Straight Razor Accessories: All You Need To Know

Getting the perfect shave every single time requires a lot more than a reliable razor and a shaving gel. You need the most important straight razor accessories, as well as utmost precision. These combined will help you get the smoothest shave possible.

Truth be told, more and more wet-shavers think of returning to the simple art of shaving by using the straight razor. Essentially, there has been a renaissance movement in this direction. If you want to be a part of it, as well, you’ll find our recommendations for straight razor accessories useful.

Why Should I Consider Straight Razor Shaving?

Better ShavesBelieve it or not, straight shaving will help you get the smoothest shave ever. This isn’t just us – people who have turned to shaving swear by it.

Environmentally friendlyDid you ever think about the amount of waste generated by the shaving industry? How many cartridges did you throw on a regular basis? On the opposite side, a high-quality razor is bound to last a lifetime.

Reduced costsThe upfront costs of a straight razor and all its necessary accessories might be costly. Still, in the long run, you’ll save money.

What Straight Razor Accessories Should I Invest in?

  • The Hone

A sharp razor features several points, which are similar to saw teeth. Hence, when a razor becomes dull, those teeth will be irregular, pointing in opposing directions. That’s why you need a hone, in order to restore the razor, to operate impeccably.

It’s worth noting that you should depend on a high-quality hone since that is one of the keys to mastering your shaving skills.

  • The Strop

Stropping the blade does an excellent job of smoothing rough edges. It also aims at perfectly aligning the teeth. That is primarily what gives a straight razor the edge, making wet shaving an enjoyment.

  • The Brush

Furthermore, the brush’s main purpose is to hydrate the face, preparing it for the actual shaving process. Using one allows you to disperse the shaving cream evenly so that you obtain a smooth shave.

Typically, brushes are made of badger or boar hair. While boar hair brushes are on the affordable side, they hold less moisture. As a result, the lather created isn’t the best. On the other side, badger hair brushes produce a richer lather.

  • Shaving Cream and Soap

It’s essential to invest in a nourishing, hydrating shaving cream and soap, especially if you want to obtain great results with your straight razor shaving technique. Pick something that suits your skin type.

How to Deal with Nicks and Cuts?

If you aren’t experienced in straight shaving, you might occasionally deal with nicks and cuts. Don’t get discouraged, though; this happens to most of us. Here are the main reasons that trigger that:

  • Holding the razor incorrectly
  • Using a dull razor
  • Shaving against the grain
  • Shaving impatiently
  • Using a hollow razor

As a rule of the thumb, you can stop minor cuts by pressing on the cut. Applying pressure on the spot will help. Still, be careful and, most importantly, take your time – you’ll soon get the hang of it, and enjoy the process more than you’d expected.

Our Recommendations for Top Straight Razor Accessories

Furthermore, we would like to offer our suggestions for high-quality straight razor accessories.

These four items are the must-have straight razor accessories that shouldn’t miss from your shaving kit. Here’s what you should know about each product:

Norton 4,000/8,0000 Grit Combo Whetstone

This is an excellent hone that does a terrific job at sharpening steel cutting edges. The size is just right, enabling you to maneuver the hone, in order to do a thorough job each time you hone your straight razor.

What is more, cleaning it up is a breeze. You just have to use some water and you’ll be good to go. The box that comes with the product can be kept so that you can store the hone. In short, most adepts of wet shaving appreciate this tool, claiming that it provides promising results, no exception whatsoever.

Norton Whetstone
  • This combination sharpening stone is essential for maintaining cutting edges on tools, kitchen...

Fromm Illinois Razor Strop

Our next recommendation for must-have straight razor accessories is this strop. Stropping a straight razor is a key practice to its perfect functioning. That’s because stropping maintains a fine, shaving edge.

The leather and the linen straps feature top-quality craftsmanship, and the handles are really sturdy.

Fromm Illinois Razor Strop
  • RAZOR SHARPENER: The Fromm Razor Strop is used for sharpening woodworking tools and other fine edges...

Porter's Badger Shaving Brush

As we noted beforehand, choosing the first brush that crosses your path isn’t the right approach. A high-quality item such as this one by Porter’s Lotion is much more durable, not to mention that it will provide consistent results.

The shape and the size of the brush are just right. But, most importantly, the badger hair does an amazing job at applying rich, consistent lather. Plus, although it is durable, it feels soft on the face.

Porter's Badger Shaving Brush
  • Pure Badger Hair & plastic molded handle

Proraso Vintage Gino Tin Refreshing and Toning Formula

And lastly, your choice of shaving cream or soap is just as important, although it is often underrated. This particular set consists of pre-shave cream for prepping the skin, shaving cream and after shave balm – in short, everything you need for a complete treatment.

These products have a refreshing, invigorating smell, and they leave the skin cool and moisturized, without that unpleasant menthol or oily feel associated with most shaving creams. Plus, the lather you obtain with these items is unmatched. Use this with a quality badger brush and you’ll upgrade your shaving experience altogether.

Proraso Vintage
  • Set contains 3 full size Proraso classics in the Refreshing and Toning Formula: Pre-Shave Cream,...


Hopefully, we’ve provided you with detailed information regarding the best straight razor accessories you should own. Each of them has a designated purpose that will make the process go smoothly, every single time.

Also, don’t get discouraged if you don’t master the skill of straight shaving overnight. Invest in high-quality tools, be patient, and you’ll get better at it before you know it.

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