A Beginner’s Guide to Using The Best Growing Beard Products

For men, beard hair is like putting makeup on. The right beard can instantly transform any man's face, while the wrong one can entirely ruin it. That's why you need the right growing beard products to help you achieve a nice beard look.

But the thing is, not every man's facial hair growth is the same. While you might see lots of facial hair inspo online, most of that info focuses on facial hair styles but doesn't have much information on getting your beard growth to the point that those styles can be tried out!

That is precisely the problem we're here to fix!

In this post, we will be going over all the different ways you can get the best beard growth you have ever had! We will be discussing beard growth products and the best ways to use them so you can get the best beard of your life!

First thing's first, let's figure out what your beard is currently like

Before we get to changing your facial hair, we have to figure out our starting point. Depending the condition of your facial hair will determine the methods you should be employed for hair growth!

So, you need to ask yourself is your beard:


This is when the facial hair growth is pretty good on its own, but the facial hair isn't exactly growing the way you would prefer it to.

It's either bushy, unmanageable, or simply so thick that it plateaus in terms of facial hair growth after a certain point. That way, if you wanted to get an xl beard, it wouldn't be possible on its own; you're going to need to bring in beard growth products and accessories to get it exactly how you want it!


While the "too thick" problem exists, that's not really the problem most men have.

Most men are likely going to struggle with having a patchy beard. If you've never heard the term "patchy beard" before, it's a beard that may grow thick, but there are some spaces where there's no beard at all!

That can be a little tricky to work with because since it's a patchy beard, you're going to have some areas that need to be thinned out and others where you need to grow more facial hair!


Some men can grow long and thick facial hair, but they still experience issues because the hair ends up being too weak!

That is when you notice your beard hair keeps falling out all the time, or if you're brushing it or running your fingers through it, the strands end up breaking!

The hair follicles in the beard wouldn't be strong enough to keep the beard in place. Breakage and falling out both are considered weak beards. In this case, strengthening products are needed!


Finally, we have the men who can keep the facial hair they're growing, but it doesn't grow very well despite the strong hair.

That could mean thin hair follicles or not enough hair altogether!

In this case, you will have to try out specific products meant to make your beard fuller!

Now let's figure out what your facial hair goals are

Once you have figured out exactly what shape your beard is in right now, you can pinpoint exactly what your beard goals are!

Growing it thicker

If you have a thin and patchy beard, you probably want to work towards growing a beard that's on the thicker side.

That will mean strengthening the hair follicles individually and helping the facial hair grow as much as possible. This will make sure that your overall beard is thick, and each hair follicle is thick too.

That way, once your beard is all styled and ready to go, it will look even thicker than it actually is!

Thinning it up

If you currently have no issues with natural growth, but the growth that is happening is a little all over the place, you're going to need grooming tools that will help shape the beard in a better way.

Calming the frizz

Another problem that men who don't have beard growth issues tend to have is that their beard grows so that each hair follicle is super frizzy and unmanageable.

The great thing is that this type of problem with your beard can be fixed almost instantly with the right anti-frizz products!

It might require a bit more work than you may be used to, but it will definitely get the job done!

Taking care of the texture

If you have a thick facial hair face, but instead of having smooth, silky hair, you have a curly beard!

Having curly hair on your head can be hard enough to manage; having it on your face is even harder!

In this case, getting your hair "straight" isn't really the goal; it's to take care of the texture in a way that it becomes more manageable. Think "curly hair routine," but for your beard!

Making it grow longer

If you feel like you are doing fine on all the other fronts but want to grow your beard longer, this might not be the easiest on your own.

You will need to find the right beard growth product to help your beard grow as long as possible. That is usually something that takes the longest amount of time, but once the process starts, it will be an easy way forward!

Why should you consider growing your beard out:

A lot of the time, men give up on growing beards because it is something that's right at the front of your face.

It can be challenging to wait out the "hair growth period" before the growth properly settles in.

You may find yourself getting stuck in a loop of just shaving everything off when it's just starting to grow out.

