Shaving your head or going bald can seem like a drastic decision, but it can also be one of the best decisions in your life.

The people who carry a bald head look do so with confidence and power. It sets them apart from everyone because not everyone can pull it off.

However, to get confidence in your bald hairstyle, you need it to be as even and cut-free as possible.

That's why we have compiled a detailed buyers guide, perfected with reviews, tips, and more so you find the perfect balding clippers for you.

You may be wondering, why do bald heads get much hype, and why do you need a hair clipper, especially for one? To help persuade you, here are a few advantages to going bald.

  • Bald heads are easy to maintain and don't need any styling apart from the additional touch-ups.
  • Studies have shown that women find bald heads very attractive as they exude confidence.
  • It is believed that shaving your head bald can increase hair density and promote better growth.
  • You get a new look where your facial hair becomes the main center of attention.

What is a Balding Clipper?

A balding clipper is an electric shaver that cuts very close to your head, giving a bald look or close buzz. The machine is also referred to as a buzzer and can be corded and cordless. They are handy for ensuring that even if the hair is cut as close to the skin as possible, the chances of cuts and nicks are minimized.

These clippers are also made to minimize the aftereffects of shaving, such as bumps, irritation, and friction rashes.

In most cases, you can use a balding clipper for both wet and dry shaves, making it easy to get rid of all of your hair. With the addition of guard lengths, you can now use them to cut various hairstyles and even use them for other people.

Tips For Shaving Your Head

Shaving your head to go bald is something you do not want to go in blind. Knowing specific tips and tricks helps you get the perfect bald head on the first try. Some of the most useful tips for shaving your head bald are:

  1. If you have long and thick hair, make sure to trim them down to an inch before you start the actual shaving process.
  2. Make sure that your hair has been washed, even if you're shaving dry before beginning. This will help keep your scalp moist and prevent irritation.
  3. You can get used to shaving your head bald by starting off with a longer length than the initial 0 haircuts. This will help you get accustomed to using a clipper.
  4. Try and get a good grip on your handle; if you find mobility an issue, go with cordless models, as they give you more room to move around.
  5. Always use a clean balding clipper that does not have hair or scalp residue stuck inside the blades or cutting surface.
  6. Start off by cutting accessible areas with uniform strokes; when you reach complex parts like the back of your head, then make smaller and more careful strokes.
  7. Once you are done with using clippers for bald heads, moisturize your head and make sure to use sunscreen when going out as your scalp is exposed to the sun.
  8. In case you feel that your machine is heating up, use it in smaller turns and give it an occasional rest.

Sticking to these tips will help you get the perfect shaved bald head every time.

Best Balding Clippers In 2022

Wahl Professional Balding Clippers

Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper with...
  • Wahl Professional's 5-Star Balding Clipper is designed for ultra-close, full-size trimming,...

The Wahl Professional Balding Clippers bring German technology to provide you with the best close cuts for a bald look. It's electromagnetic motor works twice as fast as a pivot moto with additional benefits like better feeding and less heating up.

The company uses self-sharpening titanium blades that do not corrode and provide sharp cuts.

This balding clipper is corded with an 8-foot cord that is durable and easy to move around with. The quality of cuts provided and materials used is for a professional tool as it was intended to be, but it can also be used at home.

Its ergonomic shape ensures that the body fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and doesn’t tire your hand out.

As the product is not waterproof, the blades need to be taken out and cleaned. For this purpose, the cleaning brush and oil are included in the overall product package. 


  • Professional grade product
  • An 8-foot long cord that promotes movability
  • Powerful electromagnetic motor


  • Difficult to use without a guard

Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit

Remington Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit,...
  • Bold Precision: Dive into the world of pro grooming with clippers for men. Our 9 Length Combs...

The Remington HC4250 hair clipper doesn’t look like regular balding clippers. Its compact body fits into your hand and allows more control of sensitive areas like the nape of your neck and around your ears.

With a head 50% wider than regular clippers, the balding process is faster and more efficient.

It can be used cordless and corded, with 40-minute battery life when cordless. Its precision blades feed thick hair better and cut them without causing irritation.

The blade's curve makes it easier for you to shave close to the contours of your head. 

