You might want to use a product that gives your hair waves or curls, but it can be challenging to find one that does what you want and doesn't leave your hair looking greasy or too shiny. There are a lot of factors in selecting which product is suitable for your needs. Here's what you need to know before buying any over-the-counter curl maker.

Wave products are used for many reasons, but they give the hair the desired look most commonly. Many people use wave products to make curly hair straight or vice versa; some find it appealing. Wave products can also help the hair stay in style it has been held, giving somebody and making it easier to grip hairstyles. In this article, we will be discussing the best wave products for hair. 

What Is A Pomade?

Pomades have been used for centuries by men to style and groom their hair. The word pomade comes from the French word pommade, meaning "ointment." Pomades are a type of hair product that is made from waxes, oils, or gels. They add shine moisture and hold to the hair. Pomades come in various colors and scents and can be purchased at most drugstores or beauty supply stores. Pomades provide a high sheen that is popular for slicked-back styles. In its original form, pomade was made from bear fat called ursinum.

Today's modern pomades are available in two varieties: petroleum-based or water-based. Petroleum-based pomades offer a higher shine but come with a higher price tag and can be challenging to wash out. On the other hand, water-based pomades provide a more natural matte finish and are easily washed out. Pomades of either variety can leave your locks looking greasy if not washed out properly.

Benefits Of Using A Pomade

Pomades come in many different colors and scents, which allows you some variety from other hair styling products. They also have conditioning properties, so they help keep your hair healthy and make it smell good. They are also versatile and can be used on all hair types. Finally, pomades give your hair natural shine without looking greasy or wet.

Precautions Of Using A Pomade

Pomades, especially petroleum-based ones, require either hard scrubbing or significant amounts of shampoo to get them out of your hair. They can also leave you looking greasy if not washed out properly. If overused, they can dry and damage your hair. Finally, their higher price tag can be a drawback for many consumers.

Who Can Use It

Pomades are suitable for anyone looking to style their hair, regardless of the hairstyle or hair type. They are made in petroleum-based and water-based varieties, and you can choose from the options depending on your needs. Finally, pomades have conditioning properties that are good for healthy hair.

Best Wave Pomades - Product Reviews

Wave pomades are a styling product that adds waves or curls to hair. They come in various forms, but all achieve the same goal: to add waves or curls without the need for a curling iron. There are several different types of wave pomades on the market, and each has its own unique set of benefits and drawbacks. This article will look at some good wave grease products on the market and what sets them apart from the competition.

1. Softsheen Carson Sportin' Waves

Softsheen-Carson Sportin' Waves Maximum Hold...
  • MAXIMUM HOLD POMADE: This pomade with natural sheen and hold promotes waves and restores moisture,...

If you're looking for a fun and easy way to add waves to your hair, Softsheen Carson Sportin' Waves is the perfect product!

It's made with natural sea salt, which helps to give your hair a beachy texture and look.

Plus, it's free of sulfates, parabens, and phthalates, so it's gentle on your hair.

Just lather it on damp hair, scrunch it in, and let it dry naturally for waves that will last all day.

To achieve the look of clean-cut waves, make sure you only use a little bit.

It's easy for this product to become tacky if too much is applied, so be careful!


  • Excellent hold
  • For all types of hair textures
  • Lightweight formula
  • Has no artificial dyes or residue


  • It can be a little difficult to wash out.

2. Luster's S-Curl 360

S-Curl by Lusters is an old-school product still a favorite for many African Americans. It's a wave activator that helps you achieve those bouncy, curly styles.

It comes in a liquid or gel form, and you apply it to wet hair, style as desired, and let it dry.

S-Curl can be used on natural or processed hair and helps define coils and curls while adding moisture and shine.

Lusters S-Curl comes in a 5 oz bottle and can be found at many local beauty supply stores.

It works by adding definition and moisture to hair while activating waves. It comes in a liquid or gel form for easy application to wet hair before styling as desired. S-Curl creates soft, natural-looking waves that last all day with brilliant shine.

It's suitable for both natural and processed (chemically relaxed) hair and works great on all textures of black hair, liberating tight curls and coils from anyone who wants them.