It's almost like a "What's the point?" kind of a deal, but it's essential to set your sights on the end goal, so grow a beard that really stands out!

To stay motivated, it may be a good idea to take a look at all the benefits you can reap if you let your beard grow!


Beards are very versatile. You can go for a chinstrap beard, a goatee, a full natural beard, or a barely-there one.

The possibilities of changing up your look are endless!

The proper beard can change your aesthetics, something that isn't really possible with a clean-shaven face!

Protects from UV Rays

Having a beard adds a layer of protection between your face and the sun rays!

The better your facial hair growth gets, the more your face will be protected from the harmful UV Rays outdoors. This can be especially great if you don't usually wear strong SPF (which you should).

Keeps you warm

This one's an unexpected plus.

If you live in an area with a freezing climate, you're going to need all the insulation you can possibly get.

A good, thick beard is one of the best ways to keep your face super warm! Add a scarf into the equation, and you'll have a toasty setup going on!

Keeps you healthy

Airborne bacteria is one of the leading causes of throat infections and breathing problems. Keeping this bacteria out of your mouth is much easier when you have a beard.

Because it'll catch a lot of the debris before it ever makes it to your mouth!

Saves time

Think about the time you usually spend in your day just shaving.

Even if you're fast, it may still take you 5 minutes every day. If you try getting it done faster, you might end up with a face full of cuts!

That, too, isn't the way you should be going!

If you're growing your beard out, you'll save all that wasted time every single day and get your morning routine sorted a lot quicker!

Growing a thick beard doesn't mean you have to just "Let it grow"

There is a misconception when it comes to facial hair. Many people think that the only thing you need to do is let your beard grow, and it will magically just grow to the point that it's thick, even, and well tamed.

That doesn't really happen in real life.

You need to have the proper beard care regime that you follow to help your beard grow as well as it possibly can!

Factors that determine the thickness of your facial hair

Just because you are taking care of your beard doesn't mean it will instantly grow into the beard of your dreams!

On the opposite side of the game, you could even end up with accelerated beard growth much faster than someone else!

There are lots of different factors that will play into how your beard grows!

Some of them are:

Follicle thickness

Sometimes, the overall beard isn't super thick. But it's each hair follicle that's so thick and dense that it gives the illusion of a full beard!

If you are struggling with growing the beard in terms of more hair follicles, you can also focus on thickening the hair follicles you do have!

That way, you can give your beard a lot more time to grow while the hair follicles take care of their look for you!

The color of the beard

Another thing that can make a difference in how thick your hair visually seems - the color of the beard itself. When the facial hair is darker, there are more shadows, and less light is bounced off the beard.

That gives the illusion of a thicker, fuller beard than it actually is. That even allows you to fill your beard with some shadow to make it seem even thicker and shaped!


Age is a factor a lot of people forget about.

Just like the hair loss with hair on someone's head, facial hair also has a peak and a fall. The hair growth may not remain the same.

That doesn't necessarily mean the hair growth would be any less; it just means that it may change. You may notice thicker hair growth at a younger age than you would have at an older age.

The changes in facial hair growth are totally normal!


Finally, patience plays a significant role here too. Anyone who isn't patient enough to put in the work to grow their beard so that it thrives will almost always have mediocre hair growth compared with someone who takes the time to develop it well.

Growing a beard can be a fun experience, but it can also come with its own set of challenges.

Once you are aware of your facial hair weaknesses and set your goals on where you want to be, you should also briefly go over the challenges you may face while growing your facial hair, even if you're taking care of it!

It can get all over the place

At first, when your hair growth increases, you might find that although you're watching your beard grow steadily, the natural beard growth isn't exactly growing the way you wanted it to!

That is normal.

Your main goal at first should be to develop a healthy beard; once you have achieved that, the healthy beard can be groomed to be the dream beard you've always wanted!

There may be weird patches

When your beard is first growing, the facial hair follicles will be adjusting to a new beard care routine; the beard hair may grow more in some patches than others.

