Best Ways To Trim Ear Hair

If you have ever been interrupted mid-conversation by a friend because they are distracted by your ear hair, you know the how important it is to take care of unsightly ear hair.  Often thought to be relegated to the world of only older men, any healthy person is susceptible at most ages and you need to be aware and ready.

Let’s be honest; unrealistic beauty standards aren’t just for women; they apply to men too!

There are certain beauty standards that men need to adhere to as well… one of these is an expectation that facial hair only stops at the face. The ears need to be fully hairless!

And that isn’t easy to do, considering it’s something that requires constant upkeep… 

Let’s be clear, there is no shame here as it is something almost everyone deals with.

The question then is, how do you trim ear hair so that it is not a problem.  While waxing is an option, we are going to focus more on how to prep, clean, and trim ear hair as opposed to more permanent solutions.  We will go over the How-To as well as some of the top recommended products to save you a little research.

Before we get started though it is important to realize that trimming can go too far.  Ear hair helps keeps thing out of your ears, so some inner canal hair is important. Interestingly though, ear hair also helps with your sense of balance and spacial awareness, so you want to make sure you do not cut too much in the canal.  That is why we are not talking about waxing or removal, just trimming enough to keep ear hair out of sight.

How To Prep Your Ear For Trimming

Just like you wash your hair before a haircut or blow your nose before you start trimming your nose hair, you will want to clean and prep your ears before trimming your ear hair. 

  • The best place to start is with a quick wash and cleaning away excess ear wax or particles. Since the inner ear tends to be a bit acidic, ENT’s recommend a 50/50 mix of Hydrogen Peroxide and water, and then you can work it around in your ear with either a Q-Tip or a soft muslin cloth.

When cleaning, you want to avoid putting too much into your ear, as going too deep can create permanent damage. 

  •  Next, you will want to make sure you are in a well-lit room with a mirror. Finally, you will want to sterilize any equipment you are going to use to avoid carrying any bacteria up to your ear.  

  • Best Products for Removing Ear hair

    Now that we've been over the different methods you can use to remove ear hair, let's go over the best products you can use for each method!

    Groom Mate Trimmer:

    Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer
    • Groom Mate's Patented Battery-Free Nasal Hair Trimmer

    The first product we're going to be talking about is the Groom Mate Trimmer!

    Since trimming is the most preferred hair removal method because it's virtually painless, easy, and quick, this trimmer is extremely popular!

    The body of the trimmer is made entirely out of stainless steel, so there's no worry about making sure it's always dry; it'll never rust anyway!

    This device is small and easy to keep around and even travel with... It can be used to keep both nose and ear hair in check, and there's almost no learning curve with it either, so you can get the hang of this one fairly quickly too!

    Manual Ear Hair Trimmers

    There are a few places that ear hair can grow.  First, you have hair on the outside of the ear. This can be removed easily by trimming scissors.  Then there is era hair closer to the inside of the canal of the ear. For this you have either manual trimmers or electric trimmers. 

     It is highly recommended to not use scissors or trimmers on the inner ear as that can cause permanent damage.

    4-Inch Round Scissors


    • Rounded tips make it safe for nose and ear hair trimming without poking yourself
    • Stainless steel reduces possible infections
    • Adjustable tension reduces accidents and increases precision


    • Carry case can come with an odor
    • Rounded tips may be too large for smaller nostrils

    These scissors are round-tipped and perfect for nose or ear trimming.  Made from stainless steel so they remain sharp and easy to clean, they have rounded tips to avoid accidental bumps or cuts.  These scissors come with an adjustable tension screw so you can adjust the tension up and down for precision cutting.

    These scissors are best used for trimming the hair on the outside of the ear.  Ear hair can grow quite long along the outside of the rim. These can be cut quite close to the skin which is why the rounded tips make this a safe trimming method.

    Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer


    • Easy to clean and can last a lifetime
    • Constructed to only trim, not remove or tug ear hair
    • Ergonomic and weighty


    • There is a learning curve
    • Takes a bit longer than electric

    If you want to stay with manual trimmers, the Groom Mate Platinum XL is a great trimmer for around the inside of the ear.  Engineered to last a lifetime, the stainless-steel trimmers are easy to clean and rust proof. With few moving parts, there is very little to break in this trimmer.  

    The rotary blades have a protective cap over them so they never come into contact with your sensitive ear skin.  With a gentle trimming motion, your inner ear hairs are trimmed, not pulled like electric models can be accused of.  You simply place the trimmer inside the ear, making sure not to touch any of the skin, and with a quick back and forth turning you can trim ear hair down to a reasonable level.

    Cocos Nose and Eyebrow Scissors, Small Sharp...
    • Hair trimming scissors for grooming nose hairs, mustache, eyebrows, eyelash, beard, whiskers, ear,...

    If trimming isn't your thing, you can take the easier route by trying out scissors instead!

    We recommend that you try these safety scissors because they're rounded from the tip, so there's less of a danger of poking your ear drum by accident, but you should still practice extreme caution while taking a sharp object to your ear.

