How To Fill In Beard Like A Pro

Having a patchy beard is one of the worst parts of growing your beard. If your patchy beard is patchy enough, it affects the entire beard growth and can be pretty disheartening when you can't achieve the look you really wanted.

Well, you're not alone. Patchy beard growth is one of the most common problems men tend to face when they start trying to grow hair on their faces. That also means that you can do many different things to easily fill in a patchy beard!

In this post, we're going to be going over what causes patchy hair growth and the tonnes of different techniques you can use to fill in a patchy beard!

The root of the problem - What causes patchy facial hair

Even though it might seem like the patchy beard is a curse from above, they usually have a reason or a few reasons behind it. If you solve the root cause, you could potentially fix a patchy beard from within! Here are some of the most common reasons why you might have a patchy beard:


One of the biggest reasons why many men have a patchy beard is that they were born that way. Genetics plays a huge role in how your hair growth comes in, especially when it comes to facial hair. Generally, if the men in your family, both on your mother and father's side, have decent facial hair growth and can grow a thick, fuller beard, the chances are that you will be too.

However, if most of the men in your family's beard hair grow in a little sparse, the chances are that your beard growth might follow the same pattern!

Low beard growth hormones

The amount of hair growth in your body has directly correlated to the testosterone levels in your body. If your testosterone is on the lower side, the chances are that you're going to have a patchy beard. To have your beard grow in a more even way, you'll first have to treat the low testosterone levels!

Weak hair follicles

Some men don't have a patchy beard because it grows in patches. Their beard is patchy because the hair follicles are so weak that the hair that does grow ends up falling out. That leaves bald spots throughout the beard hairs and creates the look of a beard that never properly grew in!

Just like the hair follicle on your head, if the hair follicle in your beard hair is weak too, you're going to experience balding, which will make your beard patchy!

Poor blood circulation

Since our bodies are always doing is pumping blood all around! And we tend not to realize that it's also possible to have poor blood circulation!

If your blood circulation is okay, every function of your body, including hair follicles, will be able to get the nutrition they need and flourish. But the opposite will be the case if you're dealing with poor circulation!


Sometimes, the initial beard grows just fine, but men tend to overgroom to the point that they end up with dehydrated skin and patchy areas that seem like they're there to stay, forever.

That might not seem like a prevalent problem, but it is. If you're not focused on grooming properly, you might end up with severe patches all over your face!


That is something that can affect every single part of your body, even your beard. If you're not eating well, your body goes into starvation mode and pretty much freaks out.

It needs to put in a lot more work to do everyday things, and it cannot provide the right amount of nutrition for everything. That means that your beard won't be able to grow in a healthy way, which will almost always lead to patches everywhere!

Medical conditions

Sometimes, the root cause of your patchy beard is something much deeper than you'd expect. Suppose you have a weak immune system or suffer from an underlying health condition, like alopecia. In that case, you might end up experiencing hair loss all over your body, including your beard!

That's something that you'll need a doctor's support to manage, and the recovery process may not be the easiest. However, it's still important that you get the official diagnosis so you don't accidentally end up doing something that would make the condition any worse!

How to work with a patchy beard

Now, while a patchy beard that lasts a long time might seem like there's no hope for your facial hair and that your beard growth will just stay that way, that doesn't need to be the case.

It isn't actually the end of the world. You can do a few things to work with the patchy beard to get it to a not-so-patchy place! Below are a few things you can do to natural work with beard patches, and if these work for you, you'll have a full beard in no time!

Be patient with it

One of the most important things when you're trying to fix a patchy beard is to make sure that the beard is the problem, not you. Many men end up overgrooming their beard, trimming, shaping, or shaving it so often that the entire growth pattern gets affected. It's essential that to get a full beard, you're actually letting your beard grow!

This doesn't just mean waiting a few weeks and then scrapping all of the progress; it could mean waiting up to two months or even longer!

Beard hair is different from the hair on your head, so it might actually take a long time for it to fully grow in.

