Best Beard Combs To Buy In 2022

While not all men like to keep a beard, many people often experiment with some form of facial hair in their lifetime. According to some people, growing a beard can enhance your personality, or it may just be your preference. Choosing the best beard combs will help retain a good look.

If you have a well-developed beard, you'll know how difficult it is to maintain. This also depends on the style of your beard and how experienced you are at keeping it in shape; regardless of whether it's your first time keeping facial hair or you are more experienced, maintaining it will always be time-consuming.

Beards often require some time for grooming each day. If you want to maintain a good beard style, you should ideally spend some time brushing it thoroughly.


Using a comb to brush your beard thoroughly will help keep it in shape. Besides, it is also a good way to keep your beard clean and free from dandruff.

Brushing your beard regularly will also help improve its growth, and you'll notice that it grows straighter when you brush more often.

Keeping facial hair in good shape often depends on whether you have a reliable comb. If you buy a new one, you may need to try out different products before finding something that suits you.

A good comb will help improve the shape of your beard and promote healthy facial hair growth.

We know how difficult it might be to choose a good comb, which is why we've selected some of the best beard combs for you. While it's much easier to make up your mind if you have the best products in front of you, most people will switch between different types before they find something that suits their style.

Here are some of the best beard combs to keep your beard in great shape:

Best Overall Beard Comb: Kent Men's Handmade Beard Comb Set

Kent Set Men's Hair Pocket Combs, Tortoise 81T...
  • R7T: 5.1 Inch Small Tortoise Shell finish. Double tooth thick and fine, a must to keep in your...

This amazing Kent's handmade beard comb set contains the complete solution for keeping your beard in shape all the time. It is made by Kent, a trusted manufacturer of beard combs for over 200 years. This is a dual-sided comb, which contains both a fine tooth and a wide-tooth side.

People with thicker and long beards may prefer to use it, which is thin-toothed, although it depends on your beard type. Nevertheless, this is one of the best plastic combs that you'll find.

It also comes with a quality guarantee, which means you can return it if you are not comfortable. All the beard combs in this set are of high quality, so whether you choose to buy one single comb or the whole set, it's up to you.

Product features

Varying tooth-sizes

What makes this unique is that it has both fine teeth and wider teeth. If you have a thick or curly beard, then you might find the wider teeth more useful. You can even use the wider-tooth side to comb the hair roughly and straighten it out with the fined-toothed side.

Rounded teeth to keep hair safe

Unlike a regular one, this unique beard comb is designed with rounded teeth to prevent it from scratching the skin. It also prevents tangling of the hair and helps you comb your beard much more smoothly.

It can be used for both beard and mustache care.

The smaller beard comb is perfect for combing your beard or brushing your mustache. Unlike a regular beard brush, this unique comb can be used on a mustache as well. While some people may think that plastic can damage your beard, this kit has every product made with the customer's needs in mind.


  • A double-sided design is perfect for grooming all types of beards and facial hair.
  • Rounded teeth prevent damage to beard hairs, which helps comb longer beards.
  • Made from a reliable company that has been making the best beard combs for centuries


  • The plastic design might not be as durable as wooden beard combs or metal combs.

In the end, this is one of the best beard combs you'll find in the market. When it comes to reliability and trust, this amazing product tops our list.

Best for all beard types: Beardoholic Beard Comb Plastic

Beardoholic Beard Comb Plastic – Fine Tooth With...
  • FINE TEETH: The teeth are perfectly spaced to eliminate both tiny and large knots and tangles. As...

If you have experience brushing your beard regularly, you know how disturbing knots and ingrown hairs can be. Many beard brushes and combs are not effective at untangling hairs.

However, this product from Beardaholic is designed to untangle beard hairs and remove ingrown hairs.  

It is perfectly suited for all beard types. Whether you have a long beard, a thick and well-established beard, or a thinner beard, this beard comb can be used to give your beard the desired shape.

What makes it one of the best products in the market is its quality. Made from anti-static cellulose acetate, it is designed to prevent knots and tangles when combing your beard. If you are looking for a reliable brand, this is it.

Product features

Long teeth for more accurate beard grooming

When you comb your beard regularly, it will often start to take shape after some time. The long teeth penetrate deep into the hair, giving it a more defined shape. It also straightens the beard hairs, making it the best product for creating a decent beard style.

Short size for use on the go

Most people would like something that they can easily fit into their bag during traveling. If your beard loses shape quite easily, it's always nice to have a beard comb or beard brush nearby. The thin, plastic design is also perfect for traveling, and the high-quality material will not break easily.

Rounded plastic teeth for safety

Many people may prefer wood material because they often have sharp teeth. However, this unique product is designed with customer safety in mind. The rounded teeth are suitable for all types of beard hair and will not damage the beard or skin underneath.

Perfect for untangling beard hair

The long teeth are perfect for untangling beard hairs. It also works well to clean your beard from other particles that might have gotten stuck in it. When you comb your beard, you should consider applying beard oil and balm to promote beard growth and make the grooming process much easier.