Since it's a waterproof product, it can easily be cleaned by removing the blades and washing them under running water.

However, it is not recommended to use it in the shower. Completed with multiple attachments, this balding clipper makes sure to give you the most comfortable close cut you could hope for. 


  • Comes with a cleaning brush
  • 9 adjustable comb lengths
  • Blade contours to the curves of your head


  • No side trimmer settings

Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clip

Wahl Professional 5 Star Series Cord/Cordless...
  • CONTINUOUS POWER: This corded clipper can be used continuously as you will never run out of power,...

The Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clip brings a rotary motor that removes thick hair in bulk, making it perfect for at-home shaves and bald looks.

This 5-star balding clipper does not overheat thanks to its insulated built, protecting you from any burns or rashes. You can use it with or without the cord. 

Its lightweight body makes it easy on the hands and does not lead to tired strokes. You can easily adjust it to zero-gap to cut right over the scalp, getting the perfect bald look.

Even when it cuts so close to the skin, it does not cause irritation if used properly.

The stagger tooth design of the blade makes sure that hair is fed well into the balding clipper. With an abundance of accessories to choose from, you can make many hairstyles with this, along with going bald.

To make balding easier, it has a taper lever that adjusts the closeness of the blades for the perfect cut. 


  • Creates seamless blends for fades
  • Includes 8 cutting guides
  • Comes with clipper blade oil to protect the blade


  • Power varies when used cordless

Skull Shaver Electric Razor

Skull Shaver Pitbull Silver PRO: Electric Head...
  • Innovative Ergonomic Design for Easy Handling: Designed specifically for bald head shavers for men,...

If you’re looking for a balding clipper that promotes a smooth, shaved head and works well on contoured scalps, then the Skull Shaver Electric Razor is a perfect choice.

This multi-head balding clipper feeds hair effortlessly into the blades and produces an even cut. It can cut exceptionally close to the skin without harming the scalp.

Since the blades are attached to rotary heads on a pivoting neck, it offers a lot of flexibility. The knob-like handle makes it easy to use and creates precise cuts.

You don’t have to worry about charge since it offers around 30 minutes of battery life.

One of the best features is that you can easily use it in the shower and clean it under running water. It is ideal for both wet and dry shaving.

The ergonomic design makes shaving the back of your head easier with no fear of leaving patches of hair.


  • Flexing pivoting blades for extra reach
  • Powerful integrated lithium up
  • Suitable for wet and dry shaving


  • May cause bumps if misused

Wahl Clipper Lithium-Ion Cordless

Wahl USA Clipper Rechargeable Lithium Ion Cordless...
  • Cordless Battery Convenience - The power of corded clippers with the convenience of cordless;...

The only thing better than one clipper is a product that offers you an additional touch-up clipper as part of the package.

The Wahl Lithium-Ion Clipper is a professional cordless clipper that offers close-cut shaves for a bald look. It has carbon steel self-sharpening blades that do not need much maintenance. 

When fully charged, you get around two hours of battery time, and in case of emergencies, it offers you a quick charge for 12 minutes of use.

The carbon-steel blades in this cordless balding clipper can tackle any type of hair without causing irritation, providing for the perfect Wahl Balding Experience.

The plus point for this product is that it offers you a different mini trimmer as a touch-up option.

This mini trimmer quickly gets the hair in difficult places like around the ears and can be used as an outliner trimmer. It works exceptionally well on sideburns and makes any shaving job look neat.


  • Two-hour battery life
  • Comes with a touch-up battery trimmer
  • Self-sharpening precision blades


  • It can be noisy at times

Wahl Clipper Elite Pro

Wahl USA Elite Pro High-Performance Corded Home...
  • Finest Precision Blades - Self sharpening, stay sharp longer to cut all hair types. Adjustable taper...

Looking for a Wahl 5-star balding experience, get your hands on the Wahl Clipper Elite Pro, one of the best hair clippers kits the company ever came out with.

If you are looking to cut your hair but are unsure how small you want to go, this professional 5-star balding clipper, with help, takes it one step at a time with different guiding combs and guards until you find your perfect length.

