Great Fogless Mirrors To Shave With

​We’ve all been there before. You take a nice, hot, steamy shower to get your pores open for a clean shave. You go to grab your mirror and all you see is the mist of Casper the Friendly Ghost. Not actually, but you get my point. I’m going to help you find the best shaving mirror that doesn’t fog up so you can still enjoy your shower ritual while having the tools you need. This guide will help you find the best fogless shaving mirror for your bathroom and shower.

In a rush? Here is our top Pick

1. Shave Well Fog Free Mirror

Shave Well Fog-Free Travel Mirror for Shaving -...
  • RFLECTIONON THE ROAD: If you’re traveling or at the gym, you’ll want to pack this light,...

There are a few reasons why this tops out as my #1 pick. For starters, it’s a great value for money. More importantly, if you’ve ever tried to have a real glass mirror in the shower, you know that dropping it is literally the worst thing that can happen in the morning. Glass shatters everywhere and you’re stuck with the conundrum of finishing your shower or stopping to clean it up.

This is a very simple to use mirror that is “unbreakable” and comes with one of those suction cups so you can prop it up anywhere. The hole in the top makes for a great hole to position your thumb through while you shave.

Oh… and it doesn’t fog up.


Things We Like

  • Great Value for Money
  • Easy to install
  • Doesn’t shatter

How Do Fogless Shaving Mirrors Work?

In order for a mirror to not develop fog (or condensation)  it must be a warmer temperature than the surrounding air. Not to turn this into a science lessons, but when water vapor in the air comes into contact with a cooler surface,  the molecules slow down and get closer together. The steam in your shower turns back into water droplets and you get fog on your mirror.

Most, if not all, fogless mirrors on the market work by using a water reservoir or just proximity to a heat source (in addition to chemical additives on the surface of the mirror) to bring the temperature of the mirror up so that it doesn’t develop fog.

Let’s look at some options.

The best Fogless Shaving Mirrors

2. Upper West Collection No Fog Shaving Mirror

This is by far the simplest option you can put in your shower without having to install sticky pads that could leave residue to your shower walls. The suction cup uses a silicon pad and a twist locking mechanism that tightens the seal so that you can easily apply this to any surface in your bathroom or shower. It also comes with a swivel base that will allow you to twist and turn it to suit your needs. This is a great application for those cramped bathrooms where space is limited.

Things We Like

  • Easy suction cups
  • Swivel base

3. Fogless Shaving Mirror With Razor Holder

Fogless Shower Mirror with Built-in Razor Holder |...
  • GUARANTEED NEVER TO FOG: While other bathroom shower mirrors have fog-resistant coatings that...

This unit is great because not only does it easily attach to a flat surface with a suction cup, it has a tray to hold your razors. I always find myself running out of space in my shower for my razor and this mirror works like a charm. It doesn’t work with a chemical coating, it has a slot in the back where you pour in water from your shower and and you can rotate it to release the water after you’re done.

Things We Like

  • Tray to hold your razor
  • Easy suction cup to attach to flat surface

4. Reflect XL Shower Mirror

ReflectXL Shower Mirror. Our Largest Mirror -...
  • Patented design. SIZE 7.6" x 5.6". With two removable, stainless steel hooks and a length adjustable...

Sometimes you just want a simple, low cost solution and the Reflect XL Shower mirror is exactly that. No need for fancy hooks or trays, this is just a simple fogless shaving mirror on a string. Almost as ingenious as soap on a rope. You can hang it off your shower head, the water nozzle or any random hooks you have laying around the bathroom. There really isn’t much more to say about this other than it’s simple and it gets the job done.

If you’re looking for a no nonsense approach to fogless shaving mirrors, then this is your product.

Things We Like

  • Simple and straightforward
  • No need for installation

5. ToiletTree Fogless Shaving Mirror

ToiletTree Products Fogless Shower Mirror with...
  • Just add warm or hot water to the removable patented water chamber (it only takes seconds!) and the...