That may be more prevalent if you have been experiencing hair loss as well. While beard growth products promote beard growth, they may still grow thicker in some patches compared to others.

Split ends are common

People tend to think that beard hair isn't prone to damage like the hair on someone's head, maybe, but that isn't the case. Hair damage and hair loss can occur in beards too!

It's essential to keep your beard healthy and take care of it throughout according to your specific hair follicles.

You might get Dandruff

Dandruff isn't just something that happens on the scalp.

It can just as easily occur on the face too!

You might notice your beard itch as it grows. That beard itch can soon become dandruff as it flakes off the dry patches on your skin!

But this is less common if you're using the right beard growth products in your beard care routine!

How beard growth products can unlock the true potential of your facial hair

Now, let's get to the good stuff. We've already been over exactly how you can determine what your natural beard hair is like. Then, we went over your goals, why you should grow your beard, factors that affect beard growth, and the challenges you may face while growing your beard.

In all of that, the one thing that can help you through the beard growth journey is the best beard growth products perfect for the beard goals you have!

This next section of our article is dedicated to the best beard growth products we've seen in the markets that work!

Best beard growth products you need to try!

These are, in our opinion, the best beard growth products that you need to try!

These can transform your beard from a "regular" patchy beard that does nothing for you to a beard that's precisely how you want!

We will be going over what these products do and which particular one we recommend to up your beard game instantly!

Beard Shampoo and Conditioner

Before you get into general beard care for hair growth, it's important to remember that hair growth isn't going to do all that well if you aren't making sure that your beard is in a state where hair growth is possible.

It has to be clean and ready to soak in all the products you might introduce in your beard care routine, something that isn't possible if your beard is dirty and your pores are all clogged up!

That is why the first step you need to start with is using a good quality beard shampoo and conditioner.

Polished Gentleman Beard Shampoo And Conditioner

Beard Shampoo and Conditioner for Beard Growth -...
  • My good man, let your beard grow with these beard products! Weed out the weak and thin ones, and let...

Just like it's essential to cleanse your face, it's necessary to cleanse your beard.

Using a regular gentle cleanser may end up being a little too soft on your face and won't provide the right level of cleaning that your beard needs!

Your beard collects a lot of debris and oils, and food particles throughout the day. And they need to be effectively cleaned out. So when you put your beard growth products in, later on, they absorb in there correctly!

What the beard needs at this point is a shampoo and a conditioner. Not just any shampoo and conditioner, one that's made specifically for beards!

This shampoo and conditioner duo is one of the best beard growth products that you can try to clean. And prep your beard to be ready to gain the benefits of the beard growth products that come after it!

A gentle cleanse in the daytime before the day's products and one at night time before your soak in products should do the trick!

Beard Wax and Gel

One of the beard growth products that can instantly change your beard within seconds - Beard wax and gel!

Instead of having a scraggly beard that's going everywhere, tame it with a beard wax or gel!

Beard waxes are on the thicker side, so if you want to use something creamy to help style your beard, this will be the thing you should try!

Gels, on the other hand, are usually water-based. That makes them a lot easier to wash off at the end of the day, and they tend to provide a stronger hold. If you're not sure if wax or a gel would work for you, it is recommended you try the one that you think will work for you, and only switch if it fails!

Seven Potions Beard Wax

Seven Potions Beard Wax 1 oz. Natural Beard...
  • TAME THE BEAST: A beard wax that will shape your beard without making it look stiff or unnatural

There are hundreds of different types of beard waxes out there that you can try. However, not all of them work very well.

The seven potions beard wax is one of the best beard growth products in the market because it does an excellent job at avoiding allergies.

That is done by not adding any harmful ingredients or strong fragrance into the wax itself. The wax is free of colorants, parabens, or synthetic materials, lowering the overall risk of developing a reaction to the product.

It can be used to tame the beard or shape the beard and mustache into the way you want it. It provides a very soft hold that keeps the beard looking tamed but not too put together.

That is the perfect product for people with medium to long beards that are a little all over the place in their natural state. You might have to cleanse a little more carefully to get it out at the end of the night, though, but it's nothing unmanageable.

