Beard Growth For Black Men

Beard growth for black men guide on how to grow a beard… sit still and do not shave.  

  • Use Supplements with biotin, vitamin A, vitamin b6, zinc
  • Fish oil has great Omega 3 fats that will nourish your hair 
  • Balanced diet with lots of protein and iron
  • Beard growth oils like 'Honest Amish Beard Oil' will help treat your hair
  • Resist the urge to shave your beard. Allow the hair to grow naturally and only maintain around the neck lines

There is actually quite a lot involved in growing a beard from baby-face to grizzly beard.  While it does take time and patience, growing a beard, in the beginning, can be quite uncomfortable and requires a lot of care.  

Below we list some of the supplements you can take to stimulate hair growth, where to trim to keep your experiment from looking like a disaster and a brief guide on maintaining your beard once it starts to grow in.


Whether you grow hair easily or if it is a challenge for you, you can benefit tremendously from taking beard growth supplements.  This could be to jump-start your journey towards a beard or help fill in some of the gaps by allowing the beard follicles to grow in thicker.

Beard Grow XL

The Beard Grow XL Facial Hair Supplement is an all-vegan growth support vitamin that will help your hair grow in faster and thicker without the use of hormones.  Made in the U.S., the Beard Grow XL is good for all facial hair types and ethnicities. Don't worry fellas, this products is okay to use for black men. I know the products have a certain type of "photo" on them, but vitamins are vitamins.

Using proper vitamin supplements can be hard to find without affecting your natural state.  This all Vegan, natural supplement does exactly that and so we endorse it.

Beard Oil

One of the most annoying parts of growing a beard is the initial itchy stage.  As the new hairs grow in, they can be hard and scratchy on your skin. One way to combat that is to use a conditioning oil to keep the bristles healthy and soft. 

Along with conditioning and softening, most conditioners can act like a styler and train hair in the way you will want it to grow.

Se sure to condition early and often so that the soft bristles keep from causing you discomfort and itchy skin.  To this end, we endorse the Honest Amish Class Beard Oil as a starter beard oil.

Take a few drops in your palm, rub your hands together, work the beard oil through your beard and massage into your face.  Made from premium, 100% natural ingredients in the United States, this oil helps condition your growing hair and stimulates new growth.  By using a natural, well-rated beard oil, you are able to avoid itchy skin, keep your new beard growth healthy, moisturize the underlying skin, and facilitate new

Trim The Cheek And Neck Lines

Early on, you will want a plan for your beard.  Do you want to keep it short and tight? Long and rugged?  Either way, it is a good idea to focus first on where you want your beard line to end.  Beards that venture out onto the cheek bones look unkempt, and beards that creep down the neck can just look lazy.

The goal is to grow a beard. Not look like Anthony Hamilton.
(I hope I didn't age myself with that reference)

hat is why you want to start trimming the cheek and necklines early on.  That way everyone knows that you are growing your new beard on purpose.

While you could use plain scissors, that takes a tremendous amount of patience and skill. I'd stick with giving yourself a good clean line-up with Andis T-Liners.

It's the essential must-have in every black mans hair trimming kit.

In general, it is smart to let your beard grow out for quite a while before you trim the actual beard.  This will keep the hair follicles from becoming stunted or shocked too early in their growth.

A Good Brush For Maintenance And Growth

You may think a beard brush would be for those who have grown their beards out already.  As a beard begins to grow, the skin beneath the beard produces oils to help moisturize itself and the beard. 

A good beard brush will exfoliate the skin beneath your hair, will massage the hair follicles to encourage growth, and most importantly, will distribute natural oils throughout the beard hair.

This will help moisturize, soften and condition the beard while maximizing your gains.  

For a good beard brush, we would recommend looking at the ZilberHaar Soft Pocket Beard Brush as it is a smaller, softer version of their other brushes.  For a new beard though, the softer bristles will be gentler on skin may be irritated by new growth.  Boar hair has long been recognized as a hair softener and cleaner.

 The brushes main goal is to distribute natural oils and bear oil naturally and effectively throughout the beard. 

Along with being a good beard brush, it is perfect for skin care and exfoliation as well.  The pocket-sized version is perfect for brushing on the go as you will want to brush often in the beginning to keep the skin massaged and those hair follicles growing.  If you are starting your new beard or want to take care of an existing beard, the ZilberHaar Soft Pocket Beard Brush is the one for you.

That's A Wrap

You want to start growing a beard and we want to help.  We hope that the above is a good guide to get you started.  The Beard Grow XL Facial Hair Supplement will get you started and increase your hair growth quickly.  Once you have some new growth, the Honest Amish Class Beard Oil will condition and clean your beard, keeping it healthy and shiny.  As your beard grows, you will want to set the limits of where you want it to go with a trimmer of your choice.

And then for your skin underneath, and the keep the beard looking groomed and all the hair going in the right direction, the  ZilberHaar Soft Pocket Beard Brush is as good as it gets for your face.  Now that you know what you need, get out there and start growing that beard!

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