  • Longer teeth for better penetration into the beard hairs
  • Perfect for use on all beard types and other facial hair
  • Rounded plastic edges on the comb teeth prevent damage to the hair and skin
  • lightweight and easy to carry around when traveling


  • Plastic is not as reliable as wooden combs or metal beard combs
  • It does not have a handle for easy combing

Luxury Beard Mustache Comb: Baxter Of California Beard Styling Comb

It's not always easy to find the perfect product, but this Baxter of California beard styling comb can be called just that. It is made from the finest quality cellulose acetate and is designed for all beard types.

The small size is perfect for use while traveling, and it is available in different sizes. Add an anti-static material to the design, and you get a comb that is not only perfect for straightening hair but will not tangle in the thickest of beards.

All these features make this one of the best products available in the market. If you like to comb your beard on the go, then this is the best beard care product you'll find.

Product Features

Handcrafted from tough plastic

This is handcrafted from the toughest plastic, which is also anti-static. This allows for a smooth beard grooming experience. The amazing design also helps straighten out beard hairs, giving your beard the best shape. You can create any style using this comb, and it can be used for other facial hair as well.

Perfect for untangling hair

While many combs for men can be used to keep hair in its right shape, very few can untangle beard hair successfully. This product is designed to untangle even the curliest of hair. It is perfectly suited for the burliest of beards, and its versatility makes it special.

Works best when applying beard balm and oil

The smooth design of this product works best when applying beard oil and balm. The natural oils and balms give the hair root strength and help soften up the hair for combing. It will also improve the thickness and quality of your hair. If you have soft or thin hair, then using a comb and applying beard oil regularly will improve the strength of your hair.


  • The high quality plastic frame will not break easily
  • Perfectly designed to untangle beard hair
  • It can be used for both thick or thin beards


  • Plastic beard combs are not as effective as a beard brush or a wooden beard comb.
  • Does not have a handle

Best Affordable Beard Comb: Wahl Model 3326 Beard & Moustache Folding Comb

Wahl Beard & Mustache Folding Comb for Men's...
  • 100% Handmade – Wahl’s folding comb is hand cut to gently stimulate natural oils on the head &...

For most men, finding a product with unique features is quite difficult. Most have the same style as a hair comb, which makes you wonder if there's any difference.

What makes this product from Whal's unique is that it is made specifically for beard grooming. This folding comb is made from plant-based material, much like a wooden one.

This allows it to absorb natural oils and spread them throughout the beard. If you want to add to your grooming kit, this is the best product for you. It is also 100% handmade, which results in perfect precision.

You can also fold it easily, protecting the teeth and making it perfect to use while traveling.

Product Features

Fold-able design for easy use

If your comb teeth always get damaged, you have to replace them often, and when this product is for you. The foldable design can protect the teeth, which prevents damage. If you are tired of replacing your combs every once in a while, you should get this one.

Plant-based material is perfect for combing with oil

The natural plant-based material is perfect for use when applying beard oil to your facial hair. It absorbs the natural oils similarly to a beard brush and spreads it throughout the beard.

Smooth, rounded teeth

If you've ever felt pain when combing your beard, it's probably because of sharp edges on the teeth. This one goes through a process to make the edges of the teeth much smoother, preventing damage to the beard's hair or your skin.


  • The foldable design protects the teeth and makes them perfect to use while traveling.
  • Natural, plant-based material makes it the ideal comb for applying beard oil for ideal beard care.
  • It comes without a strong smell that is common in many regular beard combs


  • Not suitable for beards that are too thick or burly

Most Durable Facial Hair Comb: Alayna Beard and Mustache Comb

Alayna (TM) Beard Comb and Mustache Comb with Wide...
  • IDEAL FOR BEARDS AND MUSTACHES- Perfect size allowing for grooming of the most intricate beard and...

Getting the perfect beard growth is not always easy. You may have to spend a lot of time grooming your beard each day for optimum beard growth. This unique wooden beard comb is designed for applying oil to your beard.

The wide tooth design is perfect for use in burly and thick beards, making it stand out. If you are looking for the ideal product for your beard, this should be on top of your list.

Product features

Wide teeth suitable for all beard types

Some wood combs are made for certain beard styles. This product is made for both thick and thin beards and well all beard designs.

Suitable for all facial hair

If you have a beard style that has a supporting mustache, you will probably groom both simultaneously. This is designed for both beards and mustaches, and you can use it in the same way as a beard brush.

Wooden design perfect for applying oil to beard

The natural wooden design makes it the ideal product to apply oils and balms to your beard. The wide teeth also prevent damage to thicker beards.


  • Made from high-quality wood that will last a lifetime
  • Designed for applying oil to the beard
  • Perfect size for combing facial hair


  • It does not have a handle and may be too small for some people

Best Folding Beard Comb: Striking Viking Folding Wooden Comb

2 Pieces Folding Comb for Men Folding Beard Comb...
  • Sandalwood folding beard comb: you will get 2 pieces sandalwood fine tooth folding hair comb in 2...

What is the difference between a regular beard comb and a masterpiece? The answer lies in the quality and time spent on the design. The moment you see Viking wood combs, you fall in love with them.

