How To Get a Smooth Bald Head

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I spend more time shaving every day than I spend showering and brushing my teeth. This got me thinking about how to get a smooth bald head and most importantly, how to keep it that way.


To Grain Or Not To Grain

I think when most men envision a “smooth” bald head, they think of shaving against the grain to get the closest shave possible. Scientifically, I have to agree with this philosophy as cutting the hair against the grain typically shaves the hair beneath the skin making your initial shave as smooth as possible.




This might not be an option for those of us with sensitive skin that want to reduce irritation. I’ll let you be the judge of that, but generally speaking, shaving against the grain will give you the closest physical shave.


A Fresh Clean Razor

It might seem like common sense when trying to get a smooth bald head that you should use a fresh razor, but I know there are times when you just want to get in and get out. Using a fresh razor every time you shave your head will ensure for the best way to get a smooth bald head.


The sharper your blade the better it will cut your hair… nuff said.


  • Make sure you’re using a fresh clean razor
  • Prep your head with a nice hot towel beforehand to soften the hairs and raise them for a good close shave
  • Shave over each area with slow and even strokes

Give a Multi-Blade Razor a Try

If you have the skin to handle the multiple blades of Shick or a Gillette, then I would recommend that you try a multi blade razor. The multiple blades do a great job of pulling the hair up and then cutting it low and beneath the skin. This is sure to give you a smooth bald head, but definitely not for those with sensitive scalps.


Clean Any Areas Up

You’ve been focusing on how to get a smooth bald head and nothing ruins that more than having a bunch of nicks and cuts. Make sure you wash your scalp with some nice cold water to close those pores and apply astringent to any cut areas.



This is where most men fail to get the perfect smooth bald head. Everything has been freshly shaved and you’re just going to walk out of the house like that?


I think not…


Keeping your scalp moisturized between shaves is key for that fresh look.


  • Choose between shave moisturizers that have olive oil or potentially a cocoa butter
  • Don’t apply any aftershave to your scalp as this will dry up your skin
  • Try a delicate face lotion with some SPF to top off on your scalp.


You’ll have to work with a few products until you find that luster that you’re looking for or maybe you want a nice matte finish on your head when you shave.


After all… going bald shouldn’t be a negative thing. If you keep that dome looking fresh and smooth, you should be getting compliments in no time.


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