possible way. Twirl your mustache and trim down only the top layer of your beard (that grows on your cheeks), and rock a thick beard style.

Add a western hat and colored glasses to boost your charm.

49. Beards with Horn-Shaped Mustache

Stand out from the pack when not only do you grow a Viking beard but also carry an elegant horn-shaped mustache. Keep a mustache comb with you at all times that glides through your hair cleanly and grooms it really well.

Apply balm periodically to avoid losing touch.

50. Viking Beard with Multiple Knots

Achieve this healthy beard with a side-fringe hairstyle, bushy Viking beard (going down the jawbone in V-shape), and multiple knots that end the beard while carrying the desired styling.

Yet another example of a memorable Norse beard that has taken the modern approach!


Looking forward to growing a Viking beard? Here are a few things to help you get started:

  • Beard comb to groom your fierce beard
  • Beard oils to grow your beard in the right direction
  • Beard trimmer for even beard trimming and shaping your beard.

You have all the beard styles right at your discretion. Now, it rests upon you to pull off the beard you deem fit for yourself.

Set yourself apart from the crowd, and embrace the Viking-style beard.

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