These Wahl Balding Clippers are a corded model that draws power from a Wahl’s industrial-grade motor that uses at least 15% more power than the previous best Wahl motors.

The product is also equipped with premium-grade ground-blades that are self-sharpening and with zero overlaps to allow them to last over a longer period.

The Wahl Clipper Elite Pro is a fantastic machine that can set you up with any kind of haircut you need, thanks to the number of premium guiding combs it comes along with.


  • Low-noise powerful motor
  • 8-foot long industrial cord
  • Premium storage case for comb guides


  • Do not cut too close to the skin

Andis Pro Foil Shaver

Andis 17150(TS-1) Pro Foil Lithium Titanium Foil...
  • ULTRA THIN: Gold titanium foils for zero finishes, ideal even for the most sensitive skin.

If you have sensitive skin and are looking for a shaver that will provide you with a gentle yet clean shave, the Andis Pro Foil Shaver should be your choice.

This lightweight shaver comes with an ergonomic blade set up that adjusts to the contour of your head and provides you with a zero-gapped clean shave without putting any strain on you or your head.

Despite the size and weight of the shaver, the product comes with an exceptionally powerful lithium battery, powering a rotary motor that can produce 8000 cycles in a minute, similar to the Andis T Outliner.

Using foil technology along with a rotary motor allows you to protect yourself from any razor bumps, ingrown hairs, bumps, and irritation.

The shaver has a run time of more than 80 minutes of charge and won’t stall or drag through the entirety of it.

However, you can also run it over the cord provided in the packages if you are more of a cords guy.

Although there aren’t many adjustments that can be made to the length of the cut, this product has been used by professionals to give a bald fade, making it the perfect product to shave your head with.


  • Powerful lithium-ion battery
  • Octagonal foil shapes feed the hair better
  • Staggered shaver for a close shave


  • May cause ingrown hairs if not used properly

Philips Norelco Trimmer Series 5000

Philips Norelco Multigroomer All-in-One Trimmer...
  • All in 1 trimmer for face, head and body styling: 18 pieces for all your trimming needs

If you are looking for a product capable of taking on any kind of hair cutting job, then the Philips Norelco Trimmer Series 5000 is what you need.

This clipper comes equipped with a metal motored set up with tempered steel to avoid any wear and tear over long use, and powered by a lithium-ion battery, the product can work its magic over exceptionally long periods.

Philips Norelco, the company, known to have introduced the DualCut technology, has incorporated it in this product. Meaning you will be receiving twice as many stainless steel blades and will only have to put in half the effort to get the perfect shave done.

Although the product itself isn’t marketed as waterproof, the blade extensions are removable, water-resistant, and non-corrosive, making it easier for you to maintain them properly. 

The product also includes 4 different stainless steel blade heads to provide you with the perfect cut of your desired lengths.

The blades used in the product are self-sharpening, meaning that even after years of use, you will still be able to set yourself up with a near-perfect shave.


  • 3 hours of cordless battery life
  • Comes with 6 trimming guards
  • A cleaning brush is also included


  • No indication of what level the battery is on

Braun Hair Clipper BT7040

No products found.

Tired of having to switch clipper blades way too often? Try out the Braun Hair Clipper BT7040, a clipper with a promise of its blades lasting a lifetime.

The clipper uses self-sharpening blades making up for a long-lasting experience. Additionally, the product comes with adjustable clip-on guiding combs and two precision dials that allow you to set your combs at 39 different lengths, making it the perfect product to opt for if you are thinking of rocking a bald head.

The adjustments are only 0.5mm apart from each other, making it a perfect option to try out different looks when giving yourself a haircut.


  • Gives you 39 length settings to choose from
  • Free Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide razor
  • Waterproof and fully washable


  • More suited for thick hair growth

Conair 2-in-1 Clipper and Trimmer

ConairMAN The Chopper, Hair Clippers for Men,...
  • PROFESSIONAL RESULTS AT HOME: This 2-in-1 custom styler features a full size clipper blade and...

When it comes to finding the perfect ergonomic clipper that will provide you with the most comfortable shave of your life, you cannot forget about the Conair 2-in-1 Clipper and Trimmer kit.