  • Natural pomade for shiny hair
  • Easy to spread across your scalp
  • Avoids oily scalp
  • Water-soluble


  • Won't hold waves for extended periods

3. Suavetico Oil-Based Pomade

Suavecito Oil Based Pomade 3 oz
  • Oil Based Pomade - Contains Petroleum Jelly & Wax

Suavetico Oil-Based Pomade is a high-quality hair product with a firm hold and incredible shine. It is made with natural oils and beeswax, nourishing and protecting the hair.

This pomade is easy to apply and style with, and it washes out cleanly without leaving any residue behind.

It is perfect for all hair types, and it can be used to create a variety of styles.

This pomade is made with natural ingredients, such as argan oil, castor oil, olive oil, and hemp seed oil, and contains no harsh chemicals like parabens or petroleum.

It was not tested on animals and does not contain animal byproducts.

Suavetico Oil-Based Pomade comes in various scents, such as Coconut Lime Breeze and Blue Hawaii. It also comes in a plain version, if you prefer no scent.

It's easy to apply, washes out cleanly without leaving any residue behind, and can be used to create various styles with ease.

This pomade will nourish and protect your hair while providing a solid hold until you wash it out.


  • It gives your waves a medium shine.
  • It keeps your hair soft.
  • It stays on your hair for hours.
  • It can be used on hair every day.


  • The oil in it makes it difficult to wash out.

4. Layrite Superhold Pomade

If you're looking for a quality pomade that will help you achieve a super hold, then the Layrite Super hold a Pomade is excellent.

This product is made with high-quality ingredients, so you can be sure that it will work well for your hair. It also has a light sweet vanilla smell, making it a pleasant option.

This product is made in the United States and comes with a 7-year warranty.

The Layrite Superhold Pomade will give you a nice styled look that will last all day, and it works well for men who like to use the spikey look or who prefer to separate their hair into different styles.

This pomade can be used on wet or dry hair, making it versatile.

When using this pomade, massage it thoroughly into your scalp and hair. Avoid getting any of this onto your skin because it can irritate or itch you.

If you don't want to feel heavy-handed with your products, we recommend using pea-sized amounts when applying.


  • Keeps a healthy scalp
  • Provides a medium shine
  • Water-soluble
  • Has a firm hold on hair


  • It has a strong vanilla scent.

5. Reuzel Pomade

Reuzel Pomade is amongst the best hair products used to style and groom hair. It comes in various colors, including green, blue, and red.

The hair grease can be used to achieve a slick look or to add texture to the hair. It is made with natural ingredients, including beeswax, coconut oil, and lanolin oil.

The pomade is water-based, which means it washes out easily with shampoo.

Reuzel Pomade has a solid hold and can withstand humidity and heat. It is also versatile in that it can be used on any hair type or style; curly, wavy, long, short, straight, thick, or thin.

This product is available in three sizes: 4 oz., eight oz., and 16 oz.

The standard tub comes in color black.

There are also limited edition tubs in different colors like blue and red. A free 2 oz. Tin is included for every purchase of the medium-sized (8oz.) pomade.

Scoop out a small amount of pomade and rub your hands together to use this product. Then apply to the hair and style.


  • Heavy hold
  • An oil-based formulation
  • You only need to use a little.
  • Perfect for thick hair


  • Needs shampoo to wash out

6. Cantu Shea Wave Butter Pomade

Cantu for Men Cream Pomade Flex Hold, 8 oz...
  • CANTU MEN'S COLLECTION CREAM POMADE is specifically formulated for the needs of men with wavy,...

If you're looking for a quality pomade that will help keep your hair in place all day, Cantu Shea Wave Butter Pomade is a great option. This product is made with shea butter and other natural ingredients, like amino acids, aloe vera, and more, so it will help condition and protect your hair while you're styling it.

Shea Butter Pomade is a creamy white formula that spreads quickly through your hair. It will add an extra layer of moisture to your locks and help make them smooth and healthy-looking.

This product has a medium hold, so it's strong enough for you to style even the most stubborn hair but gentle enough that it won't weigh down limp strands or leave a greasy residue behind.

If you need a flexible product to work with your natural curls, Cantu Shea Butter Pomade will also keep those tresses looking defined without any crunchiness.

