Using natural oil to stimulate your beard growth, strengthens and softens your beard as it conditions the skin as well. the right oil can go a long way in ensuring you have a full and thick beard. Natural oils are recommended in keeping your beard healthy, clean, and fresh.

Ingredients in oil that help promote beard growth

  • Fatty acids-  high concentration of fatty acids help to restore the balance of natural oil in the skin which stimulates the growth of new thick hair.
  • Vitamin E- these nutrients stimulate hair growth and help to repair your hair preventing split ends.
  • The beard oil should be rich in minerals like magnesium, zinc or calcium which are responsible for strong hair growth and preventing hair loss as well.
  • In addition, your pick should at least be naturally anti-bacterial and antifungal which prevents beardruff, itchiness, and swelling, leaving your skin soft and well-conditioned.

Here are a list of beard oils to help with your beard growth:

Beard Farmer - Beard Growth Oil

Beard farmer growther beard oil- it is 100% natural made of three essential carrier oils that have active ingredients that will highly condition your hair as well as moisturizing it, this will stimulate hair growth that is full, thicker, and even healthier. It contains natural conditioners which will help moisturize your hair preventing breaks, split ends as well as reducing bristle.


  •  It helps to heal and repair dry and damaged hair.      
  • It has a light aroma of cedar and citrus which cant overpower your senses during the day.   
  • Great value for its price.


  • Some ingredients tend to settle at the bottom of the bottle. Regular shaking before use is required.

Beard Flux XL Caffeine Beard Growth Oil

Delta Genesis Beard Flux XL (1 fl oz / 30 ml) |...
  • BE A CROWD-STUNNER: Delta Genesis Beard Flux XL will help you establish your presence anywhere. Our...

It contains caffeine which stimulates beard growth with a faster absorbing formula. This beard oil will maximize your beard growth naturally and condition your facial hair leaving in it shinier and softer, its specific ingredient ensures a healthy and a great looking beard that is outstanding from the rest.


  • It has no fragrance making it easy for you to use during the day.
  • Its application is simple and fast.
  • It is pure and organic allowing your beard to grow naturally.


  • It's the most expensive in the market

Grow Maximum XXL beard growth

GROW Maximum XXL Hair & Beard Growth Oil For Men -...
  • Jump Start New Growth: Fix hair thinning, receding hairlines, and grow a great beard FAST with GROW....

Grow Maximum XXL beard growth and mustache accelerator serum- with this beard growing product, you don’t have to worry about your hair or skin since it works for all hair and skin types without skin irritation, itchiness, or bumps. It is both antibacterial and anti-fungal to protect your beard and your skin, this allows you to minimize washing and maximizes on your beard growth.


  • It is antibacterial and anti-fungal making it safe to use.
  • It can be used for all hair and skin types.
  • Its results are permanent even if you stop using the product.


  • The bottle is on the smaller side for the price.

Derma Roller for Beard growth

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Derma Roller for Beard growth – it has a beard growth serum with natural ingredients that helps to provide vitamins, minerals, and nutrients needed for beard growth and promoting a natural, healthier and thicker facial hair, the roller helps in allowing blood flow in the treatment area, it can also be used to stimulate hair growth in a balding area or patching hair areas.


  • It increases the absorption of topical products, maximizing effectiveness.
  • It is painless and safe to use.
  • Stimulates hair growth and helps to improve your skin tone.


  • It takes a lot of time rolling while applying serum on your beard.

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