    These are tiny and can be great to travel with or just keep in your medicine cabinet!

    The best part about them is that they're not just ear-hair trimmers but can be used as a general hair trimmer too. So your mustache, eyebrows, and beard, too, all can be taken care of with these alone!

    At-Home Wax Kit:

    Nad's Nose Wax Kit for Men & Women - Waxing Kit...
    • World's first effective complete DIY Nose Hair Wax Kit: Everything you need for a smooth, clean nose...

    If you're comfortable and confident using it on yourself, it might be a great idea to invest in an at-home wax kit!

    These kits are specifically designed to be used for nose and ear waxing. They come with all the necessary tools inside the pack and make the whole experience a lot easier.

    Now, it is important to keep in mind that there is a lot of pain and discomfort that comes with the waxing experience. You should make sure that you're practicing extreme caution to protect your skin and the ear canal in general.

    The experience will rarely be pain-free, but you can minimize the pain by doing it right! 

    Electric Ear Hair Trimmers

    If you want to save time and make sure that you get the job done, an electric trimmer can a great grooming tool.  These can be used to help clean up the outside of the ear as well as the inner ear and nose.

    Panasonic GN30-K Trimmer


    • Dual-edge technology for a close shave
    • Ergonomic design and waterproof
    • Smart Vortex Climbing System for easy self-cleaning
    • Runs off one AA battery


    • Can be easily damaged
    • Top heavy so not to be stood on edge

    With dual-edge blades, you can easily remove nose hair, ear hair, even trim your beard.  The hypoallergenic stainless-steel blades are designed to match the contours of your ear cavities without disrupting the skin or pulling any hair.  It comes with a waterproof design so you can use it right after a shower or after cleaning your ears as recommended above.

    To help clean the blades and the trimmer, the inner Smart Vortex Cleaning System draws in water from the faucet, spreads it around the inside of the trimmer, and cleans the whole unit.  With a carrying case and a protective cap, this is portable and has many different uses.

    How do you trim your ear hair - Techniques

    There are countless hair removal methods in general, but not all of them apply to your ears.

    Ears are more delicate and harder to deal with, so it's important that you know what you're doing, but that you also weigh out the pros and cons of all of the methods, so you're sure that the one you go for is the best!

    And the safest for you and your ear!


    One of the easiest and painless ways of getting rid of ear hair is using electric ear hair trimmers.

    • An electronic ear hair trimmer will let you trim the hair away easily while being in the comfort of your own home! and there's a bonus; you can get rid of some nose hair while you're at it too!
    • Nose and ear trimmers are usually the same, so you get a 2 for 1 deal!
    • Using the trimmers "ear hair" attachment, just gently go over the outside of your ear first. This is the main ear that everyone's going to be able to see. Once you're done with that, see if you want to stop there.

    If you don't, you can take things further by venturing into the main ear canal itself too. Remember to be extremely careful here to make sure you don't accidentally hurt yourself in the process.

    Go very slowly, and take a step back periodically while you're at it to make sure you stop whenever things look good enough! Once you're happy with the overall look, you can stop and enjoy your whole new look!


    If trimming the hair seems a little too intense, you don't actually have to go that car, and you can do a very basic trim using a pair of scissors as well!

    Take the scissors that you usually use to shape up your mustache... This will be a tiny scissor that can also be used for shaping eyebrow hair.

    Now, making sure you're keeping the scissor out of the main ear canal, trim the bit of hair that's sticking out or growing on the outside of the ear.

    This is a great way of getting rid of the hair without going too far. It cleans up the overall look and is still a safe, easy and painless way of getting rid of ear hair!


    Next up, we have plucking. This one is the first of the "painful" methods of ear hair removal, but it's also one with the least risk and the one you will have the most control over. For this method, all you need is a good old fashion tweezer!

    Figure out how much hair you want to remove for this one, and then, one by one, keeping the tweezers as close to the root as possible, pluck the hairs out!

    Again, it's best not to take a tweezer into your ear canal or be extremely careful while doing it because you want to keep your general eardrum as safe as possible.

    You can remove some or all of the hair with this one and just stop when you feel like you've taken as much or the ear hair as you'd like to!


    Waxing may just be one of the most popular ways of hair removal in the world!

    And that's for a good reason. Waxing hair will pull the follicles out entirely, so when the hair starts to grow back, the follicle grows back first before the hair even begins to pop out of the skin.

    This means that it keeps the hair from growing back immediately and provides much longer-lasting hair removal!

    It might seem that waxing ear hair isn't possible, but it is!

    Just like everywhere else, ear hair can be waxed as well.

    But it's something that requires you to practice extreme caution. Only do this one yourself if you've already been waxing other parts of your body before and are completely confident in the procedure.

    If you are not, it's best to leave this one in the hands of a professional instead!

    For this one, hot wax is inserted into the ear canal, followed by a stick to act as an anchor tool. Once the wax hardens, it is pulled out, pulling the ear hairs out with it!

