The Best Straight Razor Shaving Kit Guide

Shaving can be done with $1 razors and many of us use the cheapest ones, indeed. There are also the battery-powered and rechargeable ones that are great in terms of design and functionality.


However, nothing screams elegance like a straight razor. It’s got that refined look and, truth be told, it’s so much better than a common razor, even if it’s the most technologically-developed one from Gillette.


If you want to find the best straight razor shaving kit, you’ve come to the right place because we’ll tell you how to get one. Let’s start by answering some of your possible questions:


What Are Some of the Best Straight Razors to Buy?


Sometimes, finding the best straight razor shaving kit can be like finding the needle in the haystack. That’s because there are so many brands to choose from. Fortunately, we’ve done some research and came up with a few products:


  1. Parker SRX Stainless Steel Razor
  2. Equinox Professional Straight Edge Razor
  3. Utopia Care Straight Edge Razor

Parker SRX Stainless Steel Razor

This is undoubtedly one of the most stylish and breathtaking straight razors you’ll ever see. It is made of stainless steel; therefore, it won’t get rusty after a time. What makes this stand out from the crowd is the fact that the blades can be changed.


It is quite an ingenious mechanism, to be completely honest with you: when a blade starts to get rough, you open the lock on the blade holder and you put a brand-new one in there. You make sure the clip is securely closed and you can proceed with the shaving process.


No stropping or honing is required, which makes a huge difference. The blades, too, are stainless steel. In addition to all of these, it’s quite lightweight. Hands down, this is the very best straight razor ever.


Equinox Professional Straight Edge Razor

The Equinox isn’t that different from the Parker SRX. It works in the same fashion: it has a blade compartment, so whenever you need to replace it, you just get the old one out and put a new one in.


This comes with no less than 100 blades. Each can be used twice or thrice. Considering that this costs just a little above $11, we think you should purchase this on impulse. A plastic-handle razor at the mall can be $11.


This is an utterly fantastic deal. The razors are extremely sharp, so be very careful when you use them. This is unbelievably low-priced and high-quality. It goes without saying that it’s one of the best choices you can make.


Utopia Care Straight Edge Razor

 100 blades + a phenomenal razor for somewhere around $13 isn’t a bad deal, is it? Well, that’s what you get with Utopia’s care product. The body is all stainless steel, and so are its blades.


This means you’ll enjoy them for a long time. In comparison with other models, this is very ergonomic, therefore shaving won’t be difficult at all. Due to the blades being extremely sharp, you might need some getting used to this.


One thing you should always remember is that when shaving with such a sharp razor, you should refrain from going against the grain. If you do, pay extra caution. People have been shaving with straight razors for decades. You’ll get used to it.


What Should a Kit Contain?


The best straight razor shaving kit should include a razor (kind of a given, right?), a strop (preferably leather) and a brush for the shaving cream.


Of course, there are kits with a lot more items in them: aftershave, shaving soap and even a pre-shave solution. You can expect to pay more for such a kit, though, so it all boils down to how much you’re willing to spend on a kit.


If you’re new to straight razors, a simple kit will do, at least until you get the hang of how to shave properly. You could also use a square-head razor first, to get used to the blade and the motions you’ll need to make so you don’t cut yourself.


Where Can I Buy These Kinds of Products?


You can buy stand-alone straight razors or kits all over the Internet. If you’re not a fan of online shopping or shopping in general, we recommend you go on Amazon. You’ll get what you need in a matter of minutes.


Plus, Amazon often offers free shipping, so you’ll save some good money. But then again, the decision is yours and yours alone. As long as you end up with a high-quality product, it doesn’t really matter where you get it from.


What Should I Buy If I’m a Beginner? Is There a Full Kit?


Unfortunately, there are not kits specially designed for beginners. You’ll need to get a pro one from the very start and learn how to shave without cutting yourself. Shaving with a straight razor is a lot more efficient than shaving with another type of blade.


However, it is also more dangerous. If you take your time, though, the risk of getting cuts all over your face is minimal. If you’re about to buy a kit, don’t settle for less than the best straight razor shaving kit you can find.


Final Thoughts


There is no “best straight razor shaving kit”; at least not one that will appeal to all the population. What’s best for you might not be best for somebody else. What does this mean and what’s our point?


Our point is: some people might find a $10 item to be the best straight razor shaving kit, while others might pay $100 for what they think is the best. It’s very important to take your time.


There are plenty of options to choose from; you only need to do some proper research and not jump to conclusions too quickly. We hope this helped.

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