If you’re really looking to up the ante and get the full kit and kaboodle, then look no further. The ToiletTree (get it?) mirror is a robust solution that definitely has one of the most professional looking installs on the market, but it’s also requires that you affix it to a flat surface with adhesive pads that are on the back of the mirror. It has a removable water reservoir that you fill up and replace in order to keep the mirror from fogging up and a tray on the bottom that also functions as a squeegee to clean the mirror when you’re done using it.

Pretty clever if you ask me.

Things We Like

  • Professional look
  • Removable water chamber

6. ToiletTree Deluxe Fogless Shaving Mirror

ToiletTree Products Deluxe LED Fogless Shower...
  • FOGLESS MIRROR- This shower mirror is guaranteed to be fogless for life! You will never have to...

I know I said that the other ToiletTree mirror was the full kit and kaboodle, but this mirror really takes the cake. It comes with all the great features of their base model, but it includes LED lighting so that you can see in even the most dimly lit showers. That will require batteries, but I know there are lots of you who’s showers might resemble caves more than they do lightroom's. 

It’s okay. I’ve been there before. Shower lighting isn’t always the most thought about idea when designing bathrooms and I’ve lived in many apartments where the shower lighting has been less than adequate. This deluxe fogless shower mirror will help solve that problem

Things We Like

  • LED lights. Enough said. 

7. OXO Good Grips Fogless Mirror

OXO Good Grips Suction Fogless Mirror 3" L x 7.2"...
  • Large, Shatterproof, no-fog mirror features a Contemporary profile

Is there anything that OXO makes that isn’t beautiful? Even something as simple as a fogless mirror is given extreme attention to detail by the designers at OXO. This mirror attaches with a simple suction cup and metal frame. The mirror is easy to take on and off the suction cup so that you can fill it with warm water or hold it for a closer shave. It even has a nice tray at the bottom for holding your razor.

Things We Like

  • OXO has a great warranty behind all their products
  • Beautiful and simple design

8. Fogless Shaving Mirror With Razor Hook

Probeautify Fogless Shower Mirror for Shaving -...
  • FOGLESS SHOWER MIRROR FOR MEN: Shaving in the Shower has never been easier! Our no fog mirror for...

The shower head is definitely FOGLESS. Its design seems to be the only way to get a truly fogless mirror in the shower. The optics are clean and clear. The mirror securely attaches to the wall, and I appreciate the tilt function. 

The mirror uses a neat suction method that is easy to remove. I've used other mirrors that left behind a silicone residue that are impossible to remove. Not this mirror. Twist on and then twist off. I also like the razor holder built into the mirror.

Things We Like

  • Works great at being fogless
  • Razor holder that isn’t obtrusive

Top Brands For Fogless Shaving Mirrors


OXO is on a quest to make the everyday better. For over 25 years, they’ve made household tools that delight their customers and exceed their expectations. When OXO has an idea, they make it happen, even if it hasn’t been done before—especially if it hasn’t been done before.


ToiletTree Products is a family-owned company that designs and manufactures unique products for the home and bath. In 2014, Inc. Magazine ranked ToiletTree Products #439 on its list of the 500 Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies in the US. Since then we have continued to expand.

Upper West Collection

This brand specialized in mirrors that they sell exclusively on Amazon. With over 5000 positive reviews, and counting, they are definitely a brand to trust when it comes to fogless shaving mirrors or really anything in the bathroom that has to deal with mirrors. 

Wrap up

It’s a very easy choice when it comes to stocking your bathroom with your next fogless shaving mirror. Choose something that has the simplicity, portability or all of the bells and whistles. My personal choice is Shave Well mirror as I like a simple solution, but if you enjoy the finer things in life the ToiletTree fogless shaving mirror is a great alternative.

Whatever mirror you choose… you’ll be able to see yourself without fog and that’s really all that matters.

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