These are not considered amongst the best balding clippers for no reason, as the Conair balding clippers are amongst the most maneuverable clippers on the market.

The Conair kit comes along with a detachable stainless steel clipping blade that will help you provide yourself with a zero-gapped shave like never before.

Additionally, the home grooming kit comes along with a whole set of accessories, including cleaning brushes, beard trimmer, and so much more, making it indeed a barber's kit that just needs a barber.

The Conair clipper and trimmer come with multiple settings to enable it to gently take care of different types of texture and strengths of hair, making it the best balding clippers you can buy to use at home.


  • Comes with a cleaning brush and oil
  • Various face, head, and jaw attachments
  • No-slip grip for better control


  • Relatively smaller in size than most clippers

Balding Clipper Buyer's Guide

When looking to buy a pair of balding clippers, what is it that you should look out for? Is the fact that the clippers have a very ergonomic design? Or their ability to give you the closest shave possible because you want that glossy bald head with no sign of stubble anywhere? 

There are quite a few factors that affect your decision to buy a balding clipper, although the final decision might still depend entirely on personal preference.

But, you should never dismiss a few of the factors, as they decide whether you will be getting the proper shave you deserve.

They also provide you with a product that will avoid stressing your skin if it's sensitive, allow you to keep it handy if you travel a lot, will last you over a very long time, and be your best hair grooming companion that you can always count upon. 

This is why we have prepared the ultimate buyer’s guide on finding the best balding clippers and have gone to the far reaches of the grooming world to decide on what qualities of the product will make the most impact on your purchases. So without any further ado, let’s just jump right into it.


Wahl Professional Balding 6x0 Clipper Blade #2105...
  • PROFESSIONAL PRECISION: From Wahl Professional's commercial grade line of products, the Balding 6X0...

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about buying a clipper is its blade quality.

If you were looking for a casual trimmer that would provide you with maintenance and upkeep of your hairstyles, then the sharpness of the blades wouldn’t be as important as it is in the case of balding clippers.

When you go out to look for a balding clipper, you would need a product with blades so sharp, they can be used to perform surgery, because not only will you be working very close to the skins. Hence, you need quick and accurate cuts because a sharp blade will avoid irritating the skin by minimizing the pulling and tugging on the roots of your hair. 

Nowadays, most balding clippers come equipped with stainless steel blades that are easy to maintain and tend to last you over a long period.

There are also quite a few products that incorporate self-sharpening blades to further enhance their longevity. 

However, no matter how long-lasting your blades are, you still need to keep in mind that the need to change them out can occur at any moment's notice.

For example, when it comes to blades and their sharpness, a titanium blade would be the one that takes the cake, but it would be the most difficult to replace due to its availability and a high price tag.

Clipper Guards

10 Pack Clipper Guards Cutting Guides Compatible...
  • HIGH QUALITY: made of high-quality PC and metal materials, durable and easy to clean, moderate...

Nowadays, most clippers come together with complete attachments to make them useful in different situations without needing to buy separate clippers for various purposes.

Although this has helped us save a lot of money and time, it also makes buying a pair of clippers a lot harder.

This is because you are not thinking of a single thing when buying a clipper. If you wanted to opt for a balding clipper, you would also need to consider its ability to maintain that bald head over a long period. This is where clipper guards and attachments come into play.

These attachment combs and clipper guards change the entire purpose of the clippers. For example, if you have a #2 guard set with your clipper, you will be able to give yourself an amazing-looking fade that brings your whole marine aesthetic together.

However, if you replace that #2 with a #12, you can now have a complete head of hair. The best part is it's without missing out on any of the volumes on your head. 

This is what makes attachment combs and clipper guards essential to consider during the purchase of your clippers.

You don’t want to buy something that can bald your hair; you need a product that will support you in any hair decision you make and help you see them through.


A clipper is only as powerful as the tiny motor it comes equipped with. Although we say tiny, some of these motors can run a house if provided with enough power. That may be a very exaggerated statement, but you get the idea. 

Regardless of the sharpness of your blades, if there isn’t a powerful battery that pushes the blade to its limits and cuts through the hair of every thickness and texture, then having an extremely sharp blade is useless.

The three most commonly used motors in clippers are magnetic, pivot motors, and rotary motors.

