Beard Trimming Kit Guide: What To Buy

With everyone focusing on trimming their own hair these day, I thought it would be great to write a good guide on putting together a beard trimming kit. Trimming your beard should be one of the easiest shaving tasks, but I can appreciate how nervous people are that usually have their barber take care of this.

Let's get shaving...

In a Rush? Here is the best all in one kit

Philips Norelco Multigroomer All-in-One Trimmer...
  • The all in 1 trimmer for your choice of beard, head, body, and/or face hair styling with 23 pieces...


  • Comes with lots of guards and accesories
  • The shaver works greats at cutting crisp lines


  • No combs or brush accessories

Tools You Will Need


Duh. This should go without saying, but you want a tool that can easily cut your hair to the desired length. Something with guards is probably going to be the easier for the average person to use. 


If you can combine a tool that does shaving and lining well, then this will be a plus, but for a truly professional looking job, you'll want to make sure you have dedicated tools for both if the budget allows.

Brush & Combs

This is self explanatory. You want something that will remove the hair clippings from your beard and generally keep your hair in a good shape so you can get the best beard trim.

Cutting Guide

I LOVE beard cutting guides. Not only do they cut down on the time needed to trim up your beard, they are perfect when you're nervous about making clean lines and you don't trust your hands.

Best Beard Shavers For Your Beard Trimming Kit

I don't want this list to get too long and I've written enough guides about beard trimmers that you can read if you really want a detailed breakdown and reviews. I'm going to stick with my top 2 picks.

Phillips Norelco MG7750

Philips Norelco Multigroomer All-in-One Trimmer...
  • The all in 1 trimmer for your choice of beard, head, body, and/or face hair styling with 23 pieces...

Hatteker Hair Clipper

Hatteker Mens Hair Clipper Beard Trimmer Grooming...
  • 13 attachments for all of your grooming needs: A full size steel trimmer, extra-wide hair trimmer, a...

I'm not one of those people that is afraid to try non big name companies. Many times their quality control and attention to detail is just as good as the big brand names. Hatteker has some great shaving equipment.

Not only do they have lots of great feedback form their customers, you get A LOT of value for the money in these "start up brands" this beard trimmer is packed with lots of accessories and tech.


  • Great value for money
  • Digital battery guage


  • Some of the attachments feel a little flimsy

Best Liners For Your Beard Trimming Kit

Andis T Outliner

Andis 04710 Professional T-Outliner Beard/Hair...
  • The professional standard for all-around outlining, dry-shaving and fading

I don't think it's necessary that you have a liner to trim up your beard if you're just looking to get by, but if you want that professional quality, then you need a liner. I stand behind the Andis T-Liner. I've owned 3 of these. Not because they have broken, but because they keep magically getting lost in my moves. 

I would put a second liner on this list, but this is pretty much the gold standard in my opinion if you want a liner with precision to cut as close as a razor.


  • Cuts just as close as a razor
  • Great durability


  • Not the most inexpensive piece of equipment

Best Brushes & Combs For Your Beard Trimming Kit

A good brush and comb kit is one of the best investments you can make make. I love a solid wood or bamboo comb and a brush with softer bristles so they don't irritate my skin as much.

Grow Alpha Beard Brush & Comb

Beard Brush for Men & Beard Comb Set w/ Mustache...
  • 𝐏𝐨𝐜𝐀𝐞𝐭 π’π’π³πž: Pocket-size beard brush and mustache comb combo fit...


  • Lots of great brush options
  • Comes with scissors to get the ocassional rogue hair


  • Comb may not work with really short hair

Viking Revolution Beard Brush & Comb

Viking Revolution Beard Comb & Beard Brush Set for...
  • Look And Feel Your Best: With a high quality brush and double sided comb, get ready for a smooth,...

The brush has tight and sturdy bristles. The comb is sleek and useful. You'd think something as simple and small as a brush and comb wouldn't make such an impact, but these have changed how I handle my beard. The brush fits nicely in my hand and the comb is small enough I can stick it in my pocket and go.

The comb also has wide teeth on one side which makes it easy to get any snags or snarls out and narrow teeth on the other for training my growing mustache. The brush is great for training my beard hair to go where I want it to. 


  • Brush is great for carrying on the go


  • Bristles fall out of the brush when you first get it

Best Beard Guide for Your Beard Trimming Kit

When I saw this on Shark Tank, I immediately thought, "why the hell didn't I think of that". Well, I'm glad someone did. I've owned a cut buddy for years and I couldn't imagine shaving my beard without one.

You just put this plastic guide up to your beard and you instantly get a perfect line. There are a couple of them on the market, but this I my far the best one in my opinion. I love the smaller size and soft rubber grips.


  • Works extremely well
  • Very durable
  • Who doesn't love a Shark Tank Product


  • The dark black can be hard to get used to at first because it's not see through

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