This Viking revolution foldable wooden combs are designed to make beard grooming a breeze. Made from sandalwood, this product is made for straightening out beard hairs.

If you are looking for the best wooden beard comb, look no further than this product.

Product Features

Made from sandalwood

High-quality sandalwood is the best material for making wooden combs. It absorbs natural oil and applies it evenly to the beard.

Anti Static properties

When you are using a beard comb, you may have noticed that many plastic combs may cause static friction, which could cause tangling of the hair. The wooden design of this product is anti-static, preventing tangles in the beard.

It makes the perfect gift.

If you are looking to gift someone this comb, then it's a great choice! This can be gifted as part of a complete kit.


  • Made from the best quality sandalwood
  • Perfect for applying natural beard oil to strengthen the hair
  • It has anti-static properties which prevent hair tangles
  • Folding design


  • Fine teeth may not work best in a thicker beard

Best for No Beard Hair Breakage: Viking Revolution Beard Wooden Comb With Case

Wooden Beard Comb & Case, Dual Action Fine &...
  • Find Out What You’re Missing – Find out for yourself, why others are saying this is the best...

One of the most frustrating things about beard combs is that they often cause hair breakage for many people with beards. Not with this amazing comb.

The Viking Revolution wooden comb is the last comb you'll ever buy. Made for both thick and thin-haired beards; this product can be used to recreate any beard style. It is small enough to fit in your pocket, making it one of the best wooden combs.

Product features

Double sized design

The double-sided design has both narrow and coarse teeth. This feature allows you to use it regardless of your beard size or shape. You can also use it regardless of the type of hair on your beard.

Works to untangle hair

The wood design of this product works in the same way as a beard brush. You can use it to untangle facial hair in your beard or mustache, and it will not cause any static pull or hair tangling.

Perfect for traveling

It is difficult to maintain your beard while traveling. Fortunately, this product is small enough to fit in your pocket and even comes with its own bag.


  • Perfect for traveling
  • The wooden design prevents tangles in the beard
  • It makes the application of beard balm much easier


  • It may be too small in size for some people

Travel-Friendly Comb: Kent Corase Pocket Beard Comb For Men

Kent A OT Small Double Tooth Hair Pocket Comb,...
  • Pocket Comb: 4.5 Inch Small Tortoise Shell finish. Double tooth thick and fine, a must to keep in...

Yet another great travel-friendly product, this Kent pocket beard comb is all you need to brush your beard regularly. Designed with the same precision as other Kent products, this pocket comb is exactly what you've been looking for.

 It is 100% handmade, which makes it unique. It is also perfectly suited for long and short beards and can fit in your pocket for use on the go. If you are looking for the ideal pocket Kent comb, then this is it.

Product features

Hand-made with precision.

Just as with other Kent products, this pocket comb is handmade with perfectly smooth and rounded teeth. This makes it one of the safer combs in the market.


This comb has teeth of different widths, which allows you to comb, brush and set your beard. It is also suitable for all beard styles.

It fits in your pocket.

Unlike other pocket combs, this handmade Kent comb keeps its original design. You can get the same results with this pocket comb as you would with a regular beard comb.


  • Rounded edges on the teeth for extra protection
  • The handmade design ensures quality and durability
  • It can be used for different beard types


  • Pocket combs take more time to brush the beard than full-sized ones

Easily Available: Cremo 100% Sandalwood Dual-Sided Beard Comb

Most people will go for the wood comb when choosing between plastic combs, wood combs, and metal combs. This ideal Sandalwood dual-sided comb is everything you need in your beard care kit.

The wood comb will not damage your hair or cause pulling and tangling. It is also ideal to use when applying oils and natural balms to your beard. If you are looking for high-quality something for your grooming kit, you should look no further than this comb.

Product features

Made from 100% natural sandalwood

Sandalwood combs are not only great for applying oil to your hair, but they have a pleasant smell as well. The sandalwood design adds to the durability of the comb.

It can be used for mustaches.

Grooming your beard often accompanies combing your mustache. This unique comb is perfectly suited to comb all facial hair.

It does not build up tangles in the hair.

Some beard brushes and combs can build up static electricity, causing tangles in the hair. The wooden design of this comb makes it ideal for brushing your beard's hair without causing tangles.


  • Wooden combs are better than stainless steel combs or plastic combs
  • It does not cause static electricity, preventing tangles
  • It can be used for different types of beards


  • Not easy to grip

What to look at when choosing a new beard comb?

There are many things that you could look at when buying a news comb. The first thing that you should consider is your beard size. The size of the comb teeth often indicates which type of beards it can be used for. Combs with coarse teeth are often used for thicker and more burly beards.

Another thing to consider is the design of the comb. Some combs have a dual-teeth design, allowing you to use them in different types of beards. You can also use some of these combs to brush your mustache.

The material of the comb also matters. Wooden combs are always the best choice, but you can also buy a plastic one or metal beard comb so long as the quality is good.

At the end of the day, a well-groomed beard can improve your personality and appearance and make you stand out from the crowd. 

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