Best Brushes For Your Beard

Keeping a clean shave is often much easier than having a beard. You'll find this out for yourself if you ever decide to keep a beard. Beards can be messy and difficult to groom without the best beard brushes. It's not as simple as growing facial hair and hoping it will grow into the perfect shape.

Growing a beard needs a significant time investment, which might not be your thing. However, beard care is often much easier than most people think. All you need is a good beard brush or beard comb, and you are set in terms of beard care.

Before deciding to grow a beard, you may have an idea of the style you want to maintain. Some beards are short and easier to maintain. Other long beards are more difficult to keep in shape. Again, this often depends on the style that you want to keep.

For example, the military-style beard is quite popular but is also the most difficult to maintain. With some beards, you may have to visit the barber for regular trimming and give it the right shape.

In any case, it's always best to keep your beard in good shape. Buy a beard brush and brush your beard regularly. You can also keep it in shape by adding natural oils to your beard.

Here are some of the best beard brushes that we've compiled:

Editor's Choice: ZilberHaar Pure Boar Bristles and Pearwood Beard Brush

Beard Brush by ZilberHaar - Stiff Boar Bristles -...
  • Quality craftsmanship engineered in Germany. 100% natural boar bristles and pear wood.

For anyone who has grown a beard before, having the right brush is a must. This amazing product by ZilberHaar is all you'll need for beard grooming. Made from stiff boar bristles, it is designed to make brushing your beard a smooth experience. This is ideal if you have rough hairs and you want to soften your beard.


It also works to straighten beard hairs and give your beard a more decent look. If you are trying to straighten your beard, this boar hair beard brush is the best.

The boar's hair bristles are perfect for smoothly combing through the beard. Next time you brush your beard with this product, you will instantly notice the difference in the grooming experience. After a few weeks, your beard will be in its optimal shape.

Product features

Completely natural boar hair bristles

There are so many beard brushes out there that are made of fake boars' hair bristles. In reality, they may be made from synthetic material with second-grade quality. This product is made from 100% pure boar bristles, which is what makes it unique. The hard bristles will comb through the thickest of beards without getting damaged or wearing off.

Relieves beard itch

This product is designed to remove dead skin that may get stuck in your beard. This is great for use as a grooming tool and beard cleaning tool. The dead skin in your beard often causes beard itch, which may cause many people to abandon their beards. Having a quality brush is a simple way to eliminate this problem.

Full-size 6 inch design

The ZilberHaar beard brush is 6 inches long, making it the ideal size for beard grooming. The natural pearwood handle gives it an elegant look, which makes it the perfect gift as well. The natural firm bristles fit into the brush via 58 plugs, which gives it additional strength.


  • Natural bristles made from boar hair are perfect for straightening out beard hair.
  • Good bristle length and stiff bristles can remove dead skin and hair follicles.
  • Designed to relieve beard itch
  • made from high-quality materials and can last a lifetime


  • Stiff bristles are more suited for longer beards, and this might not be suitable for short beards.
  • The bristles may poke the skin while brushing.

If you are looking for the perfect beard brush, this should be on top of your list. It is guaranteed to last a lifetime with the finest bristles and the nest natural wood design. It also makes for the perfect gift for friends and family.

Best Overall: Seven Potions Beard Hair Beard Brush For Men

Seven Potions Beard Brush For Men With 100% First...
  • THE LAST BRUSH TO BUY: A beard brush made of 100% first-cut boar bristles in pear wood body.

When buying a beard brush, your priorities affect the choices you make. If you are serious about getting the best quality product, then your goal will be to choose something made from the finest quality material.

This unique beard hairbrush is made from the highest quality first-cut boar bristles and a pearwood base. The firm bristles are designed to soften beard hair, making it easier to comb through. By brushing your beard regularly with this brush, you'll start noticing that the hair becomes straighter after some time.

This is because of the way the natural boar bristles work. They are designed to separate intertwined hair strands, giving the beard a better shape and improving the overall impression. When it comes to quality beard combs, Seven Potions has a history of producing the best beard hair brushes.