Even if you see lots of beard patches, sit through them, and keep waiting for the beard growth to settle. Once it gets to the point that there's no irritation at all, and the pattern isn't changing at all, you can move on to something else! This way, you'll know precisely where your facial hair is the patchiest and can work on fixing it accordingly!

Eat better

If you've waited for your beard to grow and have noticed that the patches stay the same, there might be something else at play.

If your nutrition isn't the best, you're going to struggle to grow healthy facial hair. So, counter that by having more nutritious food like potatoes, kale, and spinach, which helps your beard grow healthy!

This won't just affect hair growth, but it will also help your overall health! So this is something you need to be incorporating in your life anyway. Even if you weren't trying to take your beard from scruffy to full!

Use a scalp hair growth activator

Let's assume that you're not overgrooming your beard, and you're also someone that eats very well. If you've ruled out other factors like medical health conditions and stuff, there's still a way that you can grow a healthy beard - by using a scalp hair growth activator!

Yup, while the product's name has the word "scalp" in it, the hair follicles in both your face and your scalp do work somewhat similarly because of the active ingredient, and they can benefit from the same product too! A growth activator that's meant for your scalp, used in tiny quantities, could also act as a patchy beard solution!

Incorporate a derma roller into your routine

Getting micro-needling done in addition to PRP is one of the best ways to stimulate hair follicles to enhance growth, but that's something that can be a pretty significant financial investment.

Plus, the process can also be excruciating, which isn't really something everyone wants to go through. An excellent way to get a partial version of that effect without having to invest that much money or deal with the pain is by incorporating a derma roller into your routine.

These are pretty cheap, and since the needles are very short, they're not that painful. Derma rolling can promote the collagen-building in your skin, and with it, make your facial hair grow faster too!

You could also only focus the rolling into the sections where your beard is the patchiest; that way, the skin underneath your patchy beard will have enhanced growth when compared to the rest of your face!

Use beard growth products

If you're someone that has always stuck to just washing your face and drying it and thinking that that was "beard care" enough, it's not.

You need to do many things to help your beard grow other than just washing it. You should be nourishing your beard regularly but using beard oils and other products that promote growth.

Set aside beard time that you spend just taking care of your beard. Most beards just need a little bit of extra care, and they can really thrive!

Even if this doesn't actually end up helping the patches, it will still allow the beard hairs that you do have to grow thicker and stronger!

Use natural oils

If you're dead set on not purchasing any fancy products featured in ads to help your beard get thicker, you can also try out natural oils that can help provide your beard hairs with a bit of boost!

This can be something like almond oil that's relatively light, or even a nightly dose of olive oil or a little bit of coconut oil if your skin can really help many men struggling to get their beards thicker!

Sleep better

No matter how important it may be to invest some time in your skincare and to take care of the food you're putting into your body, it's also essential that you rest appropriately as well.

People who have a busy schedule and are running from one thing to the next constantly end up tiring their bodies out so much that they struggle to do anything else, which affects all types of growth, even hair!

Try to relax; if your insomnia is stress-related, try to sleep better and see if that makes a difference!

Try supplements

If you feel like your body isn't getting all the nutrition it needs, you might just need some additional help. Supplements are a great way to well supplement your diet!

There are many exclusive deals that you can find on supplements of all kinds and get really nice ones that help nourish your entire body! When your body is happy on the inside, it can thrive on the outside!

Filling in a patchy beard

While everything we've just been over will help you work with patchy beards, there are some things you can do to make your beard appear less patchy!

While you wait for your beard to grow, here are a few tips you can try to help it!

Dye it

Many men think that they have a severely patchy beard when in reality, it's just their beard color! This is something that can actually be remedied very easily.

Just like dyes for your head, beard dye exists as well! Using beard dye, you can dye your beard a darker beard color than it already is. This includes everything, the chin, the cheeks, even the super-thin sideburns; get everything coated! By doing so, you'll be able to create an appearance of a fuller beard, even if your own beard doesn't look like that!

The darker the beard (within reason), the fuller it will look!

Although, there are a few things you should keep in mind here. First of all, if you're starting off with a really light beard color, don't just immediately dye it black. Gradually work towards a darker beard color. This will help fill in the hair shaft with the undertones that super dark hair has. That way, you'll be able to see the change be gradual so you can stop at any point that you feel happy with, and if you do end up going all the way to black, you won't have a flat black beard!

