Argan Beard Oil: Why You Should Use It

If finding the best Argan beard oil is critical to having a thick and luscious beard, then this article is a must-read. Beards are easy to grow. But to ensure the beard is well moisturized, shiny, and smells great, you need to maintain it.

Argan beard oil has proven to be the best solution that not only makes your beard shiny and moisturized. But it makes your skin soft and smooth.

Want to know more about argan beard oil and its benefits?

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What Is Argan Beard Oil?

Argan beard oil is a plant-based oil extracted from the kernels of the argan tree. Grown in Morocco, the argan kernels are usually located within the small and round-shaped Argan fruit. Inside the fruit, you have a small hard-shelled nut where the kernels are.

Also known as “Liquid Gold,” Argan beard oil is rich in Vitamin A and E. It’s also rich in omega-six fatty acids, linoleic acid, and other vital nutrients. Thanks to these nutrients, this beard oil is the perfect beauty choice for men.

What Are the Benefits of Argan Beard Oil?

    A majority of beard care companies are incorporating argan oil in their beard oils because it's good for the skin and facial hair. That is why in the market, you will come across 2 in 1 or 3 in 1 beard products.

    Argan beard oil is nutrient-dense. As such, it has numerous health benefits.

  • Helps to hydrate your beard and your skin
  • Makes it easy to comb your beard and prevents tangles
  • It’s packed with vitamins and antioxidants which help to protect your face and beard from sun damage
  • It’s free of dangerous parabens and toxins
  • Helps to prevent beardruff
  • Soothes your skin after shaving – best burn and razor bumps remedy
  • Helps to decrease the visibility of wrinkles

Great Argan Oil Products We Recommend

1. Viking Revolution Beard Oil Conditioner

Viking Revolution Beard Oil Conditioner - All...
  • Tame Your Beard: Even the burliest of beards can be controlled with our beard oil conditioner....

If you want a beard oil conditioner that softens and strengthens your facial hair, then look no further than Viking Revolution Beard Oil Conditioner. As the customer, you deserve the best, and so does your beard. This product is a blend of two power oils – argan and jojoba. Each oil is nutrient-dense – vitamins, antioxidants, and others.

As such, you can use the conditioner to tame even the burliest of beards. Not only that. You can restore shine and softness in seconds. 100% organic and natural, it’s safe to use and only takes a few seconds to apply. Place a few drops in your hands and massage the oil in your beard.


  • It’s a powerful combination of argan and jojoba oils
  • 100% organic and natural
  • Can get rid of your beardruff fast


  • The bottle is 3.20 ounces only

2. Honest Amish - Classic Beard Oil

Next up is the Honest Amish - Classic Beard Oil. With over seven premium oils and essential oils that target your skin and beard health, this beard oil is rich in minerals, antioxidants, and minerals. As such, it nourishes your beard and even relieves any irritation common with new beard growth.

If that is not enough to sway you, its handcrafted in the USA. This assures you of a high-quality product that conditions your skin and softens your beard. Easy to apply, the beard oil is available in a 2-ounce bottle with an application device.


  • It’s a blend of more than seven organic and natural oils
  • Conditions and softens your beard and skin
  • Easy to apply


  • Has a black licorice scent which may not be popular with some users

3. Bossman Beard Oil

Bossman Beard Oil Jelly (4oz) - Beard Growth...
  • A First of its Kind Beard "Jelly": More effective than traditional beard oil for men, our unique...

Looking for a beard oil that eliminates beard itch and promotes the growth of a full beard? Then, the Bossman Beard Oil is for you. American made, its formulated with beeswax, soybean oil, castor seed oil, avocado oil, shea butter, and cocoa seed butter. This assures you of superior performance.

Unlike traditional beard oils, this blend traps moisture close to your skin, protecting your beard and facial skin. Apart from preventing dryness, this non-greasy formula prevents itchiness and irritation common with new beard growth. So, if you want a beard oil that offers more bang for your buck, this beard oil is for you.


  • Speeds up hair growth two times faster
  • Last all-day
  • Prevents beardruff and beard kink


  • Beard oil does not come with a beard comb

4. Kentucky 51 Beard Oil

Best Beard Oil - Conditioner & Softener for Men -...
  • DRIVES WOMEN WILD - If you're looking for a kept look, our beard oil is the perfect additive to help...

Behold, the Kentucky 51 Beard Oil, a blend of apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil, and oakmoss sandalwood oil. Apricot kernel carrier oil is good for all skin types, while Jojoba oil promotes a glowing complexion since its rich in Vitamin E.

As the perfect conditioner, it soaks up fast after application to treat your dry and unruly beard hair. It also moisturizes your beard preventing beardruff. The Kentucky 51 Beard Oil is always formulated to last. This is because it’s available in a dark amber glass bottle, which protects the beard oil from oxidation. As such, the oil will not lose its potency.


  • Contains Vitamin A and E which nourishes your beard and skin
  • Promotes a glowing complexion
  • Good for all skin types


  • The dropper is slightly challenging to use

5. Leven Rose Fragrance-Free Beard Oil

Fragrance Free Beard Oil & Leave in Conditioner,...
  • #1 rated beard oil for men - keep your beard healthy, groomed and tamed naturally. Moisturizes beard...

According to the best argan beard oil reviews, this Leven Rose Fragrance-Free Beard Oil is worth every penny. As the #1 rated beard oil for men, it moisturizes your beard and keeps it healthy and naturally tamed. Rich in jojoba oil and Moroccan argan oil, it eliminates beardruff and itching.

The beard oil contains no fillers, additives, GMOs, or parabens. It’s safe to use and vegan-friendly. To extend the shelf life of the beard oil, it’s packed in a dark amber glass bottle. This protects the beard oil from oxidation and UV rays.


  • Does not contain fillers, additives or parabens
  • Eliminates beardruff and itching
  • Helps to keep your beard healthy and well-groomed


  • It’s a bit greasy

Final Thoughts

Each product reviewed here is excellent, but I highly recommend ​Bossman Beard Oil. It’s a blend of more than six natural and organic ingredients. Not only are you assured of superior performance, but it also offers more bang for your buck.

We hope you have enjoyed this review and are now in a better position to make a smart decision in regards to argan beard oil.

Best of luck!

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