This boar bristle brush is a step above the rest of our best overall pick. It is also perfectly suited for longer hair, so if you plan to grow a long beard, this will be your favorite grooming tool.

Product features

100% First cut boar bristles

Made from 100% first cut pure boar bristles, this product is designed to provide a smooth combing experience. If you are familiar with the way bristles are made, you'll know that bristles made from the first cut hair are often the best. Not only do they have the smoothest feel, but they are also designed to last a lifetime.

Stiff bristles help clean your beard.

Beards often become full of dandruff and dead skin if not brushed properly. The stiff bristles are designed to remove any dead skin or dandruff from your beard, giving it a smooth and clean look. If you are always feeling beard itch due to dead skin flakes in your beard, then combing it regularly with is one way to get rid of this problem.

It helps soften beard hair.

The stiff boar bristles are designed to spread the natural oils throughout your beard, making the hair softer. You can also apply beard oil to your hair before combing for the best results. If you are looking to get a soft, long beard, then this may be the best product for this purpose.


  • Designed with natural boar hair, which helps soften beard hair
  • The ideal density of bristles prevents any dead skin or dandruff from getting stuck in the beard
  • Designed to untangle beard hairs thanks to high-density boar hair bristles
  • Perfect for keeping long or thick beards in shape


  • It does not have a handle, which may make brushing messy, especially if you are applying beard oil during the process.
  • Stiff bristles may cause damage to the skin if pressed unknowingly

When it comes to choosing the best beard brush, this product definitely makes it to the list. If you are looking for a reliable beard brush, then this is it.

Best High-Quality Bristle: Beardoholic Beard Brush Black - 100% Boar Bristles

Beardoholic Beard Brush Black - 100% Boar Bristles...
  • 100% NATURAL BOAR HAIR BRISTLES: Improved, stronger boar hairs are really long and soft to exfoliate...

Made from 100% natural boar hair and a sturdy bamboo handle, this product from beardoholic is unique. With black colored design and high-density bristles, it comes with both the features and the looks.

If you are buying a beard brush but cannot find something that meets your quality standard, you can't move on without giving this product a look. Made from the finest stiff boar bristles, this may be the best product you'll ever use.

It can straighten beard hair, remove dead skin and dandruff, untangle knots and tangles in the beard and help give your beard the ideal shape. It is also made with the finest quality materials, which gives it a sturdiness that is designed to last a long time.


Whether you have a short beard and mustache or a longer beard, you can use this product with equal effect. This versatility is what makes it the best product in the market.

Product features

The bamboo base for strength and durability

The bamboo base gives extra strength to the brush and makes it highly durable. It also comes with a bamboo handle, unlike many others. If you are looking for something designed with high-quality standards, then this is the brush you are looking for.

Stiff natural bristles

The natural boar bristles are designed to give you the ultimate brushing experience. The bristles make brushing hair much easier. High-quality bristles are designed to remain intact and will not fall off after use. This is what separates a quality product from a regular brush.

Removes dandruff, dead skin pieces, and another residue

Keeping a beard can get messy at times. Your beard might have dandruff or pieces of dirt or dust in it. In many cases, pieces of dead skin will also accumulate in the beard. Brushing with a regular comb kit will not remove dandruff and other small dirt, which is where this amazing product comes in. Grooming your beard regularly with this brush will help keep it clean and free from dandruff.

It helps straighten the hair.

One of the main issues that develop in many beards is that the hair may tangle. This is often unpleasant and may damage the hairs. The bristles are designed to untangle hair strands. The bristles are anti-static, which means that they will not tangle your hair during brushing. This is quite impressive, considering the density of the bristles.


  • Strong handle for easy combing
  • Anti-static material prevents hair from tangling while brushing
  • A perfect balance of stiffness for all beard types
  • Removes dandruff, skin, and other particles from the beard


  • Bristles may be too stiff for smaller beards
  • Costlier than other options

Most Affordable: Medca Wooden Beard Brush and Beard Comb Set for Men

Wooden Beard and Comb Set for Men - Perfect for...
  • BEARD BRUSH & COMB SET DESIGNED FOR THE TOUGHEST MEN: The MEDca ultimate wood comb and brush set...

