Can You Bring Safety Razor On An Airplane? The Ultimate Travel Guid

Yes, you can bring a safety razor handle on an airplane, but the razors can't go in your carry on luggage.

The razors, knives and box cutters are on the TSA banned list. You'll have to put the razor blades in your carry on luggage if you plan on bringing them with.

That all sounds like a very complicated process, so here is how I travel with my safety razor

How To Bring a Safety Razor On An Airplane And Through TSA

  • Remove the blades from your razor head and leave them at home. Your razor will be safe if you reassemble it instead of leaving it in multiple pieces
  • Store your safety razor in a carrying case.
  • Purchase safety razor blades from a local convenience store when you arrive to your destination

Best Storage Cases For Traveling With a Safety Razor On An Airplane

1. Hide & Drink, Leather Double Edge Safety Razor Protective Case

Hide & Drink, Leather Double Edge Safety Razor...
  • A RUSTIC HOME TO YOUR FAVORITE RAZOR: Your rugged razor that has stuck with you through the hairiest...


  • Made of durable leather


  • May not fit longer razors

2. Double Edge Safety Razor Zippered Travel Case

Genuine Leather Double Edge Safety Razor Zippered...
  • Genuine Saddle Zippered Leather Case - Holds 1 Safety Razor and 1 Pack of Blades


  • High quality zipper case that fits blades


  • The blade storage means you have to put in your checked luggage

3. Parker Safety Razor, Leather Travel & Protective Case

Parker Safety Razor Double Edge Safety Razor...
  • GENUINE LEATHER CASE: This leather case is felt-lined to protect your razor during travel and...


  • Great value for money


  • Not the most attractive looking case


It's always best to keep your razor in one piece when you travel with it, but as long as you don't have any razors in your carry on luggage, you will be fine to travel with your safety razor.

It takes a bit more preparation to travel with a safety razor through TSA or on an airplane, but if you don't want to leave your best shaving utensil at home, you want to make sure you get yourself  a good carrying case to protect your investment.

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