Beard Oil Vs No Beard Oil: The Ultimate Beard Care

As someone that doesn't like a lot of oil and products on my face, I can appreciate the idea of not wanting to use beard oil. I also get the idea of wondering...

do I need beard oil for my beard?

No one "needs" beard oil, but if you're going to grow a beard of any sizable length then you should definitely considering using it.

Benefits of using beard oil

Using a quality beard oil is not only going to add essential nutrients to your hair follicles that they need to maintaining their strength, it will also add a pleasant smell to your beard. I think it comes down to a few solid points.

1. Nutrients for a stronger hair growth

The hair on your face is much different than the hair on your head. It doesn't have access to the normal oil secreting glands that you have on your scalp, so your beard hair doesn't get the nutrients like normal hair.

Lots of beard oils, like argan oil, can add necessary vitamins to your beard that otherwise wouldn't get there. 

2. Better smelling beard

No one likes a smelly beard.

At least, I don't think anyone does. Beard oils come with lots of natural fragrances from the ingredients that are in them and this can give your beard anything from a natural lavender scent to sandalwood. 

Your significant other will thank you.

3. Skin Care

While it is true that most people don't really need to add oil to their face, what we don't think about is the fact that the skin under your beard rarely gets to breathe. As a result this skin can become very dry and create beard dandruff. Beard oil will actually help reduce the dry skin underneath.

The best beard oil that we recommend

If you're looking for a place to start, then Honest Amish beard oil is a great place. This 100% natural and USA made beard oil is the gold standard when it comes to nutrients in your beard. 

I wrote a great article about this and many other beard oils that you should check out.

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