Best Ways To Trim That Unsightly Ear Hair

If you have ever been interrupted mid-conversation by a friend because they are distracted by your ear hair, you know the how important it is to take care of unsightly ear hair.  Often thought to be relegated to the world of only older men, any healthy person is susceptible at most ages and you need to be aware and ready.

Let’s be clear, there is no shame here as it is something almost everyone deals with.

The question then is, how do you trim ear hair so that it is not a problem.  While waxing is an option, we are going to focus more on how to prep, clean, and trim ear hair as opposed to more permanent solutions.  We will go over the How-To as well as some of the top recommended products to save you a little research.

Before we get started though it is important to realize that trimming can go too far.  Ear hair helps keeps thing out of your ears, so some inner canal hair is important. Interestingly though, ear hair also helps with your sense of balance and spacial awareness, so you want to make sure you do not cut too much in the canal.  That is why we are not talking about waxing or removal, just trimming enough to keep ear hair out of sight.

How To Prep Your Ear For Trimming

Just like you wash your hair before a haircut or blow your nose before you start trimming your nose hair, you will want to clean and prep your ears before trimming your ear hair. 

  • The best place to start is with a quick wash and cleaning away excess ear wax or particles. Since the inner ear tends to be a bit acidic, ENT’s recommend a 50/50 mix of Hydrogen Peroxide and water, and then you can work it around in your ear with either a Q-Tip or a soft muslin cloth.

When cleaning, you want to avoid putting too much into your ear, as going too deep can create permanent damage. 

  •  Next, you will want to make sure you are in a well-lit room with a mirror. Finally, you will want to sterilize any equipment you are going to use to avoid carrying any bacteria up to your ear.  

  • Manual Ear Hair Trimmers

    There are a few places that ear hair can grow.  First, you have hair on the outside of the ear. This can be removed easily by trimming scissors.  Then there is era hair closer to the inside of the canal of the ear. For this you have either manual trimmers or electric trimmers. 

     It is highly recommended to not use scissors or trimmers on the inner ear as that can cause permanent damage.

    4-Inch Round Scissors


    • Rounded tips make it safe for nose and ear hair trimming without poking yourself
    • Stainless steel reduces possible infections
    • Adjustable tension reduces accidents and increases precision


    • Carry case can come with an odor
    • Rounded tips may be too large for smaller nostrils

    These scissors are round-tipped and perfect for nose or ear trimming.  Made from stainless steel so they remain sharp and easy to clean, they have rounded tips to avoid accidental bumps or cuts.  These scissors come with an adjustable tension screw so you can adjust the tension up and down for precision cutting.

    These scissors are best used for trimming the hair on the outside of the ear.  Ear hair can grow quite long along the outside of the rim. These can be cut quite close to the skin which is why the rounded tips make this a safe trimming method.

    Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer


    • Easy to clean and can last a lifetime
    • Constructed to only trim, not remove or tug ear hair
    • Ergonomic and weighty


    • There is a learning curve
    • Takes a bit longer than electric

    If you want to stay with manual trimmers, the Groom Mate Platinum XL is a great trimmer for around the inside of the ear.  Engineered to last a lifetime, the stainless-steel trimmers are easy to clean and rust proof. With few moving parts, there is very little to break in this trimmer.  

    The rotary blades have a protective cap over them so they never come into contact with your sensitive ear skin.  With a gentle trimming motion, your inner ear hairs are trimmed, not pulled like electric models can be accused of.  You simply place the trimmer inside the ear, making sure not to touch any of the skin, and with a quick back and forth turning you can trim ear hair down to a reasonable level.

    Electric Ear Hair Trimmers

    If you want to save time and make sure that you get the job done, an electric trimmer can a great grooming tool.  These can be used to help clean up the outside of the ear as well as the inner ear and nose.

    Panasonic GN30-K Trimmer


    • Dual-edge technology for a close shave
    • Ergonomic design and waterproof
    • Smart Vortex Climbing System for easy self-cleaning
    • Runs off one AA battery


    • Can be easily damaged
    • Top heavy so not to be stood on edge

    With dual-edge blades, you can easily remove nose hair, ear hair, even trim your beard.  The hypoallergenic stainless-steel blades are designed to match the contours of your ear cavities without disrupting the skin or pulling any hair.  It comes with a waterproof design so you can use it right after a shower or after cleaning your ears as recommended above.

    To help clean the blades and the trimmer, the inner Smart Vortex Cleaning System draws in water from the faucet, spreads it around the inside of the trimmer, and cleans the whole unit.  With a carrying case and a protective cap, this is portable and has many different uses.

    That's A Wrap

    Whether you want to use a manual trimmer or electric, it is important to practice good hygiene and grooming with unsightly ear hair.  Stay clean, healthy, and looking good easily with a little ear maintenance every week.

    Last update on 2021-05-12 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API