The Best Ear and Nose Hair Trimmers Buying Guide

Trimmers for your ear and nose hair are a necessity for any man past puberty. No one wants to see gnarly hairs extending from your nostrils or earholes, even if you're starting to get old!

Thankfully, removing nose and ear hair only takes a few minutes and likely doesn’t have to be done more than once a week or so at maximum. There are both electric and manual options to consider.

In a Hurry? Here is our top pick.

Electric ear and nose hair trimmers rely on a small motor that’s battery powered. Some use disposable batteries while others have rechargeable batteries that plug into any typical wall outlet. These trimmers usually have small light rings around their cutting tips to let you see into the depth of your nose, which can help you avoid injury.

Manual trimmers are usually shaped like funky staplers or scissors. They’re small when you hold them in your hand and have the convenience of not ever needing electrical power to be used. You’ll never run into a situation when you need to trim your nose hair before the date, but you don’t have any disposable batteries!

Electric trimmers are a little easier to use than manual trimmers, but manual trimmers can be learned after just a bit of practice. Manual trimmers are also much cheaper than their battery powered counterparts.

Top Electric Options

1. FlePow Ear, Nose & Eyebrow Hair Trimmer. This versatile tool can cut virtually any type of hair on your face except for your beard. It uses a single narrow tip with an illuminating ring to do its work. It’s also super quiet so you won’t have to listen to annoying buzzing in your hair the whole time. The blades are made of stainless steel, so there’s no chance of rusting, and they have a 360° rotating interior design.

2. ToiletTree Professional Steel Nose Trimmer. This exceptional trimmer is a water-resistant tool that is also quite quiet when in use. It only needs one battery instead of two, and most of its grip is made with heavy-duty steel to resist rust damage. The blades are also made of stainless steel. The cap has a dust protector lid you can slide on when it's not in use.

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Top Manual Options

1. Chooling Manual Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer. This tool can be operated by a simple pinching motion and is supremely easy to clean. All you have to do is rinse it under running water to get rid of any hair particles remaining after you’re done. The entire thing is made of premium brushed stainless steel to ensure that it lasts a long time and never rusts.

2. TooCoo Manual Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer. This manual trimmer comes with both a combination tool and some trimming scissors. You can use either depending on your preference, but both are made with stainless steel. The scissors have blunt tips so they can be used to safely without harming the delicate interior of your nose or ears.

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