When it comes to providing yourself a clean and precise cut, then, based on popular opinions of professional barbers, a magnetic motor is the one you should opt for.

This is because of their high speeds and fewer movable parts, which allows for a longer life because of lesser wear and tear. 

Similarly, professional barbers have urged people repeatedly to avoid balding clippers that come along with a pivot motor because although it generates a lot more power than a magnetic motor, the frequency of blade motions is far lesser than that of a magnetic one.

Type of Cutting Mechanism

Another essential aspect to consider when buying the perfect balding clipper would be the type of cutting mechanism that has been used in the product.

Is it your usual T-style blade used in most professional clippers by now, or does it incorporate something a lot more complex, such as the foil cutters?

Regardless of the quality of these blades and mechanisms, it is also essential to identify the type of the mechanism and figure out if you are comfortable enough to use them and get the desired results.

Different mechanisms might require other techniques and procedures to get the perfect cut. This is why it is essential to know what you are getting yourself in before jumping headfirst into it.

Corded Or Cordless

To go cordless, or to stick with it, is the question. When it comes to buying balding clippers, you need to realize that you will be working all-around your head, and mobility is one of the factors that you cannot compromise on.

Although professionals tend to opt for corded clippers and trimmers, it is because they are professionals and have been doing it all their lives.

If you are buying clippers or trimmers to be used at home, going for the cordless option seems to be the most reasonable to us. However, it's not without its own shortcomings as well. Because a cordless clipper will never be able to generate the same torque and power as a corded one.

However, the difference is almost negligible with the introduction of the lithium battery to the fray. 

However, as there is no noticeable difference between the two, the deciding factor is still your own personal preference.

Will you opt for a product that needs to be plugged in whenever you want to use it but will provide consistent cuts throughout the day, or do you want something you can whip out anywhere you want and give yourself a shave.

Cutting Length

When you are on the lookout for the perfect balding clippers, you first need to take a step back and identify some of the features of your hair.

The first thing that you need to consider is how long your hair currently is. Afterward, there are quite a few more things, such as how fast does your hair grows out, are you willing to commit to this or are you just testing out the waters for now, will you need to stay bald, or was it a one-time thing, and so on.

After you have asked yourself all these questions, you will realize the different cutting lengths you would need. It can range from microscopically close to the scalp to something a lot more fluffy and voluminous.

This is why it is essential to consider the different cutting lengths the clippers can perform at and if they can do it effectively and efficiently.

Battery Life

If you have opted for a cordless clipper, you would also need to pay extra mind to the type of battery used in the product and how long the battery will be able to last you.

Most of the high-end clippers nowadays use a lithium-ion battery that is known to be amongst the best when generating blade power and lasting a long time.

A lithium battery tends to last an average of three years, after which it will find it a little challenging to hold a charge, and you might have to get it replaced.

However, with the cost of a lithium battery, and considering the long time it lasts, we consider it an absolute steal.

Additionally, it will only take an hour or two to completely charge up a lithium-ion battery, making it amongst the best batteries to opt for if you have decided to go cordless.


Finally, the last thing that you need to worry about when buying a balding clipper is the accessories that the product comes along with.

Most balding clippers that you buy would require regular maintenance. That could add upon its initial costs making it a lot more expensive than you have realized; however, there are products on the market that come along with complete maintenance kits to help make the process easier for you.

With such a large number of similar products available on the market, why not opt for the one that goes the extra mile and packs your clippers with a cleaning brush, maintenance oil, and a cute tiny screwdriver.

These small gestures give you an idea about how the company that has made the product regards its consumers and will they be willing to help you out if something goes wrong with your product in the future. 

Some of the most common accessories you can expect alongside the clippers are adjustment combs, hair clipper guards, cleaning brush, maintenance oil, extra pair of blades, etc.

Tips On Buying The Perfect Bald Head Clipper

Even though the buyer's guide tells you all about what to look for in a clipper, it's hard to tell which one's just right for you. Lucky for you, with our extensive research, we managed to find specific types of clippers that are perfect for different hair types and skins.

Here are a few of the different problems you could face when shaving your head bald and the perfect type of balding clipper to mitigate them.