This Wooden brush and comb set is the perfect brush and comb kit that you'll need for your beard and mustache. Designed for both long beards and short beards, it is quite versatile and will not disappoint. It is made from 100% boar hair, which is the best material for helping the beard grow properly.

Whether you are looking for something to keep your beard in shape, or you want the complete kit for mustache as well, this kit is exactly what you need.

The brush may be the best beard brush you've ever used due to its sturdiness, quality, and durability. You can use it to straighten beard hair, comb it into shape, and untangle hair matts. If you have ever experienced hair matts, you already know the feeling of pain when you try to brush it with a regular comb.

Fortunately, this hairbrush is designed to untangle matts easily without causing damage to the hair. Most beard styles also come with a mustache, so it makes sense to get the complete kit. If you are looking for something that will give you the best value for money, this kit will make your list.

Product features

Genuine boar hair bristles

It's not always possible to find those made from genuine boar hair, but this is why this product stands out. Most brushes will be made from synthetic bristles, which are less effective than natural boar's hair bristles. However, this boar bristle brush is 100% natural and genuine, giving you the quality grooming session that your beard needs.

Fine bristles for applying oil and beard balm

The best way to keep your beard in shape is to apply oil to it regularly. Natural beard oil is most suitable because it can be applied throughout beard hairs. This product is designed to spread these oils throughout your beard. Natural hair oils are designed to improve the quality and growth of hair, which will give you a thicker, more defined beard.

Made from durable beech

When it comes to the mustache comb, the material matters, both the comb and the beard brush are made from highly durable beech, which can last a lifetime without getting damaged. The comb kit has two sides, which can be used either as a mustache comb or a beard comb. So even if you don't have a mustache, this kit is still the best buy.


  • Made from highly durable beech for extra strength
  • It comes with both boar bristle brush and mustache comb
  • Made from genuine boar's hair
  • It can be used to untangle hair matts easily
  • Perfect for brushing your beard while applying beard oil


  • The Beard brush does not have any handle
  • Not everyone may need the complete set

Most Comfortable Grip: Kent BRD5 Men's Beard and Mustache Brush

Kent BRD5 Men's Beard and Mustache Brush -...
  • BUILT FOR BURLY BEARDS - The Kent BRD5 beard brush, with its flintlock pistol grip, is unparalleled...

If you have a curly beard, the chances are that you struggle to find a product that suits your beard style. Most of them are designed for regular beards. At the same time, they can work on burly beards, and it is often best to get something more specifically designed for your beard style.

This unique Men's grooming beard brush is designed for all types of beards. However, it works best on burly beards. Made from a combination of nylon and horsehair, it also doubles up as a mustache brush.

The quality brush is designed to give your hair the right shape and is perfect for grooming your beard. It also helps remove hair follicles if you brush your beard regularly. One of the benefits of this product is that it can be used for nearly all types of beards and mustaches.

The soft bristles will not damage your hair, unlike some hairbrushes. What makes this one truly unique is the comfortable handle. When you use a beard brush, having a handle for better grip makes quite a difference in grooming.

Product features

Made from soft bristles

The soft bristles are made from the finest horsehair and nylon mix, which allows for easy combing. The softness is also perfect for smaller beards and mustaches and will not damage the skin underneath, unlike other hairbrushes. If you are an expert in beard grooming and like brushing your beard regularly, this horse hair material is just what you need.

It gives shape to burly beards.

Maintaining a burly beard can be quite difficult, especially if your beard's form tends to get disrupted while sleeping or during other activities. The soft horsehair and nylon bristles are designed to give form to beards that are most difficult to maintain. If you just can't seem to get your beard shape right, then you should consider getting this amazing product.

Designed for travel

If you are always on the go and can't take all your grooming tools with you, this beard comb is all you need. Thanks to its lightweight and soft design, the Kent beard brush is one of the best beard brushes for traveling. It also comes with a convenient cloth bag which you can use while traveling.