This pomade is strong enough to tame curly hair and define your waves or curls. Just save some time in the morning by using this styling aid instead of your usual shampoo and conditioner, and your locks will stay smooth all day.


  • Nice scent
  • Incorporates hair moisturizer
  • No product build-up
  • Lightweight


  • The hold isn't long-lasting.

7. Pacinos Pomade

Pacinos Pomade - Flexible Hold, Frizz Control -...
  • Pacinos Pomade -Firm Hold Paste has a firm, yet flexible hold & a semi-shine to complement hair

Pacinos Pomade is a high-quality hair product that can give you the style you want. It's perfect for those who have curly or wavy hair, and it can help tame frizz and add a natural-looking shine.

It's also water-based, so it won't damage your hair like some other products can. The pomade is long-lasting, and it makes your hair look natural.

The cream can also add volume, or you can slick your hair back into a tight ponytail.

The best thing about this unique product is that it works on all hair types, even if you're getting older and dealing with grey hairs - and it's made in Italy!

It comes in a metal tin, and the matte finish looks like leather. You use Pacinos Pomade by applying it to damp or towel-dried hair, then either blow dry or leave to dry naturally for perfect results every time.


  • It comes with a lovely scent.
  • Keeps the hair moisturized
  • Suitable for hair growth
  • Perfect as a 360 wave control pomade


  • It can be a little expensive.

8. Rocky Mountain

Rocky Mountain Barber Company Pomade for Men - 5...
  • Firm Hold – Perfect for slick back, side-part, pompadour, or any modern look where a strong hold...

Rocky Mountain Wave is a unique product that helps to create waves and curls in hair. It is made with natural ingredients and is free of chemicals, making it a good option for those looking for a more natural way to style their hair.

The wave cream can be used on wet or dry hair, and it helps to define curls while providing hold.

The company that manufactures this product, Wave Products For Hair, also makes various other products for hair care.

They provide organic and all-natural products free from any harsh chemicals.

The product is made with natural ingredients means that it smells nice and does not leave hair feeling sticky or unhealthy.


  • Easy to wash out
  • Cares for the hair health, making it perfect for sensitive hair
  • Works with thick and kinky hair
  • Keeps your hair hydrated


  • The hold lasts only 10 hours.

9. Hair Craft Gel Pomade

CRVFT Gel Pomade 4oz | High Shine/Medium Hold |...
  • ALL-DAY HOLD - We wanted people to stop worrying about having to add multiple layers of product,...

If you're looking for a product that will help you achieve salon-quality waves, hair craft gel pomade is an excellent option. It's a lightweight gel that won't leave your hair feeling greasy or weighed down, and it provides long-lasting hold without making your hair feel stiff or crunchy.

Plus, the wave-enhancing formula gives your hair a beautiful, natural shine. Since hair craft gel pomade is water-based, it's easy to wash out and restyle if you desire.

If you have coarse hair, you can use a little of this product as a finishing touch for extra shine, hold, and polish.

If your hair has been colored or permed, give yourself an extra boost of protection by using a bit more before styling your locks.

Depending on the thickness of your strands, all of these benefits will last throughout a busy day at school or work – even if it involves spending time outdoors.

Hair craft gel pomade is available in black and brown shades that match most hair colors perfectly without leaving any residue behind.


  • Semi-matte finish
  • Pleasant smell
  • A firm hold that lasts all-day
  • Easy to wash out


  • Thick hair may need a lot of the product.

10. Cold Label Wolfin Pomade

COLDLABEL Hair Wolfin Pomade
  • PROFESSIONAL STYLING: Get maximum flexibility and extra hold when you style your hair with Wolfin'...

Cold Label is considered among the best pomades to get waves in your hair, especially the Cold Label Wolfin Pomade. It creates a perfect blend of a wet and matte look, making it suitable for all hair types and styles.

It is important to note that the results you get with this product will be more apparent on hair that is shorter as opposed to long hair as there is greater room for movement with the former.

One should consider opting for this product if they prefer waves that look like those seen at the surf come beach season, making for some favorable contrast against any formal attire one might need to don during these cooler winter days.

It is also worth noting that this particular product is not all that long-lasting. Other pomades out there offer similar results without feeling as though one needs a shower soon after applying it.