Your Hair is Too Thick or Thin

Thick hair is harder to feed into a balding clipper unless it is designed to take in a lot of hair load. Using a regular clipper or not providing sound results in uneven cuts. It is difficult to fix these later on as it requires a lot of touch-ups over small patches of hair. T-blade clippers or pivot motor clippers are your best option in cases like these.

On the other hand, thin hair is harder to feed into regular blades as it is more difficult to pick up. Using balding clippers with foil-style blades can help with cleaner and more uniform shaves. Foil clippers pick up more hair, no matter how thin, due to the various holes in the foil blade. This makes it easy to get a clean bald head.

Your Head is More Textured or Contoured Than Usual

Contoured scalps can be challenging to shave especially if you're considering a bald look. Textured skin and uneven scalp can increase the chances of cuts and nicks. To avoid this, you need to focus on a balding clipper that can adjust to the contours of your head.

Multi-head clippers and flexible balding clippers are good options for you. Not only will they help get the hair out of problematic areas, but your skin also remains safe and won't be irritated.

Another tip you can consider is that if you have deep grooves in your scalp, a touch-up or outliner trimmer can help get the hair out of them. Since these trimmers have smaller heads, it is easier to target smaller patches of hair and get into grooves.

You Have Skin That Is Easily Irritated

Sensitive skin prone to irritation and outbreak of bumps and ingrown hair is challenging to shave close enough to achieve a bald look. You must pick a balding clipper specializing in being gentle on the scalp and preventing outbreaks of irritation.

On your end, you would have to ensure that you are not using too much force when the clipper makes contact with your scalp. Medicated shampoos, proper shaving techniques, and frequent moisturizing of the scalp can help prevent irritation or minimize it at the very least.

Your Hair is Textured or Curly

A close shave is very difficult for textured or curly hair without getting razor bumps on the scalp. The hair trimmer needs to have stainless steel blades that can easily tackle thicker and curlier hair. Hair clippers with wide-spaced blades would be better for such a task, as they give more room for curly hair to be fed into the machine.

For accurate shaves, find a balding clipper that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand so that you have more control over the movements. It is advised that you trim your hair down as short as possible with attachment combs before you get to the balding process.

Balding Clipper Maintenance

The condition of your balding clipper dramatically influences how well it will shave your head and get the job done without causing any issues.

If there are issues like your machine heating up, performing slow, or not charging enough, you need to pay close attention to what causes these things. Therefore, it is essential to take care of the shaver, the battery, the cutting blade, and additional attachments. 

Things to Look For:

Here are some things to be on the lookout for when cleaning your balding clipper.

  • Regularly oil the cutting blades to prevent them from rusting and corrosion damage.
  • Brush out hair from non-washable balding clippers.
  • Clean washable balding clippers by holding them under running water.
  • Disinfect the blades and attachment combs occasionally to prevent germs from affecting your scalp.
  • Avoid using your balding clipper while it's on charging; let the charge cycle run its entire length.
  • In case the hair isn't coming out of the blades with a brush, you can use a can of compressed air instead.
  • Replace blades for balding clippers that do not have self-sharpening edges, as dull blades can be dangerous and lead to irritation.
  • If your hair clipper or head shaver is prone to heating up, use it in small sessions. In case the blade heats up as well, make sure to give it rest as a hot blade can lead to shaving rashes.

If you keep your hair clipper in good shape, it is unlikely that you will face issues like irritation, uneven cutting, and razor bumps. It is imperative to pay heed to shave product hygiene since infections on a bald head can lead to scarring and other unsightly issues.


Now that you have the perfect knowledge of how to rock a bald look, there's nothing standing in your way. Make sure to pick the suitable balding clipper for your head, and you're good to go. Apart from choosing the right machine, the most you can do on your end is make sure you use proper shaving techniques and pay attention to the maintenance of the clipper.

Remember to check if your skin reacts adversely to using the balding clipper on your scalp. Experiment between wet and dry shaves, or even use shaving cream if you need it. The main takeaway is to customize your head-shaving experience to meet the demands of your scalp and hair type. Now all that's left to do is carry your new look with a lot of confidence. 

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