Okay Men's Castor Oil Hair Gel

Okay Men's Castor Oil Hair Gel | For All Hair...
  • A natural styling gel with nutrients helps keep hair moisturized

The thing about waxes is that they're on the thicker side, and, for people with dry skin, they can get a little too drying. But with hair gel, things aren't the same. Hair gels are usually water-based, and this one also has castor oil infused in it!

Castor oil is notorious for being great for beard growth!

This gel will be enough to hydrate your beard and keep it in shape throughout the day!

It provides a medium hold, so there won't be a lot of crunches, and for men that are already used to using gels for their hair, there won't be a learning curve either!

Easy to understand, easy to use, great for keeping your beard in place!

Beard Balm

A beard balm is like a leave-in conditioner for your beard. It will condition, moisturize, protect and style your beard all at once!

That's a product you can use right after you shower because your beard will already have the softness from the hot water and steam, and the balm can be used to lock all of that in!

The consistency of a beard balm is similar to beard wax but looser. So it's on the creamier side and can be used in an even easier way!

Beard Bolt XL

Delta Genesis Beard Bolt XL | Styling and...
  • KEEP YOUR BEARD LOOKING GREAT: Maintain the suave majesty of your mustache and beard! Delta Genesis...

Beard Bolt XL is one of the best beard balms available today!

That's made using natural ingredients and oils like Hempseed, Pumpkinseed, Vitamin E, Apricot, Avocado, Jojoba, Argan, and Grapeseed. The company has made sure to make their product without using any fillers or fragrances at all!

That's something hard to come by for men's products as they are usually at least full of hefty scents!

Men that have sensitive skin could do well with a balm-like provide this. They won't have to worry about it possibly causing a reaction because most of the ingredients that cause a reaction aren't even used in it!

That will provide a natural moisturization and help protect your beard in the process!

Beard Growth Oil

While hair balms will provide an essential layer of moisturization and protection that your beard needs, it is a product that usually sits on top of your beard hair.

There is still a need to moisturize it from within, and that's exactly what beard growth oils are designed to do!

That is the same concept as putting oil on your head. Just as your scalp needs nourishment, your face does too! It's tough for a beard to grow in a way that it thrives when the base that it's going to be growing from isn't healthy enough!

Beard oil will nourish your skin, and subsequently, your facial hair too! An easier way to remember the difference between a balm and oil is that a balm will sit on top, and oil will absorb in!

Both of which are things that are important for you and your beard!

The B.I.G. Company Beard Oil

The B.I.G. Company Beard Oil – Regal Vanilla...
  • HYDRATES TO PROTECT AGAINST HAIR LOSS – Our beard conditioning oil offers 24-hour hydration that...

The big company has one goal. To serve and provide excellent products for "incredible gentlemen," and well, incredible gentlemen, take care of their beards!

That's a beard conditioning oil formulated with natural ingredients to help your skin and beard! Making it the best beard growth oil you can get!

Their main goal with this product was to help get the skin to the point that it's so nourished that hair loss becomes a thing of the past. That's precisely what you would expect from the best beard growth oil!

The oil helps your skin create a better environment for the beard to grow and does a great job at strengthening each hair follicle. That way, the beard hairs you do have won't fall out, while new ones will grow in to make your beard even thicker!

While it does that, it also targets split ends and general breakage if you're experiencing any. That is typically more common with longer beards, but you may even have damaged stubble that won't let your beard grow well in the first place!

One of the best things about this is that it's not an oily product even though it is an oil.

It's been formulated in a way that it absorbs very quickly. So a while after putting it on; you're left with the nourishment of the product and not the oiliness. That's usually why most people run the opposite direction when they hear the word "oil" for faces!

That's a product that every man should have in his overall skincare, beard care routine. Healthy facial hair equals a healthy face!

Beard Growth Serum

While the basic idea of a beard growth serum is similar to that of beard oil - nourishing the beard hairs from within, not every beard growth serum is like that. That is the product where you can reap medicinal benefits too!