This particular product is also water-based, meaning it will wash away quite easily once exposed to water. You should consider using a specific shampoo when washing your hair after using this pomade if you plan on showering right after applying this pomade.


  • A perfect natural shine
  • A firm hold that keeps together for hours
  • Thick consistency, making it the best wave grease for thinning hair
  • A formulation for healthy hair and scalp


  • Can cause build-up

Best Wave Products - Buyers Guide

The first step is to determine what type of pomade you would like; water-based or petroleum-based. If you choose a petroleum-based pomade, you will need to make sure it's non-greasy and matte in appearance. On the other hand, you will select a water-based pomade if you want a natural matte finish.

If you are looking to use your pomade for specific styles, consider whether you want one that is moldable or flexible. It would be best if you considered a few things when buying a wave pomade.

The Pomade's Hold Strength

When choosing a deep waves pomade, it's essential to consider the hold strength. That is how well the pomade will keep your hair in place. You'll likely need a light to medium hold if you have fine hair. If you have thick or curly hair, you'll need a stronger hold.

To determine a pomade's hold strength, look at its name. For example, a "super strong" or heavy-duty product will offer a stronger hold than "regular," which shows little hold.

The Pomade's Viscosity

The viscosity refers to the thickness of a pomade. You'll likely want a lighter-weight option if you have fine or thin hair. Those with thick or curly hair should choose a more viscous product.

A water-based pomade will be easier to wash out than a petroleum-based one, but it may not offer as stronghold or as long an "all-day" wear time between shampoos. A petroleum-based pomade offers longer "all day" wear but may be more difficult for some people who have sensitive skin to use due to greasiness in nature.

Your Hair Texture and Type

There are many different hair types, and each type needs its specific care. For example, if you have curly hair, you'll need to use a separate shampoo and conditioner than someone with straight hair. The same goes for products. If you have waves in your hair, you'll need special wave-enhancing shampoo and conditioner to keep them looking their best.

Wave products are available at several price points, so you can find one that fits your budget. You'll also find them in different sizes - some wave products come in large bottles with pumps to make it easy to dispense the product, while other brands offer smaller trial-size shampoos and conditioners. No matter what formula you choose (leave-in vs. wash-out), read the label carefully before using wave products for the first time. Instructions will differ by brand, but most recommend applying the product on clean wet hair before shampooing and letting it sit on the hair for one minute before rinsing out thoroughly.

Hair Moisturization

Wave products for hair are designed to add moisture and shine to the hair. They are typically applied after shampooing and conditioning the hair. Wave products come in various forms, including creams, gels, and sprays.

When choosing a wave product, it is crucial to consider your hair type and desired outcome. Gels are suitable for creating tight curls, while creams are better for adding body and preventing frizz. If you are looking for a boost of shine, try using a spray-on wave product.

Always read the instructions on the wave product before using it. Overuse can lead to greasy hair or limp curls. A little bit of wave product goes a long way!

Usability and Washability

When shopping for a new shampoo, it's essential to consider the usability and washability of the product. Wave products are designed to give your hair a natural wave or curl, and they come in a variety of formulas meant to be used on different hair types. Some wave products are easier to use than others, and some are more washable than others.

It's essential to find a wave product that is easy to use and easy to wash out, especially if you have long hair. Some products can be pretty tricky to rinse out, and this can cause your hair to become greasy or weighed down.

The Scent/Fragrance

When looking for a wave product for hair, many options are available on the market. Many different greases, gels, serums, and more all have the properties it promises to give your hair.

Scent/fragrance can be one of the most important factors people consider when buying any product for their hair. Many products have a powerful scent that some may not consider pleasant smelling. Some users might love this feature, while others will avoid it even if they are getting excellent results from using the product.

It is always prudent to try out a small amount of the product on yourself before purchasing it in bulk, so you know if you will like how it makes your hair smell or feel afterward. As with many things in life, you might have to sacrifice one quality for it to achieve another.


Using wave products for hair is a great way to achieve bouncy, voluminous locks. The best part about these products is that they are available at various price points and can be found at most drugstores or beauty supply stores. If you're looking to add some life to your limp locks, consider picking up a wave product the next time out shopping.

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