How Black Men Can Get Straighter Beards: Ultimate Beard Guide

Having a well – groomed beard can show your personality and enhance your confidence. In every situation, it is a positive thing to look good.  A lousy beard day is deprived of your appearance and self-esteem. There are different kinds of beard hair, each with a different texture. And how black men can get straighter beards is another question.

Ordinarily, curl beards are considered to be attractive and to give a good impression of a person. However, most black men find it painful and difficult to maintain them more so when the hair curls form strands at the ends.  

This is why we suggest keeping your beard straightened to give you a groom and attractive look.

It is hygienic and healthy to have beard hair, which is well maintained and taken care of regularly.

Straightening your Beard

Styling a curly beard is not that difficult when you are using the right tools and products. Most men find it hard to control their curly beard and straightening then becomes their only option. 

There are various methods that you can use to accomplish straightening your beard.

Some of the ways include chemical, mechanical and natural. 

Every method entails relaxing the hair so that it will lay flatter to make straightening easy and manageable.

How to Straighten Your Beard Naturally

Straightening your beard naturally is a daily activity. It entails the most efficient and straightforward methods

You will need to have a routine of beard maintenance and stick with it. Straightening should be done diligently with care for your beard to remain attractive and neat throughout the day.
The first step of straightening your beard is to use soap and shampoo. You should avoid harsh soaps and shampoos as facial hair needs gentle care to look its best.

Secondly, wash your beard with a mild cleanser formulated for beards and then apply a hair conditioner afterward.
Some of the methods you can use to straighten your beard naturally include,

1. Straightening your Beard by brushing it

For straightening your beard, you require a quality beard- brush, a silicone cream, and a hairdryer. 

After washing and conditioning your beard it becomes slightly damp, silicon cream helps to make it easier to comb and straighten. 

 It helps your beard to remain straight throughout the day without causing any side effects.

Some of the things you should not do while doing natural straightening by use of a brush is using a hot blower-dryer, hot air makes your hair brittle. 

You should not use too much silicon cream on your beard as it will make the straightening process ineffective. 

Also, other than the don’ts there are some things you should do to ensure you get quality results. 

You should use the most relaxed setting possible to make your beard look attractive.  Also, you should gently work it in by following the direction in which your hair grows in for a perfect straightening. 

To keep your hair soft, it is advisable to apply efficient beard oil, which is 100% natural and organic.

2. Straightening your Beard using Beard Relaxer

This is another essential solution to straighten your curly beard. 

Beard relaxer cream is designed to fortify the beard while making it grow active and healthier. The first step of using beard relaxer cream is washing the beard with a relaxing shampoo. 

You should use removable gloves to divide your hair into small sections and apply the cream gently to each segment while avoiding to get it into contact with your skin. 

By use of beard comb, spread the cream across your beard and after a half, an hour, rinse the beard relaxer out without applying shampoo. 

The straightening iron should be used after drying the beards to remove the curls out and make your beard straight. 

3. Straightening your Beard using Beard Straightener

While it is factual that a hot blow-dryer can make your soft hair into an annealed disorder, there is a place for heat in grooming your beard. 

A good hair straightening iron will proficiently and quickly control your beard.  

You should use a mini-sized iron for efficiency during straightening. 

The use of beard straightener is straightforward and simple as it sounds, it saves your time giving you reliable results. 

You should be careful while using the straightener to avoid burning or causing damage to your facial hair. 

Also, if you cannot do it by yourself, it’s advisable to look for a professional person to do it for you.

4. Straightening by Trimming 

This is done to remove the split ends and to shape up the facial hair. 

You can start trimming after four weeks to maintain the health of your beard and prevent damage. 

 Trimming helps to keep your face tidy, cutting some length off assists to tame the facial hair from growing in weird directions.

Is Beard Straightening for Black Men Worth it?

Every person has their idea about their personal style and what they like. 

For many men, a straighten beard is just what they like. 

You should dedicate your time to keep your beard attractive and to ensure that it does not suffer any damage.

 If you are ready to use the right methods and products regularly and you are happy with your beard when straightened, then you should go for it. 

However, you should be careful when using chemicals or straighteners to avoid burning your skin. 

Beard straightening is not harder than any other personal grooming practices you have. It is worth it for you to look the way you think is best.


Beard maintenance among black men has a lot of demanding requirements. Our beards are extra thick, although good, they require constant care. 

Maintaining a beard and straightening are two different tasks. A curly beard which is thinner than usual will look fuller due to the tangling of the strands. 

However, the ugly part about it is that the curly beards may look patchy if they are not maintained well.  This makes it one of the reasons why there is a need for an African- American beard straightener.

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