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I started going bald at the sweet and ripe age of 23. It was a very difficult time coming into adulthood and already losing something that we place a lot of value on. I eventually got over the hump of going through multiple hair loss products and surgical consults.

I’ve been there and I understand how painful it can be when you think that this is going to change your life. Fortunately, I’m still here… and doing very well I might add. I figured that I would take this time to share some of my experiences with all the products that I’ve tried over the years. Hopefully, this helps a lot of other people experience the best shaving products they can.

I ¬†have been happily bald for over 7 years now and after going through so many different shaving products and shaving ideas, I know that I can help you cut through the bullshit and be on your way to finding products that work for you. It sucks having to deal with razor burn, bumps, irritation, and pain just because there aren’t enough sites that talk about dealing with your bald head and shaving needs.

I’m not here to sell you some miracle¬†cure for replacing your hair. Frankly, I don’t think there is one, other than a hair transplant. I also am not here to push products that I don’t believe will work or have no real reason as to why they would be helping you achieve a better shave.

We’re giving you our point of view on what we think is the best tool for the job. What the best products are to make your skin feel and look amazing after your shave. The Pros & Cons. The Hows & Whys.

Keep it clean!