How To Use Beard Oil: Beginners Guide

Using beard oil isn't as simple as it sounds. There are a few things to consider before you go dipping your beard in crisco grease and expecting good results.

Most beard oils are made with multiple ingredients and all of those ingredients should be safe for contacting the skin on your face, but most aren't really designed to be slathered on your face.

After all, you want the product to treat your beard, not leave a thick residue on your chin and cheeks.

Step 1: Start With A Clean Beard

This should be self explanatory, but dirt and oil should not be mixed. Your beard is going to have all kinds of food remnants, dead skin flakes and other various elements (gross) in it. It's important that you wash your beard with a good beard wash and get to the skin beneath so that you can remove all of the dry skin flakes.

Here is a great beard wash that you could consider:

Step 2: Dry Your Beard Thoroughly

This should also be self explanatory, but oil and water don't mix. If you apply beard oil to a wet beard, then you're going to have the oil laying on top of your wet skin and beard which is going to defeat the purpose of putting it in the first place.

Step 3: Apply a small amount to your hands and massage it in

How much should you use?

Beard Stubble: 2-3 drops. Just enough to make a small pool in your palm

Medium Sized Beard: A dime size

Long Beard: Personal Preference but nickel to quarter size depending on beard length 

With beard oil, a little bit goes a long way. You don't need to coat your entire face. You'll be applying it on a daily basis so it's okay to go light on your first few times until you figure out a balance.

Rub it evenly across your palms and massage it gently into your beard and the roots of your beard hair

Step 4: Use a brush or comb to distribute the oil 

You'll want to finish your beard maintenance with a nice brush or a comb throughout your entire beard to spread it evenly. This will ensure that you don't have large amounts in one area which is likely to happen if you apply with your hands because you might favor certain areas on your face.

How Often Should I Apply Beard Oil?

Every day for the best results but no less than every other day. It helps do it directly after a hot shower as that will help the pores absorb more of it.

What are some good beard oils to use?

Here is our guide to beard oils, but I'll list the two top contenders. 

Fragrance Free Beard Oil & Leave in Conditioner,...
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