Trim it evenly

While patches in a beard can create a totally uneven look, things don't really have to be that way. If you've got a different length and thickness on your chin and sideburns compared to your cheeks, you've got a problem. Your entire beard will look like it's super patchy because of the varying lengths going on. A better idea is to pick a number on your trimmer and stick with it.

Trim the entire beard as evenly as you possibly can, and while that won't actually go in and cover the beard that you have, it will make sure that the cheeks and the rest of your beard look as even as possible, giving a less patchy appearance overall!

Brush it around

When your beard is patchy, it seems like there's nothing you can do to actually fill in the patchy sections, even if it were temporary, but you can; there's just a little bit of skill you need to have. Now, the first step is to actually grow your beard long enough that you're actually able to maneuver it around to get it to the patchy bits.

If you have a textured beard, this will work great for you, but it's even better to add some texturizing products, at least on the very tips of your hair. This will make it slightly easier to work your beard around. Now, grab a good quality natural bristle beard brush, and put some beard balm or styling balm on. At this point, you have enough product in your beard that it will move effortlessly where you want it to go!

Take the brush and start "teasing" your beard towards the patchy sections. You can even brush your beard in circles very slowly and move it around that way, whatever works best for you. Take your time with this, and make sure you don't end up irritating your skin. If it's an extremely important event and you've got your beard exactly how you want it, you can even go in with a strong hold hairspray to lock it into place! Before you spray, cover the skin on your cheeks and your eyes; just leave your beard out and spray it! It should be enough to keep everything locked in for the day!

Once you're back home, go in with some beard oil and cleanser to get rid of all of the product and have a clean beard before you go to sleep! This way, you'll have the fuller beard you wanted and still keep things neat and healthy for the future!

Try filler

These days, there's a temporary fix for everything. Even if you can't solve your patchy beard problem forever, there is something you can do to make it look a lot thicker than it actually is! A couple of years ago, a special filler pigment was made to "add" hair to a person's head.

The same concept can be applied to the face as well! Take the filler, start working in very thin layers and cover the entire patchy parts of the beard. Remember the tips all the pros stick with, "you can always add more later," but taking the product away is hard! That's why you need to work slowly and build the product to the point with which you're happy!

It's also important to remember that products like filler can actually block your pores and cause breakouts and, even worse, more patches in your beard if you're not making sure to cleanse it off at the end of the day. Go in with a balmy cleanser to get all the product out.

Better yet, go in with a double cleanser, so you're 100% sure that you've got everything out! That way you can even continue to use this method for as long as you need to! While you wait for your patches to grow in properly!

Use shadows

While makeup is usually marketed towards women, it's not just for women. There are lots of different ways that men can use makeup too! One of the best ways is using it to fill in your beard!

To do this, you'll have to find an eyeshadow color that perfectly matches your beard hair. Then, take a stiff makeup brush and start adding the color to your beard, using a lighter hand as you make your way up to the very edges of the beard.

The end result needs to look as natural as possible, so having a harsh line would totally ruin the look. Once you've got the main area all filled out, you can even add a bit of dimension by using brow products and a small angled brush to create the illusion of hair in places that you might not already have it in! If it works well to fill in brows, it can work well with beards too!

This is one of the best ways to give the appearance of a fuller beard!

Rock what you've got!

While all of the tips and tricks we've mentioned throughout this post will help you fill your patchy beard and help you grow a beard. Everything doesn't need to work for everyone.

You may end up trying everything, and those stubborn patches stay patchy! If that happens, remember, you can also rock a patchy beard if you know what you're doing.

If you don't think you're going to be good enough at that, try going to a great barber and have them professionally shape your beard so you can try out different patchy beard styles too!

This way, even if you don't know exactly what you're doing, they'll be able to guide you through it, and all you'll have to do going forward is keep up with it! You'll be able to rock the patches, whether the full beard grows in or not! If Keanu Reeves can do it, you can too! 

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