A Simple Guide To Beard Hair Dye

Even though the grey hair look has its merits, there is no shame in wanting to look youthful in using a beard hair dye. A dyed beard will sure keep you looking young even though your skin may be starting to wrinkle.

Keep reading to know more and the best five beard dye products in the market.

How to Pick the Correct Color

It is essential to pick your beard dye color correctly, so you don't end up looking ridiculous with contrasting hair and beard colors. Below are tips to help you pick the right color for you.

Your look

Getting a matching beard hair color with your hair color is essential, so you don't end up looking ridiculous. If you have blond hair, you can go for blond, too.

Level of commitment

Permanent beard hair dye requires constant maintenance, which means you have to be ready for the commitment it takes to maintain it. Therefore, if you are going for permanent hair dye, set aside time, at least one hour every week, for reapplying the dye.

Is it Safe to Dye My Beard?

It is generally safe to use beard hair dye. However, you have to be sure of your particular skin's safety before applying the hair dye. 

Facial skin is more sensitive than the rest of the skin, making it critical to get professional advice before dyeing your beard hair.

Top 5 Beard Hair Dyes

The following are five of the best beard hair dyes.

Just For Men Mustache & Beard

Like Men, Mustache and Beard hair dye is an easy way of getting rid of grey hair while restoring your natural beard color and volume.

You can use this hair dye to restore your natural beard color and volume. It is also easy to apply and takes a short time.

Just For Men Mustache & Beard, Beard Coloring for...
  • Just For Men Mustache & Beard, Blond (M-10/15) Pack of 3, is beard coloring that makes getting rid...


  • Easy to apply
  • Fast results


  • Possible chemical burns
  • Noxious smell 

Henna Hair & Beard Color

This Natural Henna Dye is made using plant-based ingredients and contains zero chemicals. The dye also has no harsh additives, so your skin can't be irritated when you use this dye.

MEDIUM BROWN Henna Hair & Beard Color / Dye - 1...
  • 🌿 Natural Henna Dye for Hair – Pure, natural, and formulated with plant-based ingredients our...


  • Easy to apply
  • Healthy hair and skin after application
  • No chemicals


  • Takes up to 8 hours to apply

Godefroy Professional Hair Color Tint Kit

This dye is made using ammonia and paraben-free ingredients for the safety of the user.

The significant advantage of the Godefroy Professional Hair Color Tint Kit is that there are no drips during application since the dye is in cream form during application. It also comes as a complete kit.

Godefroy Professional Hair Color Tint Kit, Medium...
  • 20 application kit can be used on beards, mustaches, side burns, temples, anywhere you need a little...


  • Easy to apply
  • No drips during application


  • Capsules are hard to open

Natural Instincts For Men

Natural Instincts for Men is a great beard hair dye for men looking for a beard dye that nourishes and conditions their hair in addition to providing great color. The dye is made using ammonia-free products and is also enriched with proteins for healthy hair.

Besides being longlasting and easy to apply, the dye also leaves hair looking fuller and thicker.

Natural Instincts For Men Haircolor M13 Dark Brown...
  • Clairol natural instincts hair color is enriched with proteins to ensure your hair remains soft,...


  • Conditions hair
  • Has proteins
  • Longlasting and easy to apply


  • Unsafe for sensitive skin

Blackbeard for Men Formula X

Are you looking for an instant temporary beard hair dye? This Blackbeard for Men Formula X is what you have been looking for. 

The dye takes only seconds to apply, looks natural and does not irritate the skin. It also lasts for the whole day despite being applied in seconds.

Fast application is one of the significant advantages of this product. However, the dye may not be suitable for men with fuller and long beard hair.

Blackbeard for Men Formula X Instant Mustache,...
  • GRAY HAIRS BEGONE: Wipe out all the gray, or leave some if you like. Color your whole beard,...


  • Fast and easy application
  • Natural look
  • No skin irritation


  • Only suitable for short beards


To be safe, ensure you consult a professional before purchasing any of the products mentioned here. 

Remember to also do a 48-hour skin test before using the beard hair dyes and carefully read the instructions before use.

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