    This method will give you results that will last at least 2 weeks unless your hair growth is very fast. But even then, using this method will last longer than the methods that cut or trim the hair instead! Leaving you guys hair-free for much longer!

    Hair Removal Cream:

    If hair wax is a little too painful or intense, you can try using a hair removal cream instead!

    This is kind of like shaving, but without the sharp blades to worry about.

    This is something that can be done at home as well and as almost as easy as giving yourself a shave!

    All you have to do is apply the cream to your ear and let it sit for the recommended time, which is usually under 5 minutes. Once it's processed, you can either use the removal tool it came with, or if the instructions say to use a towel or rag, you can use that too.

    Either way, the hair will just disintegrate and slide off with the cream!

    This is also something that you should keep out of the ear canals because that intense chemical shouldn't be in your ear, and there's always a risk that you won't be able to get all of the cream out, which could end up being dangerous

    Laser Hair Removal:

    Finally, if you've been dealing with ear hair for years and think you're at the point that you just need to remove it once and for all, you can leave the hairy life behind by going for professional ear hair removal!

    Of course, this isn't something you can do yourself at home, but if the cost isn't a problem, getting this done at a clinic is a great idea.

    The way laser works are very similar to how waxing works. The laser targets the follicles and zaps them out altogether! With time, the hair just doesn't grow back, leaving the ear all nice and hairless! 

    Ear Hair - Why Does It Even Exist?

    Men tend to get an increased amount of ear hair or it just tends to get thicker as they get older.

    That's because of the increased testosterone in their bodies. As testosterone levels keep increasing, the hair gets thicker and thicker, and eventually, it just looks like it's taken on a life of its own!

    When you're looking at the aesthetics of things, Ear hair just seems like this weird, unnecessary part of your body that's just annoying to deal with - but it doesn't just exist to be annoying, there's actually a purpose behind it!

    Ear hair kind of works like nose hair! Its main purpose is to keep all dirt, debris, and ear wax away from the ear canal, mainly, the ear drum. The hair inside the ear canal itself, is so important, that it helps you to hear!

    People that aren't born with hair cells inside their ears have trouble hearing!

    So it's safe to say that Ear hair, has a purpose... but that doesn't mean you have to have stringy, scary ear hair popping out of your ears at all times!

    Ear hair removal is totally possible while still keeping your ear safe, but you just have to be smart about it. Giving your ear hair a trim from time to time is totally safe!

    To make sure you don't end up accidentally hurting your ear and end up with unnecessary pain and discomfort, you need to know exactly how to remove ear hair, use safe techniques, and get rid of the ear hair too!


    Before we get into the ear hair removal methods, we have to get a disclaimer out of the way. There's "regular" ear hair, and then there's "excess" ear hair.

    If you've always had a specific amount of hair on your ears, but have noticed a massive increase, you might want to tackle the root of the problem before you get into the removal.

    Find out what's causing the excess hair because it could signify that something else is going on!

    Generally, a sudden increase in-ear hair is associated with metabolic disorders, endocrine system issues, conditions like hypertrichosis, and can even be a side effect of medication use!

    Although grooming and trimming the hair will be helpful here, it will get a lot easier to deal with if the root problem is dealt with!

    So it's better to consult a general physician before embarking on an extensive hair removal journey! 

    Should you trim ear hair?

    Other than the fact that the hair can be annoying to deal with, there are several reasons why someone would want to remove them. Below are some of the most common reasons and benefits why someone should consider removing it!

    Confidence Boost:

    When you deal with something that's a source of insecurity, it's an instant confidence booster! When you feel good, you automatically feel more better about yourself.

    In turn, the little change can greatly improve the quality of life from the very get-go!

    You look more groomed:

    Let's face it, and ear hair is very straggly.

    It doesn't really grow like the hair on your head, and it's all over the place.

    If you're trying to look as groomed as possible, giving the ear hair a little trim might be your best bet because the more uniform your overall look is, the more groomed you look!

    May improve hearing:

    If you're dealing with a chronic amount of hair in your ears, it might just end up hogging the ear canal more than you'd typically want it to.

    The more hair that's in there, the less space sound waves have to travel through!

    This means that your hearing might inadvertently get affected by too much hair! Getting rid of ear hairs will open up more space and may even improve hearing!

    Less build-up to deal with:

    Finally, if you're prone to a lot of ear hairs, keeping the main purpose of the hair in mind, you might end up dealing with a lot more build-up than someone with less of it.

    If that sounds like something, you're dealing with, removing it might improve the amount of build-up you have in the ears on a day-to-day basis! 


    Ear hair is just a regular part of the regular human body. It's important to understand that even if you didn't have a lot of ear hair when you were younger, it getting thicker with age is just a normal part of life. The great thing is that even if it bothers you, there are countless ways of removing it!

    No matter what pain threshold you have is, the amount of hair you have, and how much money you want to spend on it, there's a method for you in this very post!

    Whether you want to use a manual trimmer or electric, it is important to practice good hygiene and grooming with unsightly ear hair.  Stay clean, healthy, and looking good easily with a little ear maintenance every week.

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