  • Soft horsehair bristles give shape to the burliest of beards
  • Comfortable Flintlock handle for easy grip with combing
  • Made from the best quality material and most trusted company in beard products
  • Designed to give a smooth appearance to your beard


  • The soft horsehair bristles may not be suited for thicker beards.

Best For Thick Beard: Cremo 100% Boar Bristle Beard Brush With Wood Handle

Cremo 100% Boar Bristle Beard Brush With Wood...
  • 100% Boar Bristle beard brush, ideal for grooming, shaping and styling beards of all sizes

For most people who don't have much experience keeping a beard, grooming a beard can be messy. The best beard brushes often come in so many different shapes; it is difficult to find something made just for you.

 If you are looking for something that will fit any standard, this Cremo beard brush is designed just for you. It is designed to help you groom your beard with ease with a strong wooden structure and the perfect grip.

This Cremo beard brush is perfectly suited for people who have thicker beards. The boar bristle beard brush is made from genuine boar hair, the best material for hairbrushes. If you brush your beard with a genuine boar bristle beard brush like this one, you'll notice a world of difference as compared to a regular brush or comb.

 The whole design of this beard brush is balanced, which makes it perfectly suited for use at home or while traveling. If you are looking for a thick hair beard brush, then this product from Cremo is made just for you.

Product features

100% genuine boar hair beard brush

Whenever you look at beard brush bristles, always make sure to look at whether it is made from genuine or synthetic boar's hair. Genuine boar's hair is always best as it helps the natural oils be distributed throughout your hair. It also works best with beard oil, which is great for improving the strength of your beard hair.

Perfect for removing dandruff from hair

If you feel that the skin under the beard is always itchy, you can use this bristle beard brush to remove dandruff from the hair. The bristles in this brush are denser, allowing you to clean your hair thoroughly while brushing.

Made for beards of all sizes

Whenever you look for a new bristle beard brush, always consider the type of beard they are designed for. Most beard combs and brushes are designed for a long beard. This brush is unique because it can be used for all types of beards, so you can use it even if you have a shorter beard.


  • Easy to grip handle makes brushing your beard a breeze
  • Genuine boar's hair bristles are perfect for removing dandruff
  • It can be used for beards of all sizes and types


  • While the grip is better than other brushes, it still doesn't have a handle.

Best For Thin Beard Hair: Beard Brush for Men - Round Wooden Handle Perfect for Beard Oil & Balm

Grooming your beard has never been easier with the Peter's Beard thin beard round brush. Made from fine horsehair, this beard brush can be used on every type of beard.

The soft hair of this brush is made specifically for people who have thin beard hair. It is also perfect for applying natural oils to your beard.

Applying hair oil is often more difficult when using hard bristle combs because many brushes do not have dense bristles. This quality Peter's beard product can apply balm or oil on the hair for the best effect. The round wooden handle is also perfectly designed for brushing all types of beards and can be used as a mustache comb.

 If you apply oil and balm regularly to your facial hair, you should consider buying this beard brush.

Product features

Round wooden handle for easy grip

Brushing your beard often requires precision, which is why this beard brush is designed with a small, round wooden handle that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.

Thin horsehair design for combing thin beard hair

Many of the best beard brushes all have horse or boar hair. This amazing beard brush is perfectly suited for people who have thin beards. Having a boar bristle beard brush, in this case, would only damage your hair. This brush is not only gentle on thin hair, but it can be used on mustaches as well.

Perfect for applying oil and beard balm

Applying hair oil to your beard may be quite messy. This beard brush is designed to make this process as smooth as possible. For the best results, first, apply oil throughout your beard and then brush it.


  • Small, round handle for easy grip
  • Best brush for applying hair oil and balm
  • It can be used as a mustache brush as well
  • Made for thin hair beard care


  • It cannot be used effectively for thick and long beards.
  • The handle may be too small for some people.

A Good Choice: Tombstone Beard Brush - Wood with Soft Synthetic Bristles

Tombstone Beard Brush - Wood with Soft Synthetic...
  • Synthetic bristles aren't harsh like boar bristles and exfoliate and stimulate skin, natural oils...

