I don't clean my safety razor often, so if you're anything like me, you probably have all kinds of soap and shaving cream residue built up on your safety razor.

You're tired of looking at it and you want to restore it to it's beautiful shine and luster.

Here are some quick easy steps to clean your safety razor.

Tools You'll Need

  1. Anti-microbial soap. (simple dawn and dishwasher soap will work fine)
  2. A small bowl to mix your soap & water
  3. Old toothbrush
  4. Soft Rag
  5. Rubbing Alcohol

Step 1

Soak your razor head in some warm water with a bit of soap overnight. I always find it's easier to get a deep clean and remove built of residue if you give your razor a good soaking.

Step 2

Mix a bit of anti-microbial soap in a bowl with warm water. Take apart your razor and use an old tooth brush to scrub the individual parts clean. Pretty self explanatory here. Rinse all the parts of your razor with cold water.

Step 3 

Fill a small bowl with rubbing alcohol and submerge all your components in the alcohol. You can also use the toothbrush to scrub the razor with the alcohol as well. Use a soft rag to dry the razor off and allow the alcohol to evaporate

How To Polish Your Safety Razor

You'll want to use a soft cotton cloth and a NON ABRASIVE polish. Anything with an abrasive substance will scratch your razor and damage its shine. 

I'd recommend Flitz to polish your razor. Follow the instructions and it should be pretty self explanatory.

Flitz Multi-Purpose Polish and Cleaner Liquid for...
  • Multi-Purpose Cleaner: Has the industrial strength cleaning power to protect and polish metal...

Keeping Your Razor Clean

I recommend that you soak your razor in a barbicide solution every few weeks to prevent having to do such drastic deep cleans. I soak my razor overnight about once a week and then give it a good rinse before I use it the following day.

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