If you have been dealing with an extremely patchy beard, try a beard growth serum that's formulated to help promote blood flow and direct it to the capillaries in your facial hair follicles. The more blood flows your beard hairs are getting, the better they will grow individually, making your entire beard flourish overall!


Spectral.BRD Beard Growth Serum by DS Laboratories...
  • Beard Growth Serum for Men: Spectral.BRD is a breakthrough serum that offers an integrated approach...

When it comes to beard growth serum, there's probably none that's better than the SPECTRAL.BRD serum. This is a stimulating serum that's designed to help beards grow regardless of their length or size.

It targets each hair follicle, even at the stubble stage, and makes sure that it grows as thick as it possibly can. That is something that may take some time. But since it is formulated with active ingredients like Nanoxodil and Adenosine, the process begins instantly.

And you might even start noticing the effects of it really quickly!

The way it is made uses Nanonsomes to "hold" the product and deposit it gradually throughout the day. So you just need to apply it, and it'll start working its magic on its own!

Beard Moisturiser

If the surface of your beard is irritated, each one of your beard hair follicles will be too. That creates an environment that your beard hair simply can't thrive in! The surface of your face needs to be in as great of a shape as humanly possible. Although you can achieve some of that with the right cleanser and diet, using the right beard moisturizer can just take the process to a whole other level! It is a step that you should definitely use, even if you use a regular facial moisturizer on your face in general.

Bossman Beard Oil Jelly

Bossman Beard Oil Jelly (4oz) - Beard Growth...
  • A First of its Kind Beard "Jelly": More effective than traditional beard oil for men, our unique...

The bossman beard oil jelly is a unique product. You might be used to moisturizers that look like face moisturizers, liquid, or cream. But this one is a jelly consistency that can work to provide as much moisture as your beard craves to make it soft. While also giving thickening ingredients to the beard to help overall hair growth.

It also has its beard oil infused into it that will also act as an added substance your beard may need, and because it's a jelly, it can also function as a low hold gel and, while letting your facial hair growth flourish, keeps it in place!

That way, you get to reap the benefits of using the product without dealing with any oiliness or crunchiness!

Beard Supplements

Finally, while we are covering the basics of some of the best beard growth products you need to add to your routine, we can't miss out on this one.

Although it is essential that you maintain a good, healthy diet, many people will still struggle to meet all of their dietary needs to help their overall facial hair growth. If you are serious about growing your beard and growing it well, one of the best beard growth products you can try out would be beard growth supplements!

Supplements make sure that the specific vitamins and minerals you will need to grow your beard will be in your body to have the best beard growth possible!

The supplements will stimulate the best beard growth from within by providing you with vitamins and minerals; while something like beard growth oils does help your hair and skin, having supplements will make sure you have all of your bases covered!


Beard Grow XL | Facial Hair Supplement | Vegan |...
  • #1 Beard Grow Support Vitamin Formula to promote healthy facial hair growth

Beard growth supplements like the beard grow XL are one of the best things you can introduce into your routine. Because they have essential vitamins like vitamin E, A, and C, with others. While also incorporating other essential nutrients like Folate and acids that your body needs!

One thing about beard growth supplements is that it's tough to find something that feels like it's safe enough to consume. There are often too many ingredients that make the beard supplements sound too "fake" to eat!

However, that's precisely what sets beard growth XL apart from the other beard supplements you may be considering. This one is gluten-free, and 100% vegan while having all the vitamins and minerals you need for natural hair beard growth!

So you can be sure that this is one of the best beard growth products that you can try safely because there's nothing in there that can harm you at all!

Using a mix of all of the best beard growth products we have talked about above, you will be able to nourish your beard from the inside and protect and help it flourish on the outside!

It is integral that you take care of your beard on both fronts because, just like the rest of your body, hair too needs a little bit of love and care for it to grow. And with the best beard growth products, that goal will become a lot easier to achieve!

Can you grow a beard fast?