If you are not a fan of natural boar's hair bristle brushes, you can switch to a synthetic bristle beard brush instead. This Tombstone Beard brush is made with the finest synthetic bristle design, much softer than natural bristles.

This unique beard brush may help stimulate blood flow to the roots of the hair, which is great for promoting beard growth.

It also has a perfectly shaped grip and the best bristle length for all types of beards. The unique design also helps remove all knots and tangles from your beard hair, giving it a smooth and decent appearance.


If you want to make your beard look like a certain style, then this brush is exactly what you need.

Product features

Soft, synthetic bristles

The soft, synthetic bristles can brush the thinnest of beards without damaging the skin underneath. They are also quite durable and easy to clean.

Fragrance and Paraben free

If you dislike the smell of many of the beard brushes in the market, then you'll love this one. It is completely fragrance-free, which gives you a more pleasant grooming experience. You also won't have to worry about a bad smell coming from your beard!

It comes with a comfortable grip.

The grip for this beard brush is designed to be just the right size for a comfortable brushing experience. The base is also made from high-quality wood, which makes it more durable.


  • Synthetic bristle brushes are soft on the scalp and will not damage the hair.
  • Fragrance and paraben-free and an animal cruelty-free product
  • Perfect grip size
  • Cheaper than other beard brushes


  • Not as effective for thicker beards
  • Lack of a handle
  • Bristle density is less compared to other beard brushes.

How to keep your beard in shape with a beard brush?

If you have experience using beard brushes, you are probably well aware that not all beard brushes are the same. Some brushes are not meant for beards, but many people use them anyway.

Having a poor-quality beard brush will not only damage the shape of your beard but also affect how it grows. The same is true if you use a common hairbrush to comb your beard. This may result in beard itch or knots and tangles.

Having the right beard brush is essential if you want to maintain a well-groomed beard. However, choosing a beard brush may be difficult at times.

There are many different options available in the market. Different hair beard brushes may be made for different beard types. If you have decided to keep a certain beard style, you can get a beard brush made specifically for your style—otherwise, it's best to use a beard brush that can be used on all types of beards.

Choosing the best beard brush is quite difficult, especially if it's your first time growing a beard. Getting it right the first time is quite rare unless you have some professional help.

Most people will experiment with different beard brushes before they choose something that suits their style. 

A good beard brush will make your beard much smoother and give it the right shape. With so many different beard brushes available in the market, you may wonder which one to choose.

Fortunately, you do not have to experiment with the wrong beard brushes before making up your mind. We have compiled some of the best beard brushes in this buying guide so that you can buy the right beard brush. This list includes only the best beard brushes that are proven to deliver great results.

However, you can still choose between different options before finding out which type of beard brush suits you. Whether you want to keep permanent facial hair or just growing a beard temporarily, having the right beard brush will make brushing your beard a pleasant experience.

What to consider when buying a new beard brush?

Choosing a new beard brush may be quite difficult if you have no idea what to look for. There are certain things that every good beard brush should have. Here are some of the factors to consider when buying a new beard brush:

Type of bristle material

The best brushes have natural boar or horse bristles. While some synthetic bristles may be effective, the natural ones often absorb and spread oils throughout the hair much more effectively. Make sure that the bristles are genuine before purchasing.

Bristle density

When choosing a new brush, always look at the bristle density. If the bristles have large spaces between them, then the brush is not of good quality. Brushes with better bristle density are more effective and can remove dandruff, skin particles, and other dirt from your beard.

Handle or grip

Some excellent brushes are not effective because they don't have a proper grip. Always look at the grip before deciding which brush to buy.


The last thing you want from your men's beard brush is the bristles falling off after a few weeks. Always buy from a reliable manufacturer or read the reviews before making a purchase.

Also, look at the material used in the brush and handle. Bamboo and Pearwood are often best, although other solid wood bases will do.

Lastly, always consider your beard type before choosing a brush and comb. Some brushes are designed for thicker beards, while others are better suited for thin hair.

In the end, you might end up experimenting with different options before you find one that suits your style. 

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