Braun Series 7 vs Series 9: Which Is The Best Electric Wet Dry Shaver?

There is not doubt that Braun makes a great electric shaver and I don't think you'd be making a bad choice if you chose either of these 2. But if you are going to buy a Series 9 over a Series 7, you should make sure the extra expense is worth the investment.

The Shaving Head

The Series 7 has 8-directional ways that the head can oscillate and contour to your face.

The Series 9 has a 10-directional movement system that allows the cutting blades to move in 10 different planes of motion

Series 7 8-D Movement

Series 9 10-D Movement

The Cutting Elements

The biggest noticeable difference is the amount of shaving foils each contains. The Series 7 has four different shaving elements to capture hair and the Series 9 has 5 different shaving elements to cut hair.

Series 7 Shaving Elements

Series 9 Shaving Elements

While both of these shavers definitely have the ability to cut coarse and difficult beard hair that will grow in multiple directions, the Series 9 is going to be the quicker of the two. More cutting elements give you more opportunity for hair to be caught and cut.

The Accessories

Both units come with cleaning docks and recharging stations. You can also buy both models with travel cases and cleaning stations. The series 7 cleaning base is a lot larger than the series 9. That's definitely something I've noticed with the older models of Braun razors.

The Ergonomics & Features

Both of these unites feel great in the hands and both of them are top of the line shavers. I will say that the more updated design of the Series 9 looks a lot more modern. The digital readout on the front that gives you batter life and shaving strength indicators is a great tool to have.

If you're the type of person that loves the newest features then I know that's something you'll appreciate.

Both electric razors are about the same size and they both have a similar footprint. The Series 9 is a just a bit larger in overall length than the series 7

Shaving Performance

In my opinion, I think these are both quality shavers. I don't think there are any hair types that these two razors can't tackle.

But an electric razor comes down to very simple elements.


Series 9 is the winner. It just has more shaving elements and it can move in more directions. I shave my head with a series 9 and it gets damn near as close as a safety razor in most cases with minimal passes.

If multiple cutting blades don't irritate your skin, then the series 9 is the clear winner in terms of closeness with the series 7 being a very second close

Winner: Braun Series 9

Braun Series 9


The series 7 have micro vibrations that was advertised in the commercials. You might remember them dipping the it into the cleaning solution and showing all of the oscillating water.

Braun removed the speed settings on the Series 7 in the Series 9 which is likely due to the fact that I've never really needed a razor to cut at a "low" setting. It's kind of like a vacuum. It's either on or it's off. I never really needed LESS cutting.

With more shaving elements on the Series 9, I just know there is more room for some men to get irritation over the Series 7. Sometimes more is not always better and while it cuts closer, the Series 9 has the potential to be more of an irritation to some men.

Winner: Braun Series 7


The Series 9 is basically a series 7 on steroids and with the additional cutting element it's going to grab more hair on the first pass than the series 7 can by sheer number of cutting elements.

The series 7 is by no means a sluggish shaver, it just lacks the additional shaving element that the Series 9 has. The motor is about 10,000 "cross cutting actions" less. Whatever that means?

Ultimately it's going to be difficult to match the speed of the Series 9, especially if you shave infrequently and allow your hair to build up over time. 

Winner: Braun Series 9

Compare The Specs

Series 9

Series 7




Shaving Elements



Shaving Efficiency

40,000 per minute

30,000 per minute

Contour Flex Head Head

10 Directions

8 Directions

Precision Trimmer

Wet & Dry Shave

Shave Time

50 minutes

50 minutes

Cleaning Dock

Yes - Advanced Drying System


Which One Should You Buy

Braun Electric Razor for Men, Series 7 790cc...
  • Intelligent Sonic technology automatically increases power while shaving in difficult areas and on...

Purchase the Braun Series 7 if:

  • You want the best value for money
  • Don't need all the extra bells and whistles
  • Want a shaver that is basically still the best shaver in the market
  • Don't have hair that you find particularly difficult to shave
Braun Electric Razor for Men With Precision Beard...
  • World’s most efficient electric shaver . Efficient, close and gentle, for a flawless shave

Purchase the Braun Series 90 if:

  • Budget is not a huge concern
  • You want the latest and greatest technology on the market
  • You want was is definitively the best shavers money can buy
  • You have difficult hair that grows in multiple directions and are tired of making multiple passes with lower quality electric shavers

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