Your natural beard grows a certain way, at a certain speed. Using beard hair products can help you stimulate hair growth, and for some people, that will dramatically increase hair growth. But for others, things might take a different route.

These are factors that affect how fast your facial hair will grow:

Genetic makeup

One of the main factors that can affect hair growth is the genetic makeup of a person. You can help your beard grow dramatically with the proper beard care routine and the best beard growth products you can find. But there will still be a rough limit to how much facial hair growth is possible for you. That's why your beard care routine must be tailored to your needs, so you can get the maximum growth possible.


The next thing that may affect your beard hair growth is your age. The younger you are, and the more testosterone your body has, the easier it'll be for you to grow a thicker beard!

Overall health

If your overall health is lacking, it will be a bit of a challenge to grow a thicker and fuller beard.

Your facial hair needs nutrition and care. And it's going to be challenging to provide that. Especially if you're not already doing that for the rest of your body.


What you put into your body affects the way your body looks on the outside.

It is all interconnected!

It is integral that you maintain a well-balanced diet so your insides are healthy, which will help your outside, including your hair growth, flourish too!

Exercise Levels

The way hair grows has a lot to do with the overall blood circulation in your body. If you're sitting idle all day, your blood circulation wouldn't be as fast as it should be, and it can slow down hair growth too.

Exercising regularly will increase your blood flow and promote hair growth in the process!


Your body can't thrive if you're not getting adequate sleep. Exercise can lead to fatigue if the body isn't getting enough sleep to recover from it. Sleeping helps your body heal and grow, and part of that growth is hair growth!

To achieve your hair growth goals, remember to get adequate sleep through the night!

Natural Remedies that promote beard growth and health

Although we would recommend that you use an actual beard growth product to help you grow a beard, there are some natural oils and remedies that you can try out too!

These may not give you the same effect as, let's say, a specially formulated beard oil, but they will help a little bit!

These remedies can be tried in addition to a beard growth product or on their own!

Castor Oil

When it comes to growing hair anywhere, whether that's the hair on your head, eyebrows, eyelashes, or beard, this is one of the natural oils that will work everywhere!

That is one of the best things you can use to grow a thicker beard in a short amount of time!

The only thing about it is that you may end up getting clogged pores. However, because this oil is on the thicker side, it does stimulate hair growth reasonably quickly for most people!

So it may be one of the best things you can use!

Argan Oil

Argan Oil has phenols that promote beard growth as it helps strengthen each hair follicle, so you have a stronger beard. Argon il contains several essential nutrients that stimulate hair growth while it protects the skin and the hair!

So there are a lot of benefits you can reap from this one oil alone!

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is usually the essential oil that adds that "tingly" effect to beard growth.

Using this oil is excellent if you are trying to grow a beard. Because it's an oil that unclogs pores, protects the skin and beard against the build-up of dead skin, and protects the hair as it does its magic!

While this is a great beard growth oil, you must dilute it before using it as it is on the stronger side, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Any carrier oil like olive or almond oil would work here perfectly!

Coconut Oil

For men struggling with irritated skin and beard hair, the first thing that needs to be done is to make sure the face and beard are soothed!

They must me soothed to the point that it lets the hair grow safely without causing any further damage. Not caring for the skin and letting the irritation be will likely lead to ingrown hairs and skin that hurts the touch.

Thankfully, coconut oil has nourishing properties that will soothe your skin while also acting as a beard growth oil and to help that beard grow thick!

Adding some coconut oil into your routine will promote hair growth and help your beard get thicker and fuller in no time!

These oils can act as a first base beard oil that you could try before jumping into an actual beard growth product. These products ease yourself into the process of taking care of your beard with a natural beard growth product later on!

Once you start to grow a beard, you will begin to understand the things your beard needs!

That way, you can adjust your beard hair and skin routine accordingly until you figure out precisely what works best for you!

Grooming Products You Need To Have in Your Kit to Keep Your Beard Healthy

There is one more thing we need to go over. Many people think you just need one great beard growth product, and it will take care of everything for you.

Meaning that you won't have to do anything else at all!

That isn't really the case.

While beard oil promotes beard growth well, for you to have a healthy beard that's well taken care of, you will also need to put in a little effort to groom it to be exactly the way you want it to be!

Now, before you click off and think that that will be too much work, it will be just as easy as brushing your hair once you get the hang of it! So if you don't just want your natural beard to be full, but also want a good-looking beard, you should set up your little grooming corner for your beard!

Here's everything you will need to do that:


You might think you don't need this because everyone has that trusty old craft scissors at home that act as a letter opener, a paper cutter, and sometimes even makes their way to the kitchen, so you've already got that base covered, right? Wrong.

Scissors made explicitly for beards are super sharp and blunt, which can cut hair instantly without leaving any jagged edges anywhere.

This makes your beard less likely to get split ends because the ends will be nice and sealed in their natural state!

The healthier your beard is, the easier it will be to get it looking and feeling great!

A plus is that the same scissor can be used to trim your mustache, eyebrows, nose, and ear hair too! So it can get you more uses than one, and you can have a great-looking beard every single day!


As your beard starts to grow in, you won't just be able to set it with your hands and be done with it!

Even when it's not super long yet, it will need a little bit of extra help to be nicely groomed and set. The longer the beard is, the easier it will tangle. And the more effort that will require to go back to a state where you can do something with it!

For this, you will need a beard comb. While regular combs will get the job done, too, they may irritate the face because they aren't made specifically for beards.

Things may get even worse if you end up using the same comb for your head and your face because there may be too many oils on the hair comb. It's just not worth the risk of accidentally getting a breakout just because you used the wrong comb!

A beard comb is easy to find and comes in handy no matter how long your beard ends up getting!


Although a beard comb will help you get all the tangles out of your beard, there is still a little something that you need to do to get your beard ready for the day.

That is brushing it!

A good quality, natural bristle beard brush will do a great job at stimulating the hair growth on your face - while also stimulating blood flow to your face!

On top of that, since these brushes are gentle but firm, they will also help exfoliate your face too. So if there are any clogged pores or dandruff, this will get rid of all of that safely and naturally that you can keep up with every single day!

These beard brushes do a great job promoting the natural growth of your beard and making your beard softer and more manageable.


The next thing on the list is a good-quality straight-edge razor. While these do a similar job to a regular razor you might buy from a store, these are much sharper and let you shape your beard in a very precise manner.

This is exactly the product you need to be using to add edges and curves to your beard that may not have been so easy to add with a regular razor!

However, you must proceed with caution because these are very sharp; it's also very easy to accidentally cut yourself. Remember to use these very slowly and in the natural direction of hair growth at a 45-degree angle to keep things as safe as possible!


A straight edge razor will help you shave the hair off of your face in the areas you don't want any facial hair in, but the sections where you want to keep your hair will not benefit from it.

For that and the family upkeep of your beard, you will need to get a trimmer!

Trimmers have multiple settings that you can tweak according to the length you're after. These trim the hair more naturally, so there aren't any blunt edges; however, if you did want some blunt edges, you can take one of the guards off and go for it!

It works really well either way!

Derma Roller

Finally, we have one product that most people haven't even heard about. A derma roller for beards!

These are rollers with tiny needles on them. They sound a lot scarier than they are. The needles on them are super tiny and can be used on the face without any significant pain.

What they do is cause tiny pricks on your face to promote natural hair growth in places where you might not have had hair before. This is done because as your face is picked, collagen is produced to heal that section, and the collagen doesn't just help the face heal but also ends up helping your beard grow thicker!

If you add this to your routine, make sure to disinfect the roller every single time with rubbing alcohol to make sure it's spotless and safe to use the next time!

Also, remember not to press too hard, or use it too often. A couple of times a week with gentle pressure is enough!

Go get that beard!

By going through our all-inclusive beard guide, you will now know every single thing you need to know about beards.

How to grow them and what you need to use to grow them well!

You are now equipped with all the knowledge you need. So, get out